Turn your balcony into an urban forest!

Turn your balcony into an urban forest!

An alternative to the usual projects involving this part of the house, the green decoration brings benefits to the quality of life.

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It is no secret that a healthy and better life involves, among so many cares, the presence of plants in residential living. Trend in many apartments in the gardens and in other noble areas of the city of São Paulo and other areas of the country, the numerous species can offer many benefits for you and your family, including the fact that they make any environment cooler and more pleasant because they are natural humidifiers, stimulate relaxation – a very welcome mood for those who choose to live in large urban centers such as the capital of São Paulo, and also purify the air, as is the case with Chlorophytum comosum, popularly known as chlorophyte which, according to NASA, is capable of eliminating up to 90% of air toxins and harms from an environment.

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The most suitable rooms to have a small urban forest, the balconies and balconies are perfect for plants for their layout that counts. often with a high incidence of natural light.

Follow our tips and transform this environment of your apartment into your contact with nature!

In the case of a very sunny balcony

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Directly sunlit balconies are ideal for plants that require more light and wind. It is the case of species more resistant to these conditions as the moray eel, the croton, ficus and hibiscus, geraniums and petunias. Another option for these environments is creepers like the Philodendron, the Honeysuckle and the Tear of Christ. In need of further care, this species needs to be planted in a medium-sized, very sturdy pot. Once planted, line the pot with soil and clay.

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Also consider the size of your balcony when choosing which plants will make up your space.

But if the balcony or terrace does not receive as much sunlight, other options need to be considered.

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Some spaces are hybrid and depending on the time of day, receive more light or more shade. In that case, bet on hydrangeas, laurels, fuchsias and bells (or Campanula), species suitable for all types of environment as long as they are wind free.

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How about a vegetable garden with spices?

In addition to all the flora chosen for your balcony, you can also increase this space with the installation of vertical gardens. The technique is to use the wall to plant smaller species like anthuriums, ferns, singons and vrieseas (from the bromeliad family) or even small vegetables and spices to finish your dishes. If so, bring home pots of pepper, sage, rosemary and basil to make your food much tastier and full of personality!

Evaluate the best way to set up a small urban forest inside your own home and discover all the peace and tranquility you can get in daily care of plants and flowers.

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