How to decorate an office. Photos, ideas and tips.

How to decorate an office. Photos, ideas and tips.

Not long ago we received an email where a user asked us advice to decorate your officeThat question led us to think about whether we had an article where we offered tips, ideas and photos on how to decorate an office, and we realized that after thousands of articles written about decoration, we had none dedicated exclusively to workspaces, specifically, to an office. That is why we have got to work and have prepared an interesting article with many tips, photos and ideas to decorate an office.

A modern office in white and wood

Taking into account that our work is carried out in a office or in a home office and that we spend more than a third of the hours of the day in these spaces, these should make us feel comfortable, at ease, they have to be well decorated spaces, since spending a lot of time constantly every day in an unpleasant environment, besides being nothing productive, can eventually bring us worse consequences of emotional health.

So follow these tips to make your office or office a pleasant atmosphere in which you even want to be. Let’s start with the color

What color to paint an office?

First let’s start with the colors. You have to choose colors that help work more effectively and with whom we feel comfortable.

It is not unknown that colors have different effects on our feelings, and since the office is a workplace, it is important to choose the tones that best help you fulfill what you need to do.

For example, the color blue It is one of the most appropriate colors for paint an office, is a relaxing color but that invites the productivity.

An office in blue and wood

If a stressful atmosphere reigns in the office, we must look for a color that helps to relax all that daily tension that is breathed.

Other relaxing color in addition to blue to paint an office, is the color green. These two colors promote relaxation among other sensations.

An office painted green

Similarly, most office chairs and armchairs usually come in dark or neutral colors. But today we have beautiful chairs of many colors, decorative and design to add a decorative plus to the office.

Naturally, try to make them ergonomic to damage your back or suffer other physical consequences.

Don’t be afraid to look for more vivid colors for your space! These little touches of color can make all the difference in your office environment and turn it from a boring and monotonous place to a space where you like to spend time and fill you with energy to finish the day’s earrings.

A bright white and dark green office

If the environment you are looking for in the office is a creative environment, choose the color purple, this color invites creativity.

If a sad, cold, cold atmosphere reigns in the office … You need to give it a touch more cheerful and vital To stop feeling slow and lethargic! And there are no better colors for it than the yellow and orange. They are dynamic, intense, energetic colors, colors that promote and invite us to take out our vitality.

An office painted orange

These are some patterns to consider when choose colors to create the most appropriate office environments, productive, cheerful, fresh, vital spaces …

Choose the right furniture for the office

An industrial style office

If the atmosphere of an office is important, just as important are the furniture that dresses it. The office furniture They are not practical furniture without more, they should also have style and add decoration.

Before buying furniture, think about what needs you need these to meet. Do you need enough room to lock, or do you manage with a small desk? Are you going to be sitting many hours a day or are you not going to stand still? Do you need a lot of storage space inside the office or little? How is the office structure, rectangular, square, has corners? Ask yourself these questions and choose the furniture based on a well thought out answer.

It is no use having a huge bookshelf if you then keep filing cabinets, boxes, papers, and other objects in another place or if you don’t even keep them. It is useless to have a huge desk when you only use a laptop on the table. These are ways to waste space and probably money.

Yes in the office you have a corner that you want to take advantage of, you can place a corner desk, are perfect for make the most of space, like these we see below. And if in that corner there is a window that lets in the outside light, the work environment will be perfect.

Wood and black metal corner desk in industrial style

See more details of this corner desk

White and wooden corner desk

See more details of this corner desk

White and wooden corner desk

See more details of this corner desk

Unless you need a large desk and if you do not have any corner suitable for work, it is not advisable to put corner desks, since they will occupy an unnecessary space. For linear spaces the best are straight desks. You have them in many different finishes so you can choose the one that best suits your needs, here are some.

Modern white and wood Nordic style desk

See more details of this desktop

Modern white wood desk

See more details of this desktop

Modern wood and white desk

See more details of this desktop

Another of the essential furniture in an office are the chairs. We spend a lot of time sitting at our desk, in this case you don’t have to complicate much when choosing one, you have to choose comfortable and ergonomic chairs, and, if possible, that add decoration and design, there’s no more. And within the wide range of comfortable chairs choose the ones that best suits the decorative style of the office.

Office chairs

Here you can see office chairs

Office accessories and complements

Office decoration accessories

Once we have the right environment and the right furniture for our office, we need the accessories and accessories to complete our workplace, both practical accessories such as bins, trays, pencil holders, calendars, etc. As well as decorative accessories such as paintings, decorative sheets, indoor plants, to provide the space with our style and feel comfortable and comfortable, within the work.

Good lighting in the office is essential

A bright office with plants

While all of the above is important, it is no less good lighting. Both natural, and especially artificial. It is a key element to which we must pay close attention. If we have plenty of perfect natural light, if not, we must have a good light installation and rely on table and floor lamps to complete it.

We hope these tips, photos and tips on how to decorate an office they have helped you to decorate your workplace. If you have any questions or suggestions you can leave a comment that we will be happy to answer.

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