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Walk-in closet ideas under a sloping roof and planning tips
If you attach great importance to orderliness at home, you have definitely wished for a walk-in closet for the bedroom, where you can carefully arrange your clothes, shoes and jackets. Such wardrobes, however, require a lot of space and this can be a big problem – especially in small... Read more
Lovely and funny clothes hangers for children
For the child decoration fun accessories and accessories are sought, which stimulate the development of the child, that are consistent with their age, and if possible, that are charming, such as coat rack Buddy that we bring today, so charming that you will not only want it for the... Read more
Black sinks for different kitchens
Black sinks are the last of the elements that have joined the trend of black kitchens, along with the faucet also in black. Naturally, black sinks are not exclusive to this type of kitchen, but, as with white ceramic or stone sinks and traditional stainless steel sinks, blacks can... Read more
Make your bathroom more practical and functional with the right bathroom accessories
Especially in small bathrooms, we have to optimize the space and resort to certain bathroom accessories, such as the ones we will see below, to make the bathroom more practical and functional, and make the most of it, yes, always with maximum comfort. So, if you want to transform... Read more
15 Bed headboards full of solutions
The work headers they are an element that, if work is not done again, they become a definitive solution for the bedroom; As an alternative to the traditional headboards, those of work, fixed, timeless and versatile, since they are designed ex profeso and custom, they are an increasingly used... Read more
How to make your room look bigger, in one day
I assure you is that by doing these tips that we are going to see at the same time, you will make your room look bigger, obviously, visually. If you’re interested, keep up with me that we start with this list of steps and tips to make a room... Read more
Ideas to decorate the garage
If you are going to decorate the garage or design it again, I imagine that you will be thinking what kind of furniture or floor to put, how to paint it, if you leave an area for leisure, if you add an elevator to put two cars, if you... Read more
Modern Christmas Decoration –  Happy Christmas And Holidays
Wishing you the very best this season! Visualizer: Vizline Studio Visualizer: Silver Bell Visualizer: Hi-lite Design Visualizer: Rubic Tm Visualizer: Tung Le Visualizer: Home Design HD-m2 Visualizer: Marcelo Duarte Visualizer: Iryna Nalyvaiko Read more
Trends in bathrooms and toilets 2020
This selection of washrooms and toilets is special: It shows a lot of what’s going to be in 2020. And don’t forget to take a look at what I said last year about 2019 trends in bathrooms and kitchens, because practically all of them are still up. Things don’t... Read more
Small office at home or apartment
Working at home is an activity that more and more people are doing. And if you want to play in entrepreneurship and you have a room or a corner in your home or apartment and you want to start your entrepreneurial activities there by turning the room into an... Read more
22 Modern bathroom design and decorate with Wallpaper
Modern wallpaper patterns, colors and textures can add beautiful accents to the modern bathroom design and decoration. Beautiful wallpapers give character and create truly unique, comfortable and very attractive modern bathrooms. Lushome shares a collection of modern ideas for using wallpaper in bathroom design and decoration. Beautiful wallpapers come... Read more
Wall Design Ideas and Trends: Wallpaper Trends 2020
Wallpaper Trends 2020 not only focused on beauty, but also on functionality. Latest technologies enable easy cleaning, room modeling, optical illusions and environmental friendliness. Modern interior design also works on surface blemishes, and properly chosen wallpapers play an important role. Contemporary wallpapers are really good helpers for designers and... Read more