15 Bed headboards full of solutions

15 Bed headboards full of solutions

The work headers they are an element that, if work is not done again, they become a definitive solution for the bedroom; As an alternative to the traditional headboards, those of work, fixed, timeless and versatile, since they are designed ex profeso and custom, they are an increasingly used choice to complete the bed and bedroom.

Ready to design your own headboard? These 15 headboards that we have prepared full of solutions, with different designs, materials and styles they will give you the key to do it.

A headboard of work bed with gaps as tables

Designer Box Photography for Frechy Fancy

Simple, a work bed headboard where a wall has been created with two niches that act as bedside tables, and a shelf on the top to decorate it or to leave more objects.

A workbed headboard with an illuminated niche above this

Photography Design Therapy

This other headboard is made of plasterboard, which is one of the most recurrent solutions in terms of bed headboards, for its versatility when it comes to building them, since it allows us, in a relatively easy and definitive way, as well as economical, to create a headboard with multiple niches and decorative shapes.

In this case, the headboard provides a niche or niche above the bed with built-in lights, which, in addition to adding decoration, also provides a space to store or leave some objects.

A headboard made of plasterboard

Another way to create a work headboard is by raising a partition with plasterboard, as in this bedroom, eating a few centimeters of the bedroom space, and then creating a custom niche or niche, or several, to create a work headboard with a lot of presence and storage space or to use it as decoration, in addition to being able to install two tables or shelves.

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A headboard made of plasterboard

As I said before, once we have raised the wall of plasterboard, the possibilities in terms of shelves and others are many. Here we have a good example, where a false partition with plasterboard has been created to create an integrated headboard, which is then filled with backlit niches.

Let’s see another example.

One bedroom with headboard and bookcase

Caroline Andreoni

We can also create a larger hole, instead of small niches, to design a practical shelf where you have a certain storage space, and all this thanks to the plasterboard partition that has been built as an integrated headboard.

A rustic bedroom with a headboard

Etienne Jeanneret

Leaving aside that way of creating a headboard, we move on to a completely different one. It is about creating a low wall from side to side of the bed, with holes, or not, as we see, and leaving in the middle of the wall a space without lifting, to fit just the bed.

In this way, the headboard also acts as bedside tables and takes advantage of the entire length of the wall, offering us a flat surface to store or decorate it with different decorative accessories.

A concrete work bed headboard

Design by Andrey Novoselov

Less elaborate but equally visually striking, this is another way of creating a work bed headboard, where a work wall with switches and plugs has been created, which acts as a stair separator towards the first floor.

An industrial-style workbed headboard with metal and exposed brick

Zrobym Architects design

Industrial character, rude, vast, but also minimalist and simple. In this case, the headboard has been made using a metal wall or screen, on which there is a brick wall behind. In this case the headboard is merely aesthetic, but with great decorative power.

Instead of opting for more conventional solutions such as a work partition or made with plasterboard, the designer in this case chooses metal and brick seen to create the work headboard.

It is not the most practical or recommended, for the work it carries, for the cost, which is also higher, and for the weight that the soil must support, something that not all plants can assume, and we should make sure before doing so.

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One bedroom with headboard and shelves

Fanny Prat

Leaving the concrete aside and getting closer to more practicable materials such as plasterboard or mere brick with which to build walls, this other work headboard shows us another very practical idea in which, if we build it like this, we would have two shelves , one on each side of the bed.

With that space offered by the headboard, if we want we can forget to put bedside tables.

One bedroom with built-in headboard with bedside tables

Although if we really want to forget about bedside tables, we can design an integrated headboard like the one we see above these lines designed by the Ingenii studio.

A medium-height wall, made of plasterboard, acts as a headboard with a shelf and offers a flat surface to decorate it to taste. In addition, and this is the most practical gesture of this headboard, two holes have been opened to create both bedside tables.

By the way, here you can see 10 bedside tables for very small rooms.

A workbed headboard with niche and shelf

In a more decorative sense, this other work headboard gives us a good idea to create a perfect one where a niche is added on the top of the bed that can act as a joint bedside table, in addition to the option of being able to install the sconces of light.

A construction headboard made with a brick wall

Juliya Butova design

It is not a usual bedroom, much less, but if the structure and design of this are provided to help, they can be used to create a bed headboard of the most original work, such as the bedroom above these paragraphs, made of brick seen, ancient and with personality.

A bedroom with the headboard as a partition

When you have a loft apartment, in which there is a single space for everything, if we want to divide and separate the bedroom area from the rest, a work headboard becomes the most practical and definitive solution.

It not only acts as a headboard with an electrical installation, but also a dividing partition providing privacy, and dividing both spaces.

To avoid losing light, in this upstairs bedroom the headboard partition was closed with a metal and glass enclosure to let the light through.

One bedroom with wooden headboard

Photography Marcos Clavero

Although we build a work wall to create the headboard, we can cover it with many other materials beyond the paint, to integrate it into the design of the bedroom, or even make it define the style of the bedroom, as we see in the headboard above, covered by the bed area of ​​the same wooden planks as the floor, integrating perfectly.

A headboard with built-in bedside tables

Although we also have this option, simpler, in which a thin partition is a headboard with no other purpose than this. Of course, it becomes a definitive headboard and also very economical, at the desired height and width. A headboard that we can change with a coat of paint and that will suffer virtually no wear.

In addition, we can install or cover the hollow of the tables with wood, to match the bedroom, or simply leave the hollow uncoated.

The height of a bed headboard is what we want. There is no standard measure to guide us to design a headboard of this class. It all depends on our tastes and demands, in addition to the utility we want to give the headboard itself.

As you can see, there are many options for building headboards. The most economical materials and which will allow us to lift the headboard more easily, are undoubtedly brick and plasterboard, the latter being the most used and economical option of the two.

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You already know that, if you have any questions, you can leave a comment that I will be happy to answer. And, if you are looking for ideas to make a headboard, keep getting inspired with these 60 photos and ideas to make an original headboard.

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