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How to make your room look bigger, in one day

How to make your room look bigger, in one day

I assure you is that by doing these tips that we are going to see at the same time, you will make your room look bigger, obviously, visually. If you’re interested, keep up with me that we start with this list of steps and tips to make a room look bigger. We start

Purge the room

An orderly lounge to make it look bigger

Throughout the months and years, we are adding almost without realizing more things to the room.

A new cushion, a few books on the furniture, a beautiful vase that has been given to you, some other photographs … And so we are adding and reloading all the space.

So, just as if it were a closet that you want to order, the first thing you should do is purge.

Remove everything you think is too much, empty the TV cabinet a bit, which does not look reloaded, do not saturate the cushion sofa. The coffee table and the dining table that do not have many ornaments on top, etc.

In this way, in a few hours, you will get your room to breathe and the space is not so crowded.

It may seem a bit trivial task to make the room look bigger, but at the time you do it, leave the room, go shopping, have a beer or go for a walk. When you re-enter, you will realize the great impact that the task of purging has just done.

I am not telling you to get to minimalism, but you want to, but it is common sense that a space that has element overload seems and is visually heavier, as well as that a room with just elements seems lighter. Lighter.

If you already have your living room like this, and you want to continue strengthening your space, then let’s move on to the following advice:

Lighten or remove the curtains

A room without curtains to make it look bigger

You see, curtains are a very important decorative element, but beyond their aesthetic use, they fulfill a very important function: they regulate the amount of light that enters the space.

Therefore, this advice is not a strict rule but rather, a flexible suggestion that you should adapt to your classroom.

The curtains have a great visual weight, and more if they are reloaded with large and opaque prints.

If you remove them, you will see that your room becomes deep and the space is larger. The visual difference is shocking.

I tell you the same as before. Remove the curtains and turn around. When you enter your room again, you will see what a big difference.

If you cannot or do not want to remove the curtains, because as I said before, you need them to have privacy and to regulate the natural light that enters, then bet on lighter ones.

Even if you want to go further, remove the curtains and put a blind, as we see in the room above these lines, which is a much finer aesthetically speaking element and you will also notice that your room looks bigger.

Naturally, if you remove the curtains, you will also notice that your living room is brighter, but that is another topic, that if you are interested, you can read in this article that I wrote recently where I tell you how to make a living room more luminous.

Let’s look at another tip to make the room look bigger:

Show or show the entire possible perimeter of the room

A living room with furniture in the center to leave the perimeter visible and make it appear larger
A living room with furniture in the center to leave the perimeter visible and make it appear larger

In the same way that the previous advice in some cases cannot be applied or not at all in some houses, I understand that this advice may not be carried out by everyone.

But it is so effective, and it takes so little time, that I have to put yes or yes on this list.

This is a proven fact: The more clean perimeter you see in your room, the bigger it will look.

That is, the larger the surface of walls and baseboard is free, the larger your room will look.

The feeling that a room, or any other space is small or ornate, comes in large measure that the eye cannot see the perimeter, usually because it is full of furniture.

So lighten your living room as much as possible, take the furniture to the center if you can, leaving the walls as free as possible. If you can not, separate the furniture about 5 centimeters from the walls so that the space does not seem so ornate.

Believe me, it works great. If the eye can perceive the perimeter of a site, it will seem wider.

Let’s keep going:

Hide the wires

Hide the wires to make the room bigger

This step or trick, works very well, since the cables, which we often have many and many of them in sight, form a visual disorder that makes our room seem more crowded and messy.

So, hide all the cables:

Here you can see how to hide the TV cables.
Here you can see 15 ideas to hide cables throughout the house.

It is a task that you can probably do in minutes, and the result is a clearer and tidier room. Do not you think enough reason to hide all the cables?

Let’s continue with the next step:

Make your roofs look taller

Make the ceilings higher to make the room look bigger
Photography Van het kastje naar de muur

A taller room, as you can imagine, is a larger, larger room, right?

So, make your roof look taller. How?

It is actually quite simple. Here you can see 12 effective and simple tricks to make the roofs look taller.

Let’s continue with the next step:

Put mirrors

A room with mirrors to make it look bigger

I have left this trick or advice to make the room bigger because it is the only one of all that requires an item.

As you can see, the rest of the steps to make your room look bigger are based on removing or changing what you already have.

But in this case, you will need a mirror. Or several.

If you put a mirror in front of the window, you will give the room a new dimension.

A non-physical dimension, but a visual one, which is what we want. You will make the room look deeper, wider or longer. In addition, more luminous. Sounds good, right?

All steps are effective. Now it is up to you what steps to take to make your room look bigger, clear and “clean.”

If you want to continue to deepen the topic, I advise you to see this other article with 10 colors that make the spaces appear larger, in case you dare to paint your living room. Or this other article with 10 rules that you must know so that your room is perfect.

Ideas to decorate the garage

Ideas to decorate the garage

If you are going to decorate the garage or design it again, I imagine that you will be thinking what kind of furniture or floor to put, how to paint it, if you leave an area for leisure, if you add an elevator to put two cars, if you put a kitchen, and others issues that leave you a sea of ​​doubts before so many options. And it is normal, since the garage is a place that if it is taken advantage of and designed correctly, it provides us with excellent service, and you do not want to miss it.

What you need is inspiration to decorate the garage. Just like the one we have prepared, with these well-designed garages, and totally different between them, so you can find the best of one and the other, and get enough inspiration and ideas to decorate the garage as you want. We start

A garage with white cabinets and earth-painted walls

You also have the option of converting the garage into a more cozy space, adding wooden cabinets and painting the walls in a warm color like earth tones. Decorating the garage like this will make it more integrated into the home.

Decorate the garage in pink and black tones

Race Deck Photography

PVC garage floors are simple to install, do not require any type of work, unless the floor on which they are to be laid is firm and in good condition. In addition this type of flooring is in a great finish of designs, sizes and colors, so we can customize it our way, to decorate the garage to taste. Here you can see and buy different PVC or rubber floors for the garage.

A well-organized and designed two-car garage

Race Deck Photography

If you are going to use this type of floor, in addition to using it as a lining and decorative element, you can take out its practical side and create different signage or partitions.

A simple and practical garage

Visbeen Photography

Although sometimes it is the simplest ideas that are overlooked, due to the large number of options we have to decorate and design the garage. Look at the garage above these lines. Some cabinets to have everything organized, concrete on the floor, and nothing else. Simple and practical.

A garage decorated in gray tones

Sypsie Photography

In gray tones, a perfect color for a garage since it is a suffered color. Also if you use it to store tools and more, even more.

A garage decorated in white, yellow and black tiles

Photography A Beautiful Mess

With a socket in yellow tones, and with black and white tiles of geometric type, creating an interesting visual point. Naturally, the rest of the elements also help.

A garage decorated in dark gray tones with black, blue and silver floor

Race Deck Photography

In dark gray, a color very suffered again, and this time, with the floor in gray, black and blue, taking the leading role.

I hope that these ideas to decorate the garage, as well as to organize it, have helped and inspired you. Even so, as I always tell you, if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer you in the comments.

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Modern Christmas Decoration – Happy Christmas And Holidays

Modern Christmas Decoration

Wishing you the very best this season!

Visualizer: Vizline Studio

Visualizer: Silver Bell

Visualizer: Hi-lite Design

Visualizer: Rubic Tm

Visualizer: Tung Le

Visualizer: Home Design HD-m2

Visualizer: Marcelo Duarte

Visualizer: Iryna Nalyvaiko

Trends in bathrooms and toilets 2020

Trends in bathrooms and toilets 2020

This selection of washrooms and toilets is special: It shows a lot of what’s going to be in 2020. And don’t forget to take a look at what I said last year about 2019 trends in bathrooms and kitchens, because practically all of them are still up. Things don’t change drastically from year to year (although some want it to look like this…)

Carving the vats is trendy and it’s a great idea for small bathroomsbecause you have great freedom in bowl sizes. It’s lightweight and straight lines make it easy to clean, but since drains are often hidden and there are crevices for water to drain, cleaning should be frequent.

They can be made of various materials (marble – lighter ones can easily stain), granite, nanoglass, silestone (quartz in general), wood, concrete or porcelain) and are generally more expensive than ready-made vats. They may or may not have ramps (see photos). In this case, the water drops to the crevices in the deepest part, and it is best that the tap is on this side to avoid splashing. In straight bottom water goes to the sides of the removable plate.

Lighting and glow effects

Photo: Christian Vieira – Biker Loft – Cebrace Extra Clear Glass Box

Even for a small bathroom or toilet, more and more delicate lighting effects.

Photo: you need

It’s the subtle glow of coatings

Bold pagination on coatings

Photo: Gemini Bath – Isabella Porto & Nathália Carotti – Cebrace Extra Clear Glass Box

Photo: Paolo Cury Eng Project

Rose in the bathrooms

Photo: home-designing

Trend also in other environments of the house, the pink comes strong in the bathrooms and toilets.

Along with gray is a winning bet. Photo: home-designing

Terrazo, Marmorite, Granilite and the like

These, already commented for 2019, we should see more and more around in 2020. You bet!

Photo: home-designing

As you can see in the photos, the other trends I mentioned earlier this year (industrial chic, minimalism, scandinavian, use of black and light wood, geometric coatings, curves, plants, transparencies – did you notice the almost transparent boxes, Cebrace launch? -, frames in black… All this beautifully keeps decorating our bathrooms and toilets, okay?

Small office at home or apartment

Small office at home or apartment

Working at home is an activity that more and more people are doing. And if you want to play in entrepreneurship and you have a room or a corner in your home or apartment and you want to start your entrepreneurial activities there by turning the room into an office or creating a home office corner for your business, This post is special to you!

Photo: Contemporary / InteriorDesign

If you have an entire environment for your office and will welcome clients at home

I am already imagining that you are investing seriously in your business! So be sure to invest in this space In addition to giving your client a good impression, he works in the most comfortable way (see what is indispensable in a large or small home office).

Photos: homify and deviainter

It will be super interesting if you have a way to let your customers reach your office without getting too much into your “intimacy”, for example: If a separate entrance is possible for them or the office is very close to the front door of their residence.

Photos: deviainter and designsponge

And it is essential that customer conversation is minimally hampered by “noises” which are normal in a home but not in a work environment. Think of somehow diminishing the outside sounds.

Photos: decoration and athomeinlove

Of course with customers visiting, you need invest in decoration, organization and comfort. Having a small refrigerator, a corner of coffee and / or drinks, if it is consistent), comfortable chairs or sofas is an investment.

Photos: decoradornet and Interior Spaço – Project Monica Salgado

Make it your office decor is consistent with your business. Not to be mistaken, follow the decorating style of companies working in the same field: A law firm is more formal. Already a company that works with fashion or beauty follows the style of the audience that seeks to reach (more chic, classic or more relaxed, depends on the customer you intend to have).

Photo: Asarquitetas

It is good that the areas where the client will go to reach his office have some consistency with the style you will use in it.

Photo: kikareichert

Another tip: Furniture distribution should allow you to talk facing your customer. The best idea is the table with 2 chairs facing each other. If this is not possible, use 2 chairs on the same side of the table or a small sofa nearby.

Photo: see + design

Nothing prevents the environment from being used as well as guest roomwith a sofa bed. But the decor should clearly be that of an office.

If you have a corner in your office / home office environment but need to receive clients

Photo: cepaynasi

It may be more complicated, but not impossible: It will be necessary to create a more or less separate area in that environment and create clear rules to the other residents so that the conversation with the client is not hampered by family issues.

Photo: 4bildcasa

Keep betting on give comfort and keep organized. This is very important to you and your client because you can’t work well in an environment that isn’t good for you.

Photo: NuevoStyle

And repeating the same tips: In talking with the customer it is important that you can be facing him. And maintain consistency in decorating the rest of the environment.

The living room can be a good place if it is possible, when receiving the client, to have the utmost silence.

A space in a bedroom can also be used, but with sofa bed and more impersonal decor.

Photo: vogueca house – belzberg architects

If you only need a corner to work, but you will not receive customers

Even so, be sure to pay attention to comfort, organization and the need for your space to be respected! Who can work if it doesn’t exist? Make sure every investment in your space returns in greater productivity and enjoyment.

In that case, it’s okay to have the table against the wall and your chair facing it. Which is good, because it takes up less space.

Photo: Designsponge

The freedom is greater, you decorate as you wish, following the style of decoration of the house. And you can create this little corner anywhere in the house. Your way, for your handiwork, for working on the computer, etc.

Photo: desiretoinspire

Whatever it is or whatever, be sure to also pay special attention to lighting the space and follow these 5 suggestions. And much success for you !!!!

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