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25 ideas to take advantage of space in a small room and gain meters
A new distribution of furniture, smart furniture, take advantage of the vertical space of the walls, custom work furniture and get rid of some elements are, among many others, the solutions and ideas that will make you make the most of your room space, and even gain meters, however... Read more
Leather sofas in the living room?
Recently a friend asked me to do a decoration project for her new living room, in which there are two superb contemporary sofas, which had just upholstered in camel leather with a certain caramel hue. The fact is that previously, these sofas were yellow and, as usual, the decoration... Read more
Ideas and tips to decorate with restored antique furniture
Furniture pieces recovered, inherited or bought in street markets have become popular because of the great presence they have in today’s interiors and the personality they give to contemporary spaces. Do you want to add a touch of distinction to your home? Follow me and discover the decorative power... Read more
Just 1 Bathroom Redesigned 21 Different Ways
If you’re a fan of the Groundhog Day movie, then you’re probably going to enjoy this! Imagine this is like Groundhog day for interior design, where we get to do it over and over again until everything is just how it’s supposed to be. This is the same bathroom... Read more
40 Grey Living Rooms That Help Your Lounge Look Effortlessly Stylish and Understated
Need to revamp your living room, but not sure where to start? Pick grey to colour it. No longer associated with dungeons, dull office blocks or unpainted walls, grey is a hue perfectly understated, making your furniture look contemporary sans large risks in design. Cut Lego-style stairs into a... Read more
50 Stunning Modern Kitchen Island Designs
When imagining the dream kitchen, that dream for many will include a central kitchen island. The image of a independent block of units, standing bold as brass out in the middle of your floor just has a good old dose of drama about it. The grand notion could be... Read more
51 Decorative Wall Mirrors To Fill That Empty Space In Your Wall
Pretty and functional, decorative mirrors are an easy addition to any room. Not only will they embellish your walls with modern glamour, but they can also create the illusion of more space or be used to brighten dark corners. With so many wonderful styles available, like Mid-Century Modern starbursts,... Read more
A wall clock in the interior design
Are you often delayed or are you from these people who are constantly in a hurry? Then you may need to hang a huge clock in every room of your home to see the time running better and make your interior design more extravagant. Today it is becoming more... Read more
19 tile patterns for fantastic bathroom design
The tiles are perhaps the most important accent when decorating the bathroom. There are so many different tile patterns on the market – how could you choose the right one? Here you’ll find handy tips and original tile models that can help you set up the bathroom of your... Read more
Modern garden houses: The uniqueness of the tree house
Modern garden sheds today have a strange representative, which is gaining more and more popularity – the tree house. The unique beauty of the tree house What is a tree house? A quiet place where you can dream for the future, place of happy children’s games or rather an... Read more
Baroque furniture for a sumptuous atmosphere
Baroque furniture is not old-fashioned – they can create a noble ambience in every home and can be surprisingly well combined with modern minimalist design. Baroque furniture radiates luxury and elegance Baroque furniture was especially popular from the beginning of XVII to the middle of the XVIII century throughout... Read more
40 Armchair Models: Modern, Classic and Comfortable
Check out armchair models to complement the decor of your living room or bedroom with much more style and functionality. Available in several models, the chairs need to match the decor of the place or even be a prominent counterpoint. Check out our model tips for betting on the... Read more