7 ideas to transform the office into a more pleasant place.

7 ideas to transform the office into a more pleasant place.

It is ironic that we do not want to spend all our time in a cubicle but where we spend more time. Every day a long day at the office. Therefore, it is essential that this is the most comfortable and pleasant for us. If every time you sit in your work chair the seven evils enter you, and it is not for work, it is very likely that the whole office needs a change. Here they go 7 simple ideas to transform the office into a more pleasant place To work and feel more at ease.


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1. Organization. As with a house, the decoration of the office is not exempt from the damages or benefits of the organization. When we have everything organized and in place, we feel better, less burdened and perform more effectively. The organization is a very simple task that we can solve with all kinds of objects, from organizers made by ourselves copying a DIY project, or buying one that suits our needs, such as the image. It is the Urbio vertical storage system, you can see more details or buy it on Amazon, clicking here >>


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2. Add color. The color makes us happy, stimulates us and is necessary in our lives. If the office is only dressed in gray and neutral colors, the environment must be stimulated. We may not be able to decorate or paint the walls, but we can add doses of color that make us happy in the accessories. This step will benefit us greatly.


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3. Decorate the walls. If we have the possibility of decorating the walls that surround us in the office, I do not understand how they are not already decorated. Wallpaper, paint, etc. But do yourself a favor and decorate the walls.


4. Decorate the furniture. An office with modern and beautiful furniture that will brighten the view, will make us feel better every time we enter it. If there are not enough resources to buy new ones, they can always be redecorated. With wallpaper, templates, paint …

office plants

5. Add plants. We have already talked a lot about the importance of plants in interior decoration. Any space can be improved with beautiful plants, of course, the office too. We can choose traditional pots or go one step further and choose original pots. There are countless designs, the one in the image we found in Curiosite and you can see more details or buy it  http://www.curiosite.es.

6. Create an art gallery. If you can not paint or cover the walls of the office in any way, you can always use the most traditional option but more effective to decorate a wall, the pictures. Choose your favorite works of art, the most adorable portraits of your family and decorate that boring wall.


7. Add fun. It is clear that the work is to work, but that does not mean that we cannot liven up everything in our hands. An easy way to do it in an office is to fill the table with useful but original and fun objects. Poses original pencils, curious post it, cheerful notes and an endless number of everyday objects disguised as fun office supplies. If you want to add any of these objects to your office, in Curiosite you can find dozens of them.

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