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12 great DIY Halloween cupcake toppers
Cupcakes are No. 1 dessert at every party, i think. You can bake them yourself or buy some, but how can you look so you like Halloween? Add funny cupcake toppers! Today you will find many free printables to choose from: bats, graveyard, crime scene bunting, various funny animals... Read more
How To Light A Minimalist Interior With Single Circuit Tracks & Strips
Minimalist interiors can raise questions when it comes to lighting. The furniture and accessories have been honed down to the perfect level of sparse, so do you top off the refined scheme with a stand-out sputnik chandelier over the living room? How about a network of spotlights, or just... Read more
Italian Cuisine: 30 Inspiring Models with Tips and Price
1. With the Italínea kitchen you can leave the space with your face and customize it according to your needs 2. It is the solution to optimize time in the daily routine and maintain a good organization 3. Makes the environment functional for you and your family 4. The... Read more
17 large and well decorated double bedrooms
Decorate a large bedroom Sometimes it can be more difficult than decorating a small one: a lot of space to fill and large walls to dress can make the space look unfinished, half finished, as they say, and that is an effect that, as I imagine, if You’re reading... Read more
Kitchen Lighting
More important than the aesthetic issue – the beauty of the fixtures – is the good kitchen lighting planning: After all, the kitchen is a work environment where many activities require good light. Project: Neo Arq (central cold light and led strip with yellow light and spot in spot... Read more