Black also takes over shower screens and makes them a trend

Black also takes over shower screens and makes them a trend

The chrome finishes for screens, faucets and other bathroom accessories that have dominated the market for decades, seem to be going to the background, being knocked out by more contemporary and innovative finishes such as black.

And, although they have not been extinguished or they will not do it, it is true that manufacturers are betting a lot lately for this elegant color for their products, as we saw recently with the new matt black faucets of the manufacturer Faucets Clever, and as We are going to meet now, with the new black screens of the GME Division Baños firm.

So, if you were looking for a modern screen for your bathroom that contemplates the latest in design and is a trend, you have to know what we are going to see next.

GME Open Series Baths Division

Black shower screen

Fixed + folding screen with black profiles

To the series of Open screens of the manufacturer GME Division Baños, a new model is added, identical in characteristics and functionality, but which has the black profiles.

The GME Open series is one of the most versatile, as it consists of fixed shower screens and swing doors available in a wide range of different sizes, which makes them suitable for all bathrooms.

Naturally, aesthetics also counts, and the Open series is designed with an aluminum profiles, minimalist cut and without bottom profiles to achieve a more clear, pure aesthetic and a view of the bathroom without interruptions

To these characteristics, now the elegant black finish is added, as we see above these lines.

In addition, due to the different screen options we have to choose depending on our bathroom, the design of the screen changes and offers us very aesthetic solutions, as we see below.

Black shower screen

The Open model with hinged door and magnet closure on its magnetic rubber band, highlighting on one side the black profile that gives character to the screen, and the rest of it, free to the handle, also in black.

Let’s see another model.

Black shower screen

With two swing doors, this model has, as you can see, with two black profiles, one for each door, which are installed on the sides of the shower, framing it with elegance, achieving a polished and uninterrupted aesthetic, perfect for the rooms Modern bathroom today.

Black shower screen

This other bathroom screen is the model that is composed of a fixed part and the other folding. Naturally, in this case, we also observe two black aluminum profiles, which are the ones that reinforce and give solidity to the screen and allow it to not need more profiles to support itself.

In addition to these screens of a minimalist and very modern nature, the firm also has other screens with a little more presence and a more marked style, such as the Black Chess model that consists of screens with black frames and fixed glass.

Black shower screen with metal and glass panels

A type of screen that represents one of the trends of the moment, such as glass doors and enclosures with metal frames.

However, unlike other enclosures or screens, the Black Chess model that we see above these lines has some interior frames made of minimalist cut black aluminum, making the screen visually light and very modern.

Black shower screen with metal and glass panels

This model can also be found both fixed and combinable with swing doors, straight or angled screen, being able to adapt it to virtually any bathroom.

With these models, the firm expands its catalog of screens and black finishes add to its series of sliding doors in all its formats, the Open series and the Black Chess models we have just seen.

What do you say, do you like black for shower screens and other bathroom accessories, or do you prefer traditional metal and chrome finishes?

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