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Small office at home or apartment Small office at home or apartment
Working at home is an activity that more and more people are doing. And if you want to play in entrepreneurship and you have... Small office at home or apartment

Working at home is an activity that more and more people are doing. And if you want to play in entrepreneurship and you have a room or a corner in your home or apartment and you want to start your entrepreneurial activities there by turning the room into an office or creating a home office corner for your business, This post is special to you!

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If you have an entire environment for your office and will welcome clients at home

I am already imagining that you are investing seriously in your business! So be sure to invest in this space In addition to giving your client a good impression, he works in the most comfortable way (see what is indispensable in a large or small home office).

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It will be super interesting if you have a way to let your customers reach your office without getting too much into your “intimacy”, for example: If a separate entrance is possible for them or the office is very close to the front door of their residence.

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And it is essential that customer conversation is minimally hampered by “noises” which are normal in a home but not in a work environment. Think of somehow diminishing the outside sounds.

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Of course with customers visiting, you need invest in decoration, organization and comfort. Having a small refrigerator, a corner of coffee and / or drinks, if it is consistent), comfortable chairs or sofas is an investment.

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Make it your office decor is consistent with your business. Not to be mistaken, follow the decorating style of companies working in the same field: A law firm is more formal. Already a company that works with fashion or beauty follows the style of the audience that seeks to reach (more chic, classic or more relaxed, depends on the customer you intend to have).

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It is good that the areas where the client will go to reach his office have some consistency with the style you will use in it.

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Another tip: Furniture distribution should allow you to talk facing your customer. The best idea is the table with 2 chairs facing each other. If this is not possible, use 2 chairs on the same side of the table or a small sofa nearby.

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Nothing prevents the environment from being used as well as guest roomwith a sofa bed. But the decor should clearly be that of an office.

If you have a corner in your office / home office environment but need to receive clients

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It may be more complicated, but not impossible: It will be necessary to create a more or less separate area in that environment and create clear rules to the other residents so that the conversation with the client is not hampered by family issues.

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Keep betting on give comfort and keep organized. This is very important to you and your client because you can’t work well in an environment that isn’t good for you.

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And repeating the same tips: In talking with the customer it is important that you can be facing him. And maintain consistency in decorating the rest of the environment.

The living room can be a good place if it is possible, when receiving the client, to have the utmost silence.

A space in a bedroom can also be used, but with sofa bed and more impersonal decor.

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If you only need a corner to work, but you will not receive customers

Even so, be sure to pay attention to comfort, organization and the need for your space to be respected! Who can work if it doesn’t exist? Make sure every investment in your space returns in greater productivity and enjoyment.

In that case, it’s okay to have the table against the wall and your chair facing it. Which is good, because it takes up less space.

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The freedom is greater, you decorate as you wish, following the style of decoration of the house. And you can create this little corner anywhere in the house. Your way, for your handiwork, for working on the computer, etc.

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Whatever it is or whatever, be sure to also pay special attention to lighting the space and follow these 5 suggestions. And much success for you !!!!