+ 60 photos and ideas to make an original and modern headboard + 60 photos and ideas to make an original and modern headboard
Lately we are seeing how there is an emerging fashion that grows by leaps and bounds, so much that it can no longer be... + 60 photos and ideas to make an original and modern headboard

Lately we are seeing how there is an emerging fashion that grows by leaps and bounds, so much that it can no longer be called even fashion, right now it is a full-fledged trend, and that trend is precisely the decorate, create or manufacture our own headboards for the bed.

Original, extravagant, eye-catching headboards, made with a thousand and one different material, some difficult to make other very simple, some expensive, but most totally free since this trend has joined another trend, to use old elements and recycle them to create new furniture, such as use old doors to turn them into headboards.

And as we see that this trend does not stop expanding and every day you suggest us and ask us to bring you new ideas to make an original headboard, we have prepared a great collection of more than 60 photos of original headboards, made from fabrics, even wood, painting, quilts, cushions, shelves, plaster, wallpaper, tapestries, carpets, vinyl … and dozens of other items that have served to create these impressive and original headboards.

So without further delay here you have this great collection of more than 60 modern and original headboards.

A headboard made with geometric wallpaper

Photography and project BMK Study

Well, actually, here the headboard is already made, it is the turquoise one, but the geometric wallpaper behind it is the idea I wanted to show. We can put a wallpaper that covers the width of the bed on the wall behind it, to easily create a headboard of the most original, if we do not want to use a traditional one, or, as we see above these lines, even if we use it .

A headboard made of gold and iridescent vinyl

Sugar and Cloth Project

With a metallic vinyl on a wooden base. We need a wooden board, smooth and cut to the measure that we want, that acts as a headboard, to then put an iridescent vinyl, or metal, or the finish that we like and have an original headboard made by ourselves, in an easy and economical way.

A headboard made of recycled spike-shaped wood

Project I Spy Diy

With recycled wood, creating a spike pattern, or whatever we want. This idea to make a headboard is more elaborate, but equally economical and in a weekend we can finish it.

A headboard made with low plates and rattan table runners

Project Sarah Sherman Samuel

With table runners and tablecloths of vegetable fiber dishes. We can actually use one of the two, or both at the same time. The fact is that with these elements, you can make a bohemian headboard of the most original.

A headboard made of overlapping wood sheets

East Coast Creative Blog Project

With wood sheets, superimposed on top of each other, making a mosaic that reaches the ceiling, or as far as we prefer.

A headboard made with vintage antique frames

Mr. Kate Project

Simple, simple and very beautiful, especially for vintage or eclectic bedrooms. 3 different golden frames with a colored fabric inside. Nothing else.

A headboard made of imitation capitoné

Mr. Kate Project

We can also make our capitoné headboard, but with a more casual style. It is not very difficult to do it, as we can see here.

A headboard made with a wooden table, bedside tables and shelf

Mr. Kate Project

Another idea is to make a headboard with bedside tables and shelf. What is much you think? Well no, it’s simpler, faster and cheaper than you imagine. Here you can see how to do it.

A headboard made with wall paint

Papernstitchblog project

One of my favorites for its versatility. With paint, paint a surface that covers the width of the bed and the height as a traditional headboard would. The good thing about this idea is that we can add any color and create a very powerful decorative accent.

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A headboard made of upholstered denim

Dorsey Designs project

Upholstered with denim and capitoné fabric. It is handmade, and we can do it ourselves by seeing how it is done here. It is true that it is more elaborate, but if you like it, it is worth it.

A headboard made of wood with letters that light up

A Beautiful Mess Project

With wood, to which a word is drilled and a word or phrase is created, and then lights are added to make it shine. You can see this tutorial here.

A headboard made with macramé

House Sparrow Nesting project

More easy. Well, simple if you buy the macramé tapestry already made and you just have to hang it. If you have to do the tapestry yourself, it may not be so simple anymore, but it’s still equally beautiful.

Buy macramé tapestries made for the wall

A headboard made with an irregularly cut wooden board

Classy Clutter Project

With an irregularly shaped wood, leaving the established mold, creating your own drawing and adapting the headboard completely to your liking.

A headboard made with a perforated panel painted with the UK flag

Our Fifth House Project

With a perforated panel that they sell in any hardware store or DIY and decoration store and then painting a flag, or, since you are, the drawing that you want.

A headboard made of fabric and wood

Cre8tive Designs Inc Project

A real headboard that you could buy in a store, but made for you. If you like this idea, here you can see the step by step.

A headboard made with 3D decorative panels painted turquoise

Sweet Parrish Place project

With 3D decorative panels, forming the heads of the lego pieces. There are hundreds of panel designs for 3D walls. In addition, then they can be painted without problem. And one of its biggest advantages is that they can be glued on walls.

A headboard made of wood and tiles

A Designer at Home

Using wood and tiles to create a headboard of the most handmade. If you like this idea, you can see the step by step here.

A headboard made of braided wood sheets

Little Bit Funky Project

Imitating a fabric, but with sheets of plywood, very thin, where first the “weaves”, and the interlaces to create the headboard and then the pints.

A headboard made with pillows and a curtain rod

Project Sarah Sherman Samuel

A headboard created with two cushions and a curtain rod. It is extremely simple and has great decorative power, since we can choose from thousands of different fabrics and different curtain rods, to adapt the headboard to our decorative style.

A headboard made with two old farm or barn

Lilluna project

With two barn or farm doors, very fashionable today. In addition to this headboard two rustic appliques in matt black have been included to complete it.

A headboard made from recycled wood

With sheets of reclaimed wood, covering the wall to the height we prefer.

A headboard made with spots painted on the wall

Easy and very decorative. Painting on the wall the silhouette of the headboard made with dots. We can use a template of points to do it, or more artistically, freehand.

A headboard made with wall paint

Another painted headboard, but this one of traditional geometric form, square or rectangular, with a blank strip that delimits the areas of the headboard.

A headboard made with wall paint

If you like the idea of ​​painting a headboard, here is another. Very subtle, but effective. You know, less is more.

A headboard made with chalk on the blackboard paint on the wall

If you have the headboard wall of the bed painted in slate paint, and you want to make an original headboard, the ideal would be to use that wall to paint a real custom headboard.

A headboard made with two old white doors

Classic, simple and economical. Two doors. Old, new, barn, as you want. The ones you like best.

A headboard made with a horizontal door

Easier yet. Instead of two doors, one, but placed horizontally to cover the width of the bed.

A headboard made with a mantelpiece

Vintage Revivals Project

With a mantelpiece. These shelves can be found today in any DIY and decoration shop, even you have them made of polystyrene, which is a kind of cork, which weighs nothing and with a little glue they adhere perfectly to the wall.

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A headboard made with old windows

Liz Marie Blog Project

With old windows. If they are small, like the ones above these lines, you can use four to cover the wall well.

A headboard made with recycled wooden boards

House Tweaking Project

With pallet woods, you join them to form a large surface as you want, and then paint or write on the wood the phrase or words you prefer. In this case, they have opted for something very traditional but with power: love.

A headboard made with a branch and flower petals

Amanda Puleo

Another idea to make a headboard is to use an appropriate tree branch from which to then hang flower petals. Ideally, the petals should be plastic, synthetic, so you don’t have to replace them every week. Although if you prefer real petals, no one prevents you.

A headboard made with an antique door and two vintage sconces

Project By Dawn Nicole

Again, with a door, but vintage cut, painted white worn, and to which put two rustic sconces, one on each side, to free the bedside tables of lamps.

A headboard made with a wooden pallet and cushions

Etsy headboard

With a pallet, first sanitized and painted white, to which then add two cushions of the color and design we want.

A headboard made with a macramé tapestry

Etsy headboard

With a macramé tapestry, wider, but less long. If you like to make macramé you can design a headboard of the most original and personalized. In addition, this material goes very well with the current decorative styles.

See more macramé tapestries on Etsy

A headboard made with a giant braid tapestry

See this headboard on Etsy

With giant braids made with cotton or giant wool, with which XXL blankets are made so popular today.

A headboard made with a cushion and leather tapes attached to the wall

Julie Kreahule project

Like the idea we saw before, but without the curtain rod and with a single pillow. Leather ribbons are those that are attached to the wall, holding the pillow that acts as a headboard.

A headboard made with a perforated panel

With a perforated panel, in which we can add different shelves or elements to customize it and give it a more practical use as well.

A headboard made with washi tape

With washi tape tape, in black, creating an abstract geometric drawing, or whatever we want to go.

A headboard made of metal

With a roof plate, cutting it with the shape of the headboard we want.

Idea to make a nice and cheap headboard

Bohemian Omega Photography

Up to the ceiling creating a block of color that decorates the entire bedroom.

A headboard made with a shelf on the bed

With a shelf on the bed. Rather it is not a headboard, but a way to decorate the wall above the bed.

A headboard made with open books

Designs Every Day Project

With books One of the most original ideas I have seen in terms of headboards is. It is relatively elaborate, but the result is magnificent.

A bed headboard made with a white painted vintage frame

With a vintage frame painted white, which is then filled with padded upholstery to taste.

A headboard made of white fake tiles

Sweet Cs Designs project

With white imitation tiles. Or painted the color you want.

A headboard made with sliced ​​tree trunk

The White Buffalo

With slices of tree trunks next to each other to form a generous surface, which serves as headboard. If you have the opportunity to get sliced ​​trees around your area, you can easily make this headboard. If not, you can buy the tree slices here at Amazon.

A headboard made with two pallets

Vintage Revivals Project

With two wooden pallets, folded in such a way that they lose their rectangular shape but fit perfectly as a headboard.

A headboard made with Majorcan blinds

With Mallorcan windows, painted in some color, or if we rescue them and are old, we can use them as is, which give the space more character.

A headboard made with two black-painted pallets

Project 1001 Pallets

With two wooden pallets painted black, in which then write the word or phrase we want in white. Or in any other color palette, it can also be used upside down: white pallets and black letters.

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A headboard made with a shower curtain in a rack

With a shower curtain placed on a frame. It is simple, economical and quick to make this idea to make a headboard. You just need to find a nice shower curtain, which today there are many current models that can be used as a large picture.

A headboard made of wood and a purple padding

Make Love It Project

Charming, white wood with purple padding, or painted and with the padding as we want, the case is that if you like this headboard here you can see how to do it step by step.

A headboard made with a repetitive pattern fabric

All Things Thrifty Project

An upholstered headboard with a repetitive pattern. It is a very simple idea. All we need is a fabric that we like, and use a frame or a surface on which to put it.

A headboard made of old wooden oars

Project Bees Knees Bungalow

With old wooden oars. Not everyone has enough oars at home to make this idea, but if you like it, you can always buy them second-hand.

A headboard made with floating cork macaroni for children

With spaghetti or pool macaroni. Yes, those long strips of colors that do not sink with the children play. Naturally, this idea works best in children’s spaces.

A headboard made with colored cork pieces

Project A Kailo Chic Life

With colored cork pieces and then glued to the wall forming an original mosaic.

A headboard made with fabric decorated by ourselves

The Merry Thought Project

With a fabric painted by yourself that you can then hang as a curtain or tapestry on the bed wall.

A headboard made with flowers tied to threads

Sweet Teal Project

With flowers. Likewise in this idea, theirs is that the flowers that are tied to the threads are made of plastic so that they do not wilt. You can buy plastic flowers here at Amazon ..

A headboard made with a wood painted in half

A Bubbly Life Project

Easy, with a board that has been painted one half, leaving the other half natural.

A headboard made with luminous letters

Poppy Talk Project

More elaborate but totally authentic. It’s about creating a headboard for the bed like those letter panels that look so much inside today, but in large format. In fact, this one we see, works exactly the same and lights up at night, if we want. You can see how to do it here.

A headboard made with wood and a macramé tapestry

Vintage Revivals Project

Macramé on a board. If you like this idea, you can adapt the table to the size you prefer just like the macramé tapestry, so it can be a very versatile way to create a headboard.

See all macramé tapestries on Etsy

A headboard made with a recycled sliding door

Funky Junk Interior Project

With a sliding door with the support and the guide and everything, but made with pieces of recycled wood. Sliding doors are fashionable today.

A headboard made from recycled wood

Jenna Sue Design project

With other pieces of recycled wood, this other headboard is also made, which has been applied afterwards. Two frames as headboard

Photo Aspyn Ovar

Or simply add two beautiful paintings, without headboard, since lately the bedrooms without headboard are fashionable.

Victorian headboard with mirror

Photography Jordi Folch | Antic & Chic Project

Or an authentic Victorian headboard with a mirror on the front. This headboard is more elaborate and requires more investment, economic or temporary, but the headboard itself is wonderful, especially to give a vintage touch to the space.

Original headboard made with white painted bamboo

Masfotogenica project and photography

We can also use bamboo sticks painted white. There are some stores that sell these rods. Although it does not have to be original bamboo, the rattan or manila look the same and, if they are going to be painted, it doesn’t matter so much that it is one or the other, don’t you think?