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Indoor Plants – Choice, Organization, and What Not to Do Indoor Plants – Choice, Organization, and What Not to Do
And plants invade the interior of houses and apartments. It is the increasingly strong Urban Jungle trend in decoration. Here are the top-notch plants... Indoor Plants – Choice, Organization, and What Not to Do

And plants invade the interior of houses and apartments. It is the increasingly strong Urban Jungle trend in decoration. Here are the top-notch plants and tips for choosing and organizing your plants, keeping them healthy and beautiful for much longer.

Plants on the rise – But not always a good idea !!!

There are many species of Calatheawhich is from the same family as Maranta, and over 70 species of the family of Alocasia All feature the beautiful leaves with textures, brightness and color and the fact that not tolerate direct sun or cold and need moist soil without being soaked (see more here). Like shadow (but with plenty of indirect natural light) and moisture. Spray the leaves with water, especially in summer, to clean and increase humidity. Vessels should be large and deep and well drained.

Tip: Medium-sized plants with large leaves that give the impression of a forest next to larger plants (behind them), some smaller ones (in front) and still others hanging – this if you have plenty of space – Don’t “clutter” the plants!

Ceropegia – A juicy pending delicate, known by the name of Tangled hearts, it’s from half shadow – with sun in the morning – or shadow (Does not tolerate the strong sun). Water when the soil is dry and do not soak. The vessel must have good drainage (see more here).

Camedory – Small palm tree (up to 3 meters). Also from half shadow, does not get along with air conditioning, wind and cold. Vessels with wide mouth, well drained and wet after the earth is dry.

Cheflera – Shrub that can grow a lot, Sun or half shade, very resistant. Does not tolerate cold or air conditioning. Prefer moisture (spray water on leaves and keep soil moist without soaking). Indoors, place it closer to the windows.

Cyclanto – Shrub with very large leaves. Needs space, half shadow and moisture (put pine bark on the pot soil). This may be a little farther from the window. (see more here)

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Tip: Did you notice that almost all plants here can be together in a bright area with no direct sun and good humidity and drainage? These are the characteristics you should look for in indoor plants! And don’t forget: No plant lasts long if it has no contact with the sun. Some need direct sun, some do not tolerate it, but all need some light!

Ripsalis “It’s from the same family as the cactus, you know that?” Like half shadow, tolerates the cold and “keeps” water in its branches. Therefore, watering should be spaced and the vessel well drained. Keep away from animals and children, because it’s toxic.

Philodendron – The one in the photo is the Philodendron hederaceum or Philodendron Brazil. It seems to boa constrictor and can be, like her, the half shadow and have the same treatment: water as soon as the vase is dry and good light. There are over 160 species and a large number of varieties in this family (A Xanadu, pacová, Adam’s rib, imbé, guainbé – all are philodendrons!).

Columea – You can hardly see it in the picture, but this is the popular one little fish, which gives some beautiful orange little flowers. (look here). It is half shadow and accepts Morning Sun.

Tip: Read here to know exactly what is half shadow and shadow and see a list of plants for these environments

Zamioculca – Great for indoor: Adapts to low light environments and does not require frequent watering – be wary of excess water. You can put it further away from the windows. It does not support direct sun exposure. The biggest problem is that it is toxic. (see more here).

Ficus lyrata – This plant we see in so many decoration photos it’s actually a large tree (up to 12 meters) who likes light, needs a lot of space (the leaves are huge and indoors she tends to have few leaves) besides being toxic. So imagine the difficulty of keeping it “controlled” in an interior! (see more here). But if you want it anyway, put it near well lit windows, use little water, always can and keep the leaves clean.

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Soleirolia – Known as Baby tear or Moses beard, is a small herbaceous, much used as a lining of pots with larger plants or as a pendant. Does not tolerate direct sun. Water when the soil is dry. This may be farther from the window and even in a bathroom that has some natural light (see more here).

THE Pleomele (Reflex Dracaena) is quite sturdy, Full Sun, but resists half shadow also. In the photo we see 2 varieties of it. Water it frequently and keep the soil fertilized. She is also called water stick – See the photo below of another Dracena, who appears to be the dracaena fragans, who should be equally careful.

THE Jade (Crassula ovata) is also known as tree of Life or of friendship but there are small. She is a juicy girl who likes to shadow. Water only when the soil is dry.

O Cyclanto It has very large and beautiful leaves, which do not tolerate direct or cold sun. Leave it on half shadow and keep well irrigated. She likes humidity and putting washed pine bark covering the earth is a good idea. The same goes for the Pacová.

THE peperomics (In this photo we have the Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomeoides) would you like half shadow but supports shadow. Water once a week in well-drained pot. THE Calathea that we see in the picture is the orbifolia, which I mentioned above. O Purple clover need a lot of sun. So he would not be happy in this place. O Guaimbê it’s from half shadow or sun and wet soil whenever it is dry.

THE Adam’s Rib (Delicious Monstera) likes to half shadow and until shadow. O Peace lily also like shadow (may be further from the windows – by the way, in this photo the cacti should be closer to the window because they do need sun and little, very little water. THE Adam’s Rib it’s the Peace lily can be watered whenever the soil is dry. And keep your sheets clean. O Anthurium It is half shadow and likes moisture. And it’s a toxic plant (beware of animals and children). THE Areca Bambu it’s from Full Sun or half shadow, good ventilation and humidity (frequent watering). Does not like air conditioning.

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Tip: When gathering plants in a corner choose plants that need the same level of humidity in the air so that you can, for example, spray water in the area and increase the humidity of a corner with plants that need it. It also makes it easy to group them with the same watering needs.

The beauty Palm Tree Fan (Licuala) needs lots of space and half shadow or full sun. It does not like winds or air conditioning and likes humidity and clean leaves. THE Portuguese Income is from the same family as Ferns and they all need half a shadow or shade and frequent watering and loathe winds.

Tip: Beware of mosquito proliferation is important when you place many plants indoors. Maintaining cleanliness, ventilation and illumination between plants and preventing water accumulation altogether are essential precautions.

THE Girl’s Finger it’s a juicy of full sun or half shadow. Water when the soil is dry. THE Money in Punk it’s from half shadow and don’t like cold. Keep the soil wet.

Tip: Put plants that need more sun closer to the window and more indoors that live well in shady environments.

Tip: Do not allow the leaves of the plants (any plant) to touch the walls or ceiling, as in this picture. They will burn.

Tip: To increase the feel of the forest at home, also use prints, photos, etc. of plants, as in this photo, the fern print on the wallpaper and on the pillows. Objects and even walls in shades of green also help to give this feeling.