Container house – The dream home?

Container house - The dream home?

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In the past, containers were used only to efficiently transport large quantities of goods, as temporary accommodation in emergencies and renovations, or as accommodation on large construction sites. Today the containers are also used in another way – in the field of modern architecture. Recently, especially in the USA, the so-called container house has established itself as a functional and inexpensive alternative to conventional apartments. In this article you will find spectacular examples, as well as detailed information about this modern and original accommodation.

The container house as a cheap and modern living option
Container house design ideas

wonderful container house in the forest

large container house innovative living ideas
Container house interior
original container house

modern container house
creative living ideas container house
red container house
fancy container house

original container house with two floors

A container house can consist of one or more residential containers. But that doesn’t mean that the owners should forego convenience. Each such apartment is equipped with a bathroom, sanitary facilities and kitchen, the rooms are spacious and functionally divided, and there is good thermal insulation. The best thing is that these houses are much cheaper compared to conventional apartments made of wood or concrete. In the USA, container houses are mainly used as unusual villas, where you can relax in the middle of nature on weekends. But they are also suitable for permanent apartments if you want something extraordinary or simply don’t have enough money to afford your own home.

Find the perfect combination between functionality and style
the container house as a dream house
Container apartment in orange
Furnishing container house
creative design ideas container house
Container house with an original design
Container house as a holiday villa
modern interior container apartment
Container house living room design
original facade container house
environmentally friendly living ideas container house
Today, more and more talented architects are inspired by container houses because they offer chic, elegant and inexpensive furnishing solutions. This also encourages many people to take a look at these extravagant apartments and even decide to live in one. If you are a fan of modern architecture, maybe you have already found the house of your dreams! The facade of the container houses looks original, but an interior with an industrial touch would complement this look in a perfect way. Finding the ideal combination of functionality and style is much easier than it looks because this type of apartment is extremely flexible.
Live environmentally friendly
modern container house innovative design ideas
Container house in white
Container house with a modern design
innovative living ideas
Furnishing container house
modern facility container house
As I said, a container house is not an impossible expensive affair. The costs vary depending on the desired size of the house and the type of container – for an approximately 12 meter long container you normally don’t pay more than 3000 euros. For its conversion you need between 7500 and 10000 euros. If you have already decided on a container house, it is better not to choose new, but to bring used containers. The reason is not only that new containers are more expensive. An apartment made from old containers is also environmentally friendly, as they are used in a new and meaningful way. In addition, there are containers today that meet the energy standards of a passive house.
Conversion required
Scheme container house
wonderful container apartment in white

Container apartment with an original design
original container house
The containers are mostly used for the transport of goods and are largely made of steel, resistant to corrosion, which is provided with a special protective varnish and possibly a color coating. In order to be suitable for living, you need good insulation and multiple glazing. Only in this way can they reach a comfortable temperature in the interior and also keep them constant. You should definitely take this into account when converting the container in order to enjoy optimal living conditions in your new container house.
Where can a container house be located?
Interior design container house
Bedroom container house
Interior container apartment
Container apartment as a vacation villa
large container house innovative living ideas
However, the containers may not be set up everywhere – there are different provisions in building law that you must know in advance before you start “building” your dreamlike container house. The best thing to do is go to your local authority’s building department to inquire. A distinction is made between whether the container will be used for a long time or only for a certain time. When it comes to a permanent container house, its size plays a crucial role.
Stylish alternative to a conventional apartment
large container apartment in red
modern container house
Container flat modern design
innovative living ideas
Container house in blue
Perhaps you are already convinced that a container house can look really stylish and colorful. The containers can be stacked on top of each other, which gives you the unique opportunity to participate in the planning of your dream house yourself. You can not only determine the design of the house, but also the position of the doors and windows – depending on your personal wishes. Let your imagination run wild!

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