Month: February 2020

How To Light A Minimalist Interior With Single Circuit Tracks & Strips

Minimalist interiors can raise questions when it comes to lighting. The furniture and accessories have been honed down to the perfect level of sparse, so do you top off the refined scheme with a stand-out sputnik chandelier over the living room? How about a network of spotlights, or just put it all inside the walls? […]

Planned Rooms: Incredible Models Decorated with Modernity

1. With the planned room it is possible to make the environment much more beautiful and cozy 2. It’s easier! All work is intermediated by a company, which designs, produces, delivers and assembles 3. It is possible to create comfortable environments, even with little space 4. This room is ideal for your and your family’s […]

Tiles for small bathrooms. Make the bathroom visually larger with these tiles

In a bathroom, as in any other space, everything adds up. Some elements more than others, and, in this case, the tiles chosen for a small bathroom, have greater power than other elements. We must bear in mind that they are the base where the aesthetics of the bathroom will be built. And if the […]

22 Inspiring design and decoration ideas for small bedrooms

Modern interior design and decor ideas for small bedrooms Small bedroom design and decoration can be simple, quick and interesting. It’s fun to create a modern little bedroom design. Modern ideas make it possible to bring stylish details and unique furnishing materials into small bedrooms and to transform small rooms into charming, cozy and pleasant […]

15 Modern bedroom design trends and decoration ideas

If you know modern bedroom design trends, it’s easy to choose stylish furniture, accessories, and bedroom decorating ideas that reflect your personality while adding elegant looks and modern colors to your home. Lushome shares modern living ideas that show popular bedroom design trends and give great inspiration for creating stylish and cozy, large and small […]

Modern kitchen design: English kitchen design ideas

The “English kitchen” collocation creates various associations, but they unite through a common characteristic. It is an immediate, almost instinctive feeling of cosiness with fragrant tea and baking expectations … Modern kitchen design in the English style gives a wide range of ideas. Old-fashioned Victorian cottage, cozy British country, 80-90’s English “film” chic, classic with […]

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