51 Decorative Wall Mirrors To Fill That Empty Space In Your Wall

51 Decorative Wall Mirrors To Fill That Empty Space In Your Wall

Pretty and functional, decorative mirrors are an easy addition to any room. Not only will they embellish your walls with modern glamour, but they can also create the illusion of more space or be used to brighten dark corners. With so many wonderful styles available, like Mid-Century Modern starbursts, contemporary metal flowers, and playful geometric showpieces, there is a mirror for every home and budget. Whether you need to add a bit of flair to your bathroom or you simply need to liven up a boring wall, decorative mirrors are a great solution that trades off minimal effort for a big impact.

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Decorative Sunburst Mirror: Inspiration taken straight out of the garden and ready for your home! With a mix of mirrored and hollow petals, its playful design is a great addition to teen’s room or any other space looking for something both youthful and elegant.


Mid Century Style Sunburst Mirror: Incorporate a burst of Mid-Century flair in to your decor with this gold mirror. A poignant design that you just can’t miss.

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Modern Accent Mirror: This modern accent mirror framed in an intricate gold casing is a mix of art and function. Artisan crafted with iron, glass, and wood, each mirror is unique.


Small Starburst Decorative Mirrors: A trio of small mirrors that emanate vintage charm. The perfect grouping to add a bit of sparkle to any wall.


Sunburst Style Set Of 3 Decorative Wall Mirrors: These sunbursts are a fun and stylish trio that are sure to turn a few heads. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Black Decorative Mirror: Black, sleek, and simple. This modern mirror with its rippled design is an affordable option that is perfect to add a pop of contrast to any pale wall.


Multi-color Flower Shaped Decorative Wall Mirror: Gold and black collide to bring you a floral treat in the form of a decorative wall mirror. A handcrafted mirror that makes perfect use of negative space and a simplistic color scheme.


Flower Shaped Black Decorative Mirror: Curvaceous and glossy, this floral-inspired glam mirror is ready to be hung! Available in Pink, Red, Teal, Yellow, and Black (shown).


Sunflower Shaped Golden Decorative Mirror: Bring a bit of sunshine in to your home with a luminescent gold mirror. A must-have for any sunflower lover with contemporary taste!


Modern Round Decorative Mirror With Metal Lattice: A geometric lattice cradles a round mirror in its core to create a metal masterpiece. A dynamic piece that works as either an accent or focal point.

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Modern Octagonal Decorative Mirror With Geometric Cage Frame: Popping off the wall with all its geometric goodness, this golden mirror is a modern charmer. A glamorous mirror that is built to last with its sturdy wire construction.


Blue Petaled Mirror: Plastered in a rich peacock blue and adorned with a mix of solid and perforated petals, this mirror is meant to be noticed. This unique wall hanging measures 30″ x 30″ and is made with 100% metal.


Round Decorative Mirror With Crystals: The starburst mirror gets a glam overhaul with this crystal adorned showstopper. A whimsical, high-shine design that would look stunning in a sun soaked room.

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Dahlia Flower Shaped Decorative Wall Mirror: An expansive mirror that takes the shape of the beloved Dahlia flower. Did you know that Dahlia flowers traditionally represent a forever bond or commitment between two people? This would be a wonderful mirror for a couple or family home.

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Decorative Mirror & Clock: This firework-inspired wall decor is available with either a mirror or clock center. Accented in glimmering crystals, both options will lend a distinct essence of glamour to any space.


Wrought Iron 4 Ring Decorative Mirror: A simple yet memorizing design that will compliment most decor. This wrought iron, 4 ring mirror boasts both beauty and function.


Heart Shaped Wall Mirror: In a home where love conquers all, this fun and highly affordable heart mirror is a must. A great piece of decor for a teen bedroom or young adult home.


Oval Golden Olive Leaf Decorative Mirror: A bit of glam, a bit of Greek, this brass mirror adorned with olive leaves is a sensational find. Not only is it overflowing with playful energy, but it is available in either a round or oval configuration.


Lip Shaped Copper Tinted Mirror: Kiss kiss! A copper tinted mirror that knows how to pucker up. These lips are sealed with a rose gold tint that would perfectly accent a makeup vanity,

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Katriina Nuutinen’s Perho Mirror: Inspired by the wings of a bird, Katriina Nuutinen’s Perho mirror is a simplistic masterpiece that adds unmatched flair to any wall space. There is even a hinge wedged between “the wings” that allows the smaller mirror to be re-angled. Available in 5 vibrant colors.


Gold Finish Decorative Wall Mirror: Art Deco influence breathes life in to this gold decorative mirror. A unique mirror with a slightly vintage charisma that works overtime as both a mirror and stylish wall art.

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Round Golden Mirror With Decorative Branches: Branches grow wild with an abundance of crystals around this charming mirror. A high-shine design that reflects oodles of contemporary glamour.


Geometric Copper Plated Decorative Wall Mirror: Copper plated and absolutely divine! The Prisma mirror is eye-catching and practical, you can even hang accessories off its frame. Also available in Black and Matte Brass.


Tessellated Style Decorative Mirror: A beveled glass tile frame gives this mirror its unique and dynamic appearance. The perfect mirror for when you need something slightly offbeat to highlight a vanity or blank wall.


Round Intricate Pattern Decorative Mirror: A Moroccan style mirror that is both affordable and ultra-chic! Pair this beaded lattice mirror with boho art to create a dynamic display.


Ornate Mirror With Inscriptions: This ornate mirror gives off a slightly Middle-East vibe with its gold finish and sweeping inscriptions. The intricate design is actually a combo of Islamic and vine carvings.

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Driftwood Accent Mirror: A beachy mirror with an abundance of natural charm. Created with driftwood that has endured winds, tides, and waves, each mirror is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

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Round Rustic Style Layered Wooden Mirror: Layered wood with multiple tones set this rustic mirror apart from the rest. A warm and welcoming design that would harmonize effortlessly with cottage or farmhouse decor.


Square Wood & Metal Decorative Wall Mirror: Shabby chic is the name of the game with this rustic mirror. Reminding us a bit of a barn with its metal and wood design, we can definitely see this seamlessly fitting in to a farmhouse styled home.


Small Decorative Wooden Mirror: A quatrefoil shaped mirror is highlighted by a distressed frame to bring us this shabby chic wall decor. A simple design with edgy charm.


Round Industrial Style Mirror With Rustic Galvanized Finish: This mirror is not only an industrial gem, but it is a friend to the environment. Each mirror is made from reclaimed metal drums and coated in a rustic galvanized finish.

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River Mirror: Live edge wood is crisp and charming with its unique shape and natural beauty. This wall piece utilizes two pieces to highlight a flow of mirror. Each River Mirror can be hung either horizontally or vertically and is available in multiple styles and finishes.

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Sunset Mirror: A sun-shaped mirror slowly dips below a wood shelf horizon to create a minimalist piece of wall art that doubles as a decorative mirror. This mirror is also available with LED lighting to optimize its solar vibe.

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Polygonal Wooden Decorative Mirrors: An edgy polygonal mirror with a distressed wood finish. This mirror is part of Amazon’s very own interior design line, Rivet, and is available in two sizes.

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Sculptural Decorative Mirrors: Sculptural wall art that is also a stylish mirror. These decorative mirrors will look fierce in any room with their unique carvings. Each mirror is handmade out of birch wood and are available in a multitude of styles, colors, and sizes.

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Rectangular Art Deco Style Decorative Mirror: Art Deco style blankets itself over the golden bars that create the geometric frame of this wall mirror. This is a fantastic mirror to add style and the illusion of space to bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, and entrances.


Round Textured Decorative Mirror: Textural interest draws us in to this triple layered mirror. A great mirror for those who want big style without a big price tag.


Bohemian Style Decorative Hanging Mirror: Macrame looks extra modern with this bohemian hanging mirror. The minimalist design and light coloring are perfect for those who don’t like their walls to feel overly busy.


Round Boho Style Decorative Wall Mirror: Another macrame wall mirror with a soothing aesthetic. The natural cotton and floral design make it a wonderful piece of wall art for bohemian styled homes.

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Damasco Mirror: Silk screened directly on the mirrored surface, this decorative wall art is bold and ornate with a graceful elegance that is hard to match. Available in Matte Optic White and Matte Gray (shown).


Round Gold Decorative Mirror: A simple gold mirror with a lot of possibilities. This mirror does not come with faux greenery, but if you love the look as much as we do you can get creative and add a creeping vine or some faux flowers.


Decorative Rope Mirrors: A nautical style mirror that we couldn’t help but to get on board with. Rough jute rope wraps itself around the mirror to create a textural frame that is alluring for both beach and bohemian decor. Available in multiple shapes and sizes.

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Large Decorative Wall Mirror With Petal Frame:
This metallic mirror with its mainly warm color palette is the perfect option for a traditional home looking for a little extra playfulness. A chrysanthemum design is used for this mirror, a flower that traditionally symbolizes happiness, love, longevity, and joy.


Ornate Floral Gold Decorative Mirror: Oriental in style, this mirror is actually an artisan crafted, fair trade product in association with National Geographic. The floral design is hand painted on the reverse side of glass.

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Victorian Inspired Mirrors: Bringing Victorian style in to the modern world, these mirrors come in a set of 7 and uniquely vary in finish, color, and texture. Hang them grouped together or spread them out throughout the house.

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Oval Shaped Bird & Branch Decorative Mirror: Glam collides with nature to create a mirror that depicts branches and birds in a sleek gold finish. If Snow White had a modern home, we just know that this would be on her ‘must-have’ list!


Round Silver Decorative Mirror: Perforated perfection is what comes to mind when we see this fierce mirror. A sturdy metal body and shimmering silver finish make this in to a contemporary marvel.

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Baroque Style Antique Framed Mirror: Taking a traditional stand, this Baroque style mirror is brimming with antiquated charm. This old world mirror is also available in a Gold or White finish and can hung either vertically or horizontally.

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Arch Mirror: A more simple option, but none-the-less glamorous. This arch mirror has a hand forged metal frame that is finished in a plated, antiqued gold.


Small Decorative Mirror Lattice: If one mirror doesn’t do it for you, then what about 72?! This mirrored masterpiece has enough visual interest to be used as wall art, but is simple enough to integrate in to most decor styles. All for under $100.

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Vertigo Mirror: Cleverly named the Vertigo Mirror, this spiraling sensation is a luxury decor piece that also doubles as an accent light. The soft glow that the LED casts can be used to enhance ambiance or as a night light.

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