Make your bathroom more practical and functional with the right bathroom accessories

Make your bathroom more practical and functional with the right bathroom accessories

Especially in small bathrooms, we have to optimize the space and resort to certain bathroom accessories, such as the ones we will see below, to make the bathroom more practical and functional, and make the most of it, yes, always with maximum comfort. So, if you want to transform your bathroom into a more useful space, accompany me that we will see these practical bathroom accessories, and, in addition, with style to add a dose of design to the aesthetics of the bathroom.

Multiple towel rail

Bathroom accessories: Designer towel rail

The firm specialized in bathroom accessories Manillons Torrent has released a unique multiple towel rail, exclusive design of the brand, totally different from the traditional shelf towel rails on the market.

Its most important feature, in addition to the fact that multiple towels can be hung, is the shallow depth of this, which, unlike standard shelf towel rails measuring between 20 and 25 centimeters, that of Manillons Torrent only measures 12, so it barely occupies physical space, being able to install it inside the shower itself for comfort, or outside the shower, without recharging the bathroom

The towel rail is made of stainless steel and chrome finish, which gives it a modern and elegant design. Here we can see more details or buy this multiple towel rail.

Side towel rails

Designer side towel rail

Side towel rack of Manillons Torrent. A useful and practical towel rack perfect for small bathrooms, which does not occupy practicable space, since it is placed on the side of the furniture, a place that is not usually used. One of those essential bathroom accessories for small bathrooms.

It has a simple and elegant design, also made of 304 stainless steel and chrome finish.

To install this side towel rail we do not need to drill the furniture or use some type of adhesive, since the towel rail is held between the furniture and the countertop of the sink. Here we can see more details or buy this side towel rail.

Soap dish with tap

A chrome-plated stainless steel soap dish, hanging on the shower faucet

Another of the essential bathroom accessories, when we talk about small bathrooms that have a small shower, are the tap soap dishes.

This one that we see in the image is also from the Manillons Torrent brand. A quality and stylized accessory that does not need suction cups or drills to use it comfortably without fear of falling, since as we see, it is hung from the shower faucet itself.

Like all the accessories of the firm, it is made of the highest quality materials, in this case in antioxidant chrome plated brass to give it greater decorative style and versatility. Here we can see more details or buy this soap dish with tap.

Soap rack hanging screen

A hanging soap dish for the shower screen

Once again, the Manillons Torrent firm presents this hanging shower soap dish made of chrome-plated antioxidant brass, unique in the market.

The soap dish is attached to the sliding screen with a four-point system: Two upper pivots that are put under pressure and two suction cups on the bottom, thus preventing the movement of the same, staying firm and in place always.

Naturally, no installation of any kind is needed beyond hanging it from the screen and holding it by means of the suction cups and the two upper pivots under pressure that prevent the soap dish from moving. Here we can see more details of this hanging shower screen soap dish.

Soap rack double hanging screen

A double soap dish hanging on the shower screen

If more capacity is needed, this other double hanging rack soap dish may be what we need. With a double shelf, this hanging soap dish is installed on the fixed side of the screen, and is secured to it by its two hangers. These two hangers are what make the soap dish suits the thickness of the screens.

This bathroom accessory provides us with storage and organization space for bathroom elements, without the need for any installation, remaining firm and secure at all times.

The soap dish is made of chrome-plated antioxidant brass, so we don’t have to worry about possible oxidations in the future, since it will maintain its stylized aesthetic over the years thanks to the material with which it is made. Here we can see more details or buy this double hanging screen soap dish.

Electric towel rail with timer

A designer towel rail with timer

Another of the most practical and useful bathroom accessories, for both large and small bathrooms, is the radiator towel rails. They dry the towels and add a unique decorative touch.

In addition, the latest electric towel rails come with a built-in timer, in addition to an off and on system, which allows us to select when and how long we keep the towel rack on, saving on energy consumption.

This signature Manillons Torrent is available in square or round, adapting to the different decorative, aesthetic or structural demands of any bathroom. Here we can see more details or buy this towel radiator with timer.

It is these small bathroom accessories that will transform our bathroom into a more comfortable and functional space, in addition to making us optimize the space, something that many current bathrooms lack.

If you have any questions or suggestions about these bathroom accessories I will be happy to read you in the comments. And if you need to see more accessories, at Banium you can find an extensive catalog of bathroom accessories to meet your demands.

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