17 large and well decorated double bedrooms

17 large and well decorated double bedrooms

Decorate a large bedroom Sometimes it can be more difficult than decorating a small one: a lot of space to fill and large walls to dress can make the space look unfinished, half finished, as they say, and that is an effect that, as I imagine, if You’re reading this, you want to avoid, right?

Well, keep reading that, with these 17 large double bedrooms that we have collected you will have ideas and solutions to decorate yours. Let’s see them.

Dark and vast wood furniture for large bedrooms

First you have to like it, but, if you like this type of wood, dark, vast, it is a perfect material to choose the furniture, since it fills and recharges more.

You just have to look at this spacious and spacious bedroom, which is decorated in beige and has fair furniture, but thanks to the material of these, especially the large closet in front of the bed, the bedroom is complete.

Banak Importa is one of the brands that specialize in this type of furniture, colonial type, with robust, vast, but elegant and modern wood. There you can find this furniture.

Woods such as wenge, walnut, sapeli, mahogany, acacia or cherry, among others, are dark woods.

Large format mirrors

A large bedroom with a large wall mirror

Interior Design BMK Studio

Although mirrors make the space visually larger, we can also use them to dress a large bedroom, as we see above these lines.

A beautiful floor or wall mirror, matching the style of the bedroom on a wall, will recharge the bedroom in style and dress it, so that it does not look like an empty space.

A large bed for a spacious bedroom

A large bedroom with a large bed

The bed is the main furniture of the bedroom.

Everything revolves around her.

And it is true that if the room is small, we cannot wear a large bed.

However, if the bedroom is spacious, we can use a large bed, which, in addition to decorating the bedroom will “fill in” more space.

A large bed in a large space always looks good.

Large bedroom = More storage space

One bedroom with fitted wardrobes

Not everything that is included in the bedroom has to be merely decorative; far from it.

A large bedroom offers us the opportunity to have a very valuable large storage space.

Custom or standard cabinets, or both, as we want, will make this space so needed in most homes.

Minimalist invoice

A well decorated large bedroom

If your style is minimalist, you don’t need to add much, no matter how spacious your bedroom is.

Add just, but with style: materials that dress and add the nuances you are looking for, so you don’t have to resort to superfluous elements, which are not appropriate in a minimalist environment.

The office, in the bedroom

A large bedroom with office included

Interior design María Díaz Leguina

In general, a large bedroom is also in a large house, and it has enough space to have an office at home.

But, if not, a beautiful office in the bedroom will complete the space and create a more practical and functional environment.

Large headboards

A large bedroom with a large headboard

You don’t have to, but, if you like them, a large bedroom is perfect for adding a large headboard that presides over the bed and decorates the entire bedroom.

You don’t even have to buy it, since you can do it yourself. Here you can see 60 ideas to make a headboard.

The color dresses and fills

A well decorated large bedroom

Another resource that you can use to decorate your spacious bedroom is color. It is the most economical and also one of the most effective to achieve any effect.

The cold colors move the walls away, while the warm ones bring them closer together. Dark tones make the spaces smaller, while light ones make them larger, generally, since they reflect more light.

Here you can see 100 ideas to paint a modern room.

Find your color and design.

And if you have any questions, you already know that you can leave me a comment that I will answer as soon as possible.

Let’s continue with more ideas to decorate large bedrooms.

How about a hanging bed? Well, not?

A large double bedroom with a hanging bed

Cármen Barasona Project

If you have high ceilings, you can add a hanging or suspended bed by firm ropes.

Both the ropes themselves, and the structure of the bed, plus the fact that it hangs from the ceiling, will dress the large double bedroom vertically, “filling in” the space.

You might not even need much decoration anymore.

As I say, the bed is the main furniture of the bedroom and on which everything else revolves.

See: 100 modern and stylish bedrooms

Do you have beams or other structural elements in the bedroom?

A large bedroom with exposed ceiling beams

Interior Decor Decor Aid

If you have a bedroom in the attic or in the attic and it has exposed beams on its ceiling, you can make them the protagonists of the space, without needing much more to decorate the bedroom, just as we see above these lines.

It is a large bedroom with high ceilings and is almost empty of furniture and decoration, but it does not feel unfinished, right? Wooden beams dress and complete the space, along with the brick wall seen from the original structure of the building.

Add moldings

A large double bedroom decorated with wall moldings

Design and photography Thrifty Decor Chic

Listelos, cuarterones and all type of decorative moldings for the wall will make this look dressed complete.

The design you can create on the wall is the one you can imagine, since there are moldings of all kinds of shape and size to use. One of the highest authorities in this regard is the firm Orac Decor. If you are looking for any type of molding, they have it; and here on Amazon you can also buy them online.

It is a very effective way to decorate a large wall, in addition to printing style to the rest of the space.

In addition, today, we do not need to resort to plaster moldings, extruded polystyrene (that is, cork), is the new material with which the moldings are made.

And to put them on the wall, you just need a good glue. Easy, right?

Put a piece in each empty space

A well decorated large bedroom

Interior Decor Decor Aid

Ok, if you want something else … simple, to put it in some way to decorate your spacious double bedroom, just put in each space you see a piece empty.

It is not necessary to buy it, you can use an armchair, a dresser, a table that you already have … Everything you like can work.

This bedroom that we see above large, has almost no furniture, but on each wall, in each area, a single piece has been added, completing the bedroom and dressing it with style.

Decorate with style

A large double bedroom decorated in brown tones

Let’s see, I explain: even if it is a large double bedroom, it is not necessary to fill it with furniture.

If it is decorated with style and good taste, the space will look flawless.

You just have to look at this bedroom that we see above these paragraphs. It is spacious, but decorated very simply. Of course, with style.

You have thousands and thousands of photographs on the Internet of dream bedrooms to inspire you.

You can also hire an interior designer or decorator, even online, for your convenience.

I have online decoration and interior design advice in which I can help you design and decorate any space in your home. Check it out if you’re interested.

Back with wood

A large double bedroom with lots of wood

In addition to the wooden furniture of the bedroom, vast and loading, you can also use the same wood in cabinet doors and standard doors, since, as we have seen, being a large space, they do not recharge.

The wood loads and dresses the spaces with great ease. If you like it, use it even decoratively.

And, if you don’t like the rustic style and think that this idea is not for you, you can, and can only, be wrong. And, if not, pay attention to the following bedroom:

A double bedroom with a wooden clad wall

Living With Lady Photography

If you put modern design furniture in this bedroom, nothing rustic, you have a very modern bedroom.

Large format art

A large double bedroom decorated with large format art

Interior Decor Decor Aid

Lately, large-format art, whether textile art, paintings, prints or other large works of art have become fashionable to decorate the interiors.

As you can imagine, a piece of this caliber in a large bedroom will look spectacular, without fear of being disproportionate in size compared to the bedroom.

Further, It is a simple, fast and efficient way to decorate a large wall.

Create another zone

A bedroom with reading corner

Interior Decor Decor Aid

If you have the office in another part of the house and do not want to put another one in the bedroom, as we saw before, you can create another area, such as a nice and cozy reading corner that decorates the remaining space with style and in a practical and useful way .

It is a simple and effective way to complete it.

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