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Container house – The dream home?
In the past, containers were used only to efficiently transport large quantities of goods, as temporary accommodation in emergencies and renovations, or as accommodation on large construction sites. Today the containers are also used in another way – in the field of modern architecture. Recently, especially in the USA,... Read more
15 bathrooms open to the bedroom. A concept full of possibilities
The concept of a bathroom open to the bedroom or a bedroom open to the bathroom is somewhat controversial, since it has many detractors, but also supporters, and it does not quite take root. However, today, there are many people who choose that their bedroom and bathroom are without... Read more
20 modern armchairs and childrens sofas
Furnish a children’s bedroom It is a very fun challenge, but after all a challenge. Luckily, every day we have at our disposal more and more personalized accessories and accessories at different ages that make us the task of decorating much easier. An example of what I say are... Read more
Kitchens in L Shaped 20 designs that will conquer you
If you are looking for a kitchen with an efficient distribution or the floor of your kitchen is long and narrow, L-shaped kitchens are the best option. Its design in L allows you to create an optimal work area, since the so-called “working triangle” that form the sink, the... Read more
Bedrooms with dressing room, bathroom and dressing room behind the bed: Keys and ideas
The bedrooms with dressing room and bathroom elevate the bedroom to a more intimate, more personal category; a space is created in which one can practically live, beyond the mere fact of sleeping, as usually happens in traditional bedrooms. They are not valid for all homes, as more space... Read more
40 color combinations to paint a room
You could say that there is an infinite number of color combinations to paint the room, and would not be lying or exaggerating, although, of course, not all of them would combine or be very appropriate to say. And although 40 color combinations to paint the room they cannot... Read more
Decoration of long corridors: photos and ideas for a stylish corridor
They say that small spaces are more complicated to decorate, and although in part this statement is right, it is when it comes to decorating large spaces, such as decorating long corridors, where more you have to throw ingenuity so that the entire extension is not excessive or repetitive,... Read more
DIY Knitting And Felt Seat Pad From the unspun wool
Any chair or stool can become more comfortable and comfier with a soft knit pad, let’s do it with this DIY project from lebenslustiger.com. Take 500g of unwoven wool roving and knit seat pads with your fingers in the smooth pattern, and of course you can also knit large... Read more
Passive house – The energy-efficient house of the future
This is not a trademark, but a formidable building standard that is not only environmentally friendly but inexpensive, convenient and really energy efficient. The Passive House has many useful features, which is why many construction and environmental experts are convinced that it will soon prevail as the energy-efficient home... Read more
Modern Ideas to Add Interest to White Bedroom Decorating
Frameless bed and black-and-white bedroom decor White decorating ideas are ideal to bring a quiet and comfortable atmosphere to a modern bedroom. The white color scheme is ideal for creating bright and spacious modern bedrooms. Bright color accents are not the only way to spice up white decorations. Textures,... Read more
The parquet floor like luxury goods
Wooden floors are a kind of ageless classic that most people choose for their attractive appearance, pleasant structure and, above all, high quality. You have to choose the parquet floor very carefully, you will take care of it for years what will predict its properties and also the life... Read more
Home trends 2020: Main rules for interior color combinations
Knowledge of the color combinations of interiors should free you from boring solutions for “safe” design. Home Trends 2020 welcome bright colors and bold, playful combinations. Such interior colors require a certain level of competence for implementation, but the result is worth it! You will forget boring “traditional” beige... Read more