Leather sofas in the living room? Leather sofas in the living room?
Recently a friend asked me to do a decoration project for her new living room, in which there are two superb contemporary sofas, which... Leather sofas in the living room?

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Recently a friend asked me to do a decoration project for her new living room, in which there are two superb contemporary sofas, which had just upholstered in camel leather with a certain caramel hue.

The fact is that previously, these sofas were yellow and, as usual, the decoration of his living room was in line with that yellow color so young that the sofas wore.

But when upholstering them, the change has been radical, and not only for the sofas, of course, but for the whole room, since many things he had adopted in his decoration to combine with the yellow sofas, now they did not stick or glue. It looked like a fairground hut.

As he told me, the only thing that was seen in the living room were the sofas, they seemed even excessive, and to some extent I was worried if I had not “screwed up” when upholstering them of that material with the particular tone they have.

At this point, in addition to being indignant because it had crossed his mind the simple idea of ​​being wrong when reupholstering a sofa, which is one of the best, but the best material for it, in addition to being elegant and timeless and Knowing how to age like good wine, I had to take out my cell phone and look for some images of living rooms with leather sofas, to reassure her and show her the elegance, class, personality and style that a living room with a leather sofa can acquire, to remove her from the head the ridiculous idea of ​​a possible mistake when choosing leather to reupholster sofas.

When he saw the images, his face changed from expectation to immense joy, when he checked the possibilities that a sofa of these characteristics offers, and the living room so beautiful and modern that it could create. That is not that it cannot be created with any other sofa, eye; but with a leather sofa, which you want me to tell you, you curl the curl.

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So, I thought that, just as my friend had certain doubts, surely there are more people who can feel the same with the idea of ​​spending money on a leather sofa, which are not exactly cheap, and I have decided not only to try dispel the doubts of my dear ally, but those of anyone who has doubts about buying or reupholstering a leather sofa. Of course it is a good idea. Lets go see it.

A modern boho-cut lounge with a leather sofa

Design and photography New Darlings

Although it can be combined in many different ways and in any environment, with Berber rugs, a leather sofa is spectacular, as we see in the image above in this room with the WestElm Hamilton sofa, in a cozy space full of classy furniture and decorated with very good taste.

A modern and elegant living room with a leather sofa from West Elm

WestElm sofa

Here we see how the same Hamilton leather sofa works in a more minimalist and sober courtroom with dark wood on the floor and color on the walls, being the protagonist of the space, with sovereign style.

A living room with a leather sofa separating spaces

Photograph by @Thespoiledhome of Like to Know.it

Although leather sofas of good quality, are usually topped perfectly by each of their faces, if you are going to put a leather sofa that looks at its back, try to pay the same attention and look carefully how this part is and how it has it topped off, as it will always remain in sight.

A minimalist lounge with a leather sofa

Photography @chelsea_stylemutthome by StyleMutt Home

This other living room, with a palette of white and black colors, with a cozy minimalist cut sports a spectacular leather sofa.

You might think that, in a space where the walls have no prominence, putting a leather sofa would be excessive, loading, and even more so if the floor is wooden, but not the opposite: The sofa, next to the floor of wood, complete and fill the scene.

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A modern living room with a leather sofa

Photograph by Lidy Dipert for Design Sponge

With a color palette based on black and white, something that is styled a lot today, the leather sofa is responsible for adding the warm and cozy hue, and acting as an intermediary between the two colors, creating a very balanced palette and modern

An elegant cutting room with a leather sofa

Photography @ dasia.does.it

If your style is more delicate, elegant or feminine, perhaps you might think that a leather sofa, which is more vast, would not fit in your decoration, although good, seeing the image above these lines, you will have already realized that no right?

A living room with many plants and a leather sofa

Photography @Whynotknot

Being a natural leather sofa, as you can imagine, the rest of the elements that are made of natural materials such as vegetable fibers, linen, wool, as well as plants and other ornaments of the same nature, combine wonderfully.

This is something to keep in mind, although it may not seem like it to you, since today it is increasingly more common to add this type of materials and finishes to the interiors, and this trend will not stop growing.

So, you can be calm, that a leather sofa, combines wonderfully with all these natural materials.

Living room with leather sofa

H&M Photography

In this rustic-cut living room we can appreciate a beautiful darker camel leather sofa, but it fits perfectly with the vast finishes of the rest of the space.

As you can see, a leather sofa fits in any decorative style, it is above that.

Naturally, not only aesthetics is important when making such a purchase, you also have to take into account the durability that the sofa can have, but luckily, if the sofa is of quality, it is something we do not have to worry about , and his skin either, since the older, the prettier it becomes, as long as the skin is of quality.

Perhaps the only “but” that these sofas have is that in summer you can spend some more heat on them. But nothing that a thin sheet over them doesn’t solve. A trifle, come on.

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Where to buy a leather sofa?

Well, luckily, we have some places where we can see and buy a good leather sofa. Here are some.

In Ambiente Direct, you can find some really quality models of the Danish firm HAY, like these that we see below. Now, cheap are not.

Sofa Mags Soft by HAY

Danish signature leather sofa HAY Mags Soft

For about € 5,500 we can buy it here, at its official distributor Direct Environment.

Mags Soft sofa, by HAY in 3 seats

Danish signature leather sofa HAY Mags Soft

Cheaper than the two-and-a-half seater, this is priced at € 4,500, and we can also see it here, in Ambiente Direct.

William sofa of the Italian firm Zanotta available with 2 or 3 seats

William leather sofa from Zanotta

The two-seater has a price of about € 9,000, and the three-seater, which we see above these lines, about € 10,000, and also have it here, in Direct Environment.

If you like leather but in other colors, they also have several very interesting models in white, black and gray, which you can see here.

It is true that it is a price to consider, but we are talking about top quality. From a sofa for a lifetime.

If you are looking for something cheaper, in Maisons du Monde we have several beautiful models, at a really good price and quality.

Berlin, the three-seater sofa bed by Maisons du Monde

Leather sofa from Maisons du Monde Berlin

For € 1,690 here, in Maisons du Monde

Liberty, also from Maisons, 5 seater corner in cognac leather

Leather sofa from Maisons du Monde Liberty

For € 2,790 at Maisons du Monde

My favorite, the three-seater Hayden sofa and camel leather

Leather sofa from Maisons du Monde Hayden

For € 1,690, here in Maisons du Monde

They have several more models that you can see here.

And well, now that we have reached the end, I reply part of the conversation I had with my dear friend, and I ask you: tell me, leather sofa yes or yes?