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Everything for you to spend less on the electricity bill! Everything for you to spend less on the electricity bill!
From turning off the lights when leaving an environment to using solar energy – which, according to the Reviewbox website, if only 10% of... Everything for you to spend less on the electricity bill!

From turning off the lights when leaving an environment to using solar energy – which, according to the Reviewbox website, if only 10% of available solar energy were used, we would be producing more than 150 times what we consume – I’ve selected almost everything you can make to spend less electricity on your home. Your Luz account will download even this time !!!

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  1. Questions you may have:

a) How to know what uses the most energy?

Just about everything that uses a lot of energy get hot. Some equipment even has fans to prevent overheating.

b) How do you know if you are not paying more than you actually spend?

You or an electrician can check it for yourself. energy leak in your electrical installations: Turn off all lights and turn everything off. Wait about 2 minutes and see if the number on the meter has stopped changing. If it continues it is likely that you are having problems that are increasing the value of the account. Call an urgent electrician to find out if it is a problem inside your home or the meter.

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ç) ICMS, Flags and White Tariff – How Can They Impact Your Electricity Bill?

  • Charging has different values ​​for ICMS depending on the total expense (more than 40% of the value of the electricity bill is composed of charges and taxes) and we still have the flags that increase or decrease the amount to be charged depending on the season. Check the website of your local distribution company to learn more. (or see this default template)

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  • Since January 1, 2019, the option to white fare It is available to those who consume more than 250 KWh /. THE white fare does the cost changes in value according to the day and time of consumption. It is offered for homes and small businesses, for example, and is advantageous for those who may choose to spend more energy during off-peak hours (6 pm to 9 pm) (Read more on aneel’s website)

d) How to calculate your average daily consumption?

See on your meter the value you are showing today; Tomorrow see the value it will show. Decrease tomorrow’s value by today’s. This is your consumption of the day.

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And looking at the old accounts you can have the daily consumption of each month. Just divide the reported amount of consumption in the month by the number of days of the month. Of course in summer months spending tends to increase. And you can, looking at last summer’s bills, get a rough idea of ​​how much your pocket will weigh this summer…

If you want to make a simulation to get an idea of ​​how much energy you should spend, the CEEE website has a simulator.

2) Tips for the house in general:

Think about savings from construction or renovation – A house built to take advantage of the best ventilation and lighting on the ground greatly helps to save energy – because it will be better lit by the sun and less hot! Large open windows (for summer) and good sealing system (for winter) also help a lot.

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– In a makeover consider adding even a small aperture in dark or hot environments can greatly improve air circulation and brightness

– Mirrors placed in front of windows can increase the presence of natural light. – but do not put it if the sun hits them directly, as it will be uncomfortable to see.

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– In balconies and gardens think of use solar light fixtures or photoelectric cells. They help save energy and beautify.

– Buy appliances with the Procel Seal of Energy Saving – Appliance rated “A” works the same way and uses less energy than one rated “B”, “C”, “D” and “E”. Those rated “A” are more expensive, but the economy is worth it, especially considering equipment that has a long life.

– Avoid leaving the lamps lit during the day or when no one is using the room. This also applies to equipments like TV, video game, coffee maker, microwave, computer, printer, notebook etc. that are not being used. Disconnect. Teach the children to do the same.

Use lamps with dimmers or timers wherever possible and comfortable.

Light ceilings (and light walls) reflect light better, allowing for less powerful illumination

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Set the TV to turn off by itself if you see TV in bed

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Keep chandeliers, light fixtures and ceiling lights clean

Avoid turning fluorescent lamps on and off oftentimes.

Avoid using extensions and benjamins to connect various devices.

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– If you travel for days the ideal is turn off the main switch – it will also be safer for your home

When renovating or building, use the best materials and parts you can for the electrical installation.. And make sure the qualification of the responsible professional. Do not skimp just because “the thread will not be seen”. What is not seen is what has to have the longest life and what can destroy your home without warning.

– Every 2 or 5 years at most make a general overhaul on the house electrical

Very old appliances In general they use much more energy than the current ones.

3) Tips for specific equipment:


Avoid long baths Electric showers are used.

Change it the shower key for “summer”As long as possible (and don’t forget that cold showers are good for your health). And attention to change the key before entering the bath, to avoid shocks or even burn the shower resistance.

Keep the shower in good condition. This is the item that uses most energy in most homes.

Air conditioning:

Make sure when buying that each device has the necessary capacity and enough for the size of the environment

At installation, prevent the air conditioner from standing on walls that catch direct sun and keep the clean filters and clear air outlet

Keep the seal (if any) perfect and when it’s on, close all doors and windows including curtains if the sun is hitting them.

Set the thermostat to mild temperature (25/26 degrees) and not too cold

Knife annual maintenance and while it goes, use fan. The economy is very big


Buy refrigerator compatible with your need. The bigger it is, the more it uses energy: A 284k refrigerator uses 20% more energy than a 210m one.

Avoid opening and closing oftentimes.

Refrigerators should not be too close to the back wall or “tight” on the sides. Follow manufacturer’s manual. This can even impair their functioning.

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Adjust Refrigerator Temperature on Colder or Warmer Days

Do not line the refrigerator shelves. This impairs the air circulation inside it.

Do not put the refrigerator next to ovens and stoves without thermal protection between them and for the same reason (avoid hot areas), Do not put the refrigerator where it hits the sun.

Keep door rubber in good condition. To test, close the door with a sheet of paper stuck. If it falls or you can easily remove it, the rubber is not good.

If you are going to be away for a long time, empty it and leave it off

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Washing machine:

Accumulate clothes to wash to near full load if possible

Keep machine and filters cleaned and serviced annually

Use the right amount of soap. Prefer liquid soap, which less soils the machine

If you have how, use clothesline instead of dryer. Wind and sun are still free


Accumulate clothes for ironing. This is also one of the most energy consuming items to use.

Iron clothes that need low temperature last. So you can turn off the iron just before.

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Mobile phone charger and all devices that have a timer or lamps when unused

Avoid leaving your phone charging overnight.

Unplug this equipment when not in use.: Consumption is low, as is the consumption of these other equipment, but imagine the amount of appliances in a city?

4) Think of solar energy!

If you can, install a solar heating system – You find ready-made kits in all sizes. One to heat the bath water will be a big savings!

Photo: Tesla Solar Roof (see more here)

Already the photovoltaic solar generator systems produce electricity that can be used throughout the home from the sunlight that reaches the solar boards that form the solar panel (and now we have the solar roofs!)

And that energy can be used by you and even distributed to be used by other homes. In the latter case, you receive credit from your local power company. See more about this in this video: https://youtu.be/JTqz_xzozl0