Shall we make the bed?

Shall we make the bed?

The bed is usually the focal point of the bedroom and the furniture that occupies the largest space in it. Therefore, there is no room decoration that supports itself with a messy bed.

Photo: stuffy

I have selected some tips and photos showing various ways to choose and organize bedding, pillows and pillows. After this post your bed will look like those wonderful hotel beds.

I’ll tell you: I personally don’t like a lot of pillows and pillows on the bed. I think that in this case less is more: For me, 2 pillows and 3 pillows is already very good… Maybe even because my husband (like many) hated and threw everything away, lol! But I know a lot of people don’t think that way. Check out these “schemes” I found searching the internet:

Well, anyone who wants inspiration for distribution here has plenty. But what I really want to show you is the use of colors. That’s because you can put as many pillows and pillows as you want, any way you want, but if the colors do not match the room decor and the rest of the bedding, you will fail. So, come on:

1 The first tip is, of course, that you repeat room colors and / or sheets and bedspreads:

Photos: home-designing and deviainter

This is the easiest color composition to work, and therefore one of the most used in decoration photos.

2 You can do this too by using Stronger colors of decoration details. This will draw attention and give joy to the environment.

Photos: elementsofstyleblog and the new – Note: Using pillowcases is better, see?

3 Another possibility, especially if the room has only neutral colors is to bring life adding a touch of color (s) that does not exist in the room but that is harmonious

Photos: devinter and vivadecora

4 When the person wants minimalism including the colors, it’s just use the same color throughout the bedincluding on pillows and pillows. Not very usual, but this lack of contrast also has its impact to some extent.

Photo: homeadore

5th Widely used in hotels, the White has its charm and sophistication, besides being interesting because it gives a “visual rest“For environments with a lot of color, but it is nonetheless impactful. Of course, the bedding should be, especially in this case, of good quality and be “stretched” and super clean.

Photo: home-designing

6th Rustic-style environments call for rustic fabrics and sophisticated environments, nobler fabrics:

Photo: dailydreamdecor (rustic style)

Photo: dailydreamdecor (sophisticated style)

7th Don’t be afraid to use prints or textures. And following the colors of the environment There is no way to go wrong. (See more about pillow combination here)

Photo: Cepaynasi – Green, yellow and earthy tones

8th If you use prints and want to, mix small and large prints, while adding solid (plain) color pads to the prints

Photo: deardesigner – Greens, Roses and Blues

9th More relaxed environments ask relaxation also in the arrangement of pillows and pillows

Photo: casatreschic – Stripes in different sizes and one floral – all in blue and white.

10 Be creative(O). The “combined” style may look pretty, but loses in originality. And avoid the exaggeration of prints, textures and quantity of pieces.

Photo: casatreschic – The patterned pillows use the orange color that is in the details and a similar (but darker) brown than the headboard, and repeats the pattern of stripes. A subtle combination that is much more interesting than if the pillows were simply plain orange.

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