Trends in bathrooms and toilets 2020

Trends in bathrooms and toilets 2020

This selection of washrooms and toilets is special: It shows a lot of what’s going to be in 2020. And don’t forget to take a look at what I said last year about 2019 trends in bathrooms and kitchens, because practically all of them are still up. Things don’t change drastically from year to year (although some want it to look like this…)

Carving the vats is trendy and it’s a great idea for small bathroomsbecause you have great freedom in bowl sizes. It’s lightweight and straight lines make it easy to clean, but since drains are often hidden and there are crevices for water to drain, cleaning should be frequent.

They can be made of various materials (marble – lighter ones can easily stain), granite, nanoglass, silestone (quartz in general), wood, concrete or porcelain) and are generally more expensive than ready-made vats. They may or may not have ramps (see photos). In this case, the water drops to the crevices in the deepest part, and it is best that the tap is on this side to avoid splashing. In straight bottom water goes to the sides of the removable plate.

Lighting and glow effects

Photo: Christian Vieira – Biker Loft – Cebrace Extra Clear Glass Box

Even for a small bathroom or toilet, more and more delicate lighting effects.

Photo: you need

It’s the subtle glow of coatings

Bold pagination on coatings

Photo: Gemini Bath – Isabella Porto & Nathália Carotti – Cebrace Extra Clear Glass Box

Photo: Paolo Cury Eng Project

Rose in the bathrooms

Photo: home-designing

Trend also in other environments of the house, the pink comes strong in the bathrooms and toilets.

Along with gray is a winning bet. Photo: home-designing

Terrazo, Marmorite, Granilite and the like

These, already commented for 2019, we should see more and more around in 2020. You bet!

Photo: home-designing

As you can see in the photos, the other trends I mentioned earlier this year (industrial chic, minimalism, scandinavian, use of black and light wood, geometric coatings, curves, plants, transparencies – did you notice the almost transparent boxes, Cebrace launch? -, frames in black… All this beautifully keeps decorating our bathrooms and toilets, okay?

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