High desks: Ideas, photos, benefits and information.


As several studies have shown, working sitting many hours a day is very harmful to physical and even mental health. Because of this, a new modality for work has begun that is booming: elevated desks, standing desk, or standing desks. These desks that force us to work standing, instead of sitting in front of the computer or any other task that we perform, they provide us with a magnificent opportunity to alleviate, combat and eliminate the bad habits of sitting work.


This new discipline means that the negative effects of sitting work are reduced or eliminated; a breakthrough. But it is also that working standing up also has its benefits, and among them we highlight the following:

-Activate blood circulation

-Help maintain the right level of blood sugar

-Control of blood pressure

-Burn calories

As you can see, these benefits, added to the fact that we reduce or eliminate the negative effects of working sitting, is reason enough to consider a change of desk.

elevated desk

And although the high desks provide many advantages due to the height of the same, it is not worth any height or arrangement of the elements. To be really comfortable and effective, the height of the desk envelope should be slightly below the height of the elbow. In addition, the distance that must be between us and the monitor must be a minimum of 50 cm and it must be at an angle of 20 degrees.

Although initially a raised or standing desk, is a simple act, it never hurts a little inspiration. So, next we will see 10 photos and ideas to create an elevated desktop:

elevated desk

Photo | brit

Firm wooden boards, sanded and prepared to taste and some squares to hold them serve to create an elevated desk.


Photo | apartmenttherapy

Something more minimalist. A simple shelf to place the computer keyboard and the odd thing and the monitor placed on the wall.


Photo | masakikondo

A desk of a lifetime. But with a shelf added at the top to place the monitor.


Photo | pokedyoureyeout

We can also use some furniture that we have at home and add an extra shelf if it is still too low.


Photo | flickr

Adding a large shelf on top of a chest of drawers to create an elevated desk is another good idea.


Photo | mintdesignblog

Two easels and a wooden board can also be used to make a standing desk.


Photo | paperandink

Make a hole in the shelf to locate our workspace.


Photo | barrettmorgandesignllc

We can also create a relatively simple one ourselves. With a firm structure that supports the weight of what we are going to put on and that does not move or swing, it is enough.


Photo | Petermarks

Any furniture that we have at home, if it has the correct height, is good to turn it into an elevated desk.

What do you think of this new trend of adopting a ergonomic desk? Are you going to implement it or do you already have it implemented in your work?

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