Lovely and funny clothes hangers for children

Lovely and funny clothes hangers for children

For the child decoration fun accessories and accessories are sought, which stimulate the development of the child, that are consistent with their age, and if possible, that are charming, such as coat rack Buddy that we bring today, so charming that you will not only want it for the children’s bedroom.

coat rack-little man-buddy

As you can see, these are coat hangers in the shape of a little man, the original name is Buddy Hooks, and in the set, the three colors are included: red, blue and yellow, so that we combine them as we want.

Because they are separated, we can place them in isolation, that is, each in one place, or together, to form a more traditional rack system.

No matter how you place them, how lovely they are and how practical they work work well in any way.

coat rack-buddy

On the set, in addition to the three Buddy dolls, everything you need to mount them on the wall also comes; and although at first, we have approached the article focusing on children’s decoration, these dolls serve any other purpose, such as for hanging towels in the bathroom or cloths in the kitchen, or at the entrance of the house to leave the jackets

Actually they can be put where we really want, just know that each of them supports 2.25 kg of weight, so as not to go over with what we put on it.

We have found them in Curiosite, they are priced at € 20 and you can see more details or buy them click here.

These little men who seem to be climbing the wall, once installed on it, are designed by the Canadian firm Umbra, a well-known brand in the world of home accessories and accessories with more than 30 years of experience. Here in Thousand Ideas we have already seen other articles of his that you may remember, such as the bathtub tray, the t-shirt frame or the clothes rack Metro line, among other articles of his very original.

The entrance Lovely and funny coat racks for children.

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