51 Swivel Bar Stools To Go With Any Decor 51 Swivel Bar Stools To Go With Any Decor
Swivel bar stools are a versatile piece of purposeful decor that can be an irreplaceable powerhouse in your home. They not only add seating... 51 Swivel Bar Stools To Go With Any Decor

Swivel bar stools are a versatile piece of purposeful decor that can be an irreplaceable powerhouse in your home. They not only add seating and function to a space, but when chosen correctly, they also incorporate unrivaled style. From Eccentric Industrial to Mid-Century Modern to Rustic Farmhouse, there are great swivel stools out there for every home and budget. With so many options though, where do you start? Since we want your stool to spin and not your head, our design experts took out the guesswork and dug out the best stools. With over 50 options to choose from, we`re sure you`ll find something to get you swiveling in style!


Ikea DALFRED Swivel Bar Stool: A simple, yet stylish stool with adjustable height. These black beauties would integrate seamlessly in to Traditional or Scandinavian decor.


Curvy Swivel Bar Stool: The Onda Barstool is a sleek and modern stool that is brimming with simplistic charm. Available in Orange, Taupe, Black or White (shown), it is a great choice for an Eclectic or Minimalist home.


Round Wooden Swivel Bar Stool With Brass Base: An intricate brass base paired with a simple wood top make these contemporary bar stools in to kitchen showpieces. These Wyndham Swivel Counter Stools pair magnificently with Modern, Contemporary or Rustic decor.

$65 for 2

Modern Faux Leather Swivel Stool With Back: Faux leather swivel stools with a low price and high style. Available in both Black and White, with or without armrests, these would make a wonderful addition to any Traditional or Modern space.

$100 for 2

Modern Airlift Adjustable Swivel Bar Stool With Chrome Base: A sophisticated duo that packs quite the punch with their poignant design. The choice of 7 colors makes these stools extra versatile. Choose red for Retro decor, camel for a more masculine vibe or white for Modern decor.


Mid-Century Modern Counter Height Swivel Bar Stool: Wood, faux leather and metal mingle to create this scoop bucket stool. A simple design that is perfect for a Modern or Mid-Century Modern home.


30″ Low Back Swivel Bar Stool: A low-back stool that was meant to shine within Mid-Century Modern decor. Choose from colors like Orange and Green to embody a retro vibe or go Gray or White (shown) for stools that are more classically chic.


Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool: A curvaceous masterpiece with some serious allure for Coastal or Modern decor. This adjustable height swivel stool is available in Blue, Cream, Espresso or Light Gray (shown).


Upholstered Swivel Bar Stool With Adjustable Height: An artful curve and mix of contrasting materials make this one stool that you just can’t miss. With its bucket seat and wooden elements, it would shine with other Mid-Century Modern or Scandinavian decor.


Designer Swivel Bar Stool With Back:
The wooden shell paired with leather cushioning and the black metal base had us having flashbacks of the famous Eames lounge chair. Available in Black, Gray and White (shown), these would look stunning in a Mid-Century Modern home.


Stylish Swivel Barstool With Plywood Bucket Seat & Chrome Base: Well suited for either Moroccan or Mid-Century Modern decor, these stylish stools will add modern flare to anywhere they are utilized. An elemental delight that is sure to turn a few heads.

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Faux Leather & Bentwood Height Adjustable Swivel Bar Stool: A lot of curve and a whole lot of style make this adjustable bar stool quite the trend setter. Elegant with a masculine charm, this is a great seating solution for Moroccan or Mid-Century Modern decor.


Swivel Bar Stool With Arms: The artful curves of this bar stool gives it an air of exquisite style that is well-suited for a Mid-Century Modern or Scandinavian home. Available in Light Gray or Cream (shown).


Swivel Bar Stool With Curved Backrest: Available in any combo of 4 upholstery options and 4 wood finishes, this is a versatile stool that is sure to make an impact on your Coastal, Tropical or Moroccan decor. An eye-catching design that will elevate the style in any space.


Walnut-finish Swivel Bar Stool: The unique design of this walnut finish bar stool is art meets function. A modern chair with unbelievable comfort and a style that pairs perfectly with Eclectic or Modern decor.


Pera Swivel Bar Stool: Elegant and sleek, the Pera swivel bar stool is a simplistic dynamo. Perfect for a Minimalist, Scandinavian or Modern home.


Modern Designer Swivel Stool: The
Flow Barstool is the brainchild of the famous French designer, Jean-Marie Massaud. With its prominent wood legs contrasting against its minimalist white seat, this stool would be an asset to Scandinavian or Modern decor.


Connubia Academy Swivel Bar Stool: Bold style with a refined elegance brings us the Connubia Academy bar stool. Integrate it seamlessly within Modern or Minimalist decor by choosing one of their multiple color options. Better yet, choose a mix of colors for a more spontaneous and fun aesthetic.


Kartell Spoon Stool: Aptly named “Spoon Stool”, these unique seating solutions are quite the design statement. They are sure to give an edge to any Eclectic, Vintage or Modern decor.


Bloob Adjustable Swivel Stool: This contemporary stool features a luxury seat in an organic shape that appeases both the buttox and your design goals. Available in Black, Gray, Orange and White (shown).


Futuristic Swivel Bar Stool: The Gaber Freedom Stool by Stefano Sandonà is a futuristic design that we just can’t get enough of. Sharp lines and a dynamic flow make it a great pick for Contemporary and Eclectic spaces.


Modern Industrial Style Swivel Bar Stool: Industrial chic meets comfort with these metal legged gems. Available in either Dark Brown or Glossy Gray (shown), they would be an asset to any Industrial kitchen or bar.


Swivel Metal Bar Counter Stool: Swivel in simplistic style with these Industrial metal bar stools. Available in 2 colors: Oyster or Pewter (shown).


Contemporary Swivel Bar Stool With Stylish Steel Back: Chunky metal gives these stools a sleek and masculine aura that fits perfectly within Industrial or Contemporary decor. Available in 2 finishes and 3 upholstery options, there are 6 color combos to choose from.

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Stolz 26″ Backless Swivel Bar Stool: A crisp femininity encapsulates this stool with a gesture of warmth and elegance. Stylish without being overly flashy, this is a great stool for Traditional or Cottage style homes.


Genuine Leather Swivel Bar Stool: This black bar stool is the perfect way to add a punch of contrast to lightly colored Traditional or Minimalist rooms. If black isn’t for you though, this stool is also available in Wasabi, Red, Brown, and Green.

$213 for 2

Studded Faux Leather Swivel Bar Stool With Footrest: A charming stool to integrate in to either a Vintage or Modern design. Complete with faux leather and adorned with metal studs, this is an elegant and cozy bar stool that is as comfortable as it is stylish. Also available in Beige.

$80 for 2

Modern Red Swivel Bar Stools: The retro feel of these fun stools bring us back to days of old school diners with jukeboxes. Their bright red color is sure to make them pop in any Retro, Modern or Eclectic room. Also available in Black, White, Lime Green, and Gray.

$81 for 2

Modern Grey Swivel Bar Stools: These high gloss bar stools coordinate with both Retro and Modern decor. They are easy to assemble, simple to clean, and available in 4 colors: Red, Green, Black and White (shown).

$120 for 2

Moderne Height Adjustable Clear Acrylic Swivel Bar Stools: Modern hits a slight industrial vibe with these clear, acrylic bar stools. A fashionable and unexpected addition to any Modern or Industrial home.


Ikea JANINGE Bar Stool: Ikea hits another home run with their JANINGE bar stool design. An edgy foot rest fitted with a simple scoop seat make it a great option for Scandinavian and Contemporary decor..


Modern Square Swivel Bar Stool With Back & Steel Base: Crafted with a sturdy steel frame and upholstered in Eco-leather, this is a stool that is built to last. It is a great option for a Modern home and is also available in multiple colors.

$130 for 2

Modern Swivel Bar Stool With Back & Arms: Tasteful and comfortable, these bar stools are a treat for the Modern home. Available in Black, White, Cream, and Dark Brown (shown).

$163 for 2

24″ Padded Round Seat Swivel Bar Stool: A sturdy and stylish stool that integrates effortlessly in to an Industrial or Minimalist space. They come in a set of 2 and are available in either counter or pub height.


Wooden Swivel Bar Stool: An elegant stool that easily fits in to either Traditional or Spanish decor. This inviting gem is available in multiple wood finishes and two heights.


Wooden Swivel Bar Stool With Back: A mix of Industrial and Country style bring us these farmhouse chic stool. The mix of distressed wood, pristine leather, and sturdy metal make for an interesting combo that is sure to turn a few heads. Available in both counter and bar height.


Oak Swivel Bar Stool: A traditional seating solution fitted with the time-honored, Windsor back. This unpretentious stool is a fantastic fit for either Traditional or Cottage decor.

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Wooden Swivel Bar Stools In Multiple Finishes: These no-back stools with an earthy aura would be a simple, yet fierce addition to Rustic, Cottage or Farmhouse decor. They are available in 4 colors and 2 heights.

$132 for 2

Rustic Style Swivel Bar Stool: Christopher Knight Home merges Rustic with Industrial style to create these modern bar stools. They are sturdily made with Fir wood and iron, plus they require no assembly!

$125 for 2

Round Industrial Style Swivel Bar Stool: The visible adjustment mechanism on this bar stool really embodies the spirit of Industrial decor. These would make great seating for a bar or eat-in kitchen.


Industrial Style Swivel Bar Stool With Back: Another metal and wood gem that will step your home’s design up a notch. Best suited for Industrial style offices and homes.


Rustic Industrial Swivel Pedal Bar Stool: This stool adjusts not by lever nor knob, but by pedaling. How cool is that!? A must have for Eccentric or Industrial decor lovers.


Antique Industrial Swivel Bar Stool: This antique style stool has a unique design with an affordable price tag. A thick steel frame and oak wood seat ensure that this is an Industrial stool that is meant to last!

$90 for 2

Industrial Style Swivel Bar Stool With Faux Leather Seat: Wonderfully rustic with their brown leather seats and bronze legs, these bar stools were breed for Industrial decor. Also available in Red.


Wrought Iron Swivel Bar Stool: Heavy and incredibly sturdy, these wrought iron stools with their tractor seat design would be an asset to any Eclectic or Industrial home. The adjustable seat makes sure that it is functional height at both counters and tables.


L’Eau Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool: If you are looking for a simple stool with a unique twist, then the L’Eau stool is definitely for you! It’s not often that we come across seating with a sense of movement integrated directly in to its aesthetic.


Modern Minimalist Height Adjustable Swivel Stool: Fun colors galore! The MAK Swivel Stool is brimming with Modern Minimalist style. Available with a black or white base with an array of cushion color options.


Shell Bar Stool: A luxurious, shell shaped bar stool that is overflowing with modern elegance. A perfect addition to any Modern or Cottage style decor.


Wicker Swivel Bar Stool: Embrace your inner bird and perch atop this nest-like, wicker swivel stool . This stool is very well suited for Coastal, Bohemian or Moroccan homes. We should note that even though the seat is made of wicker, it is not suitable for outdoor use. But don’t worry, the next two in our collection are!


Wicker Outdoor Swivel Bar Stool: Relax by the pool or garden on this comfortable and stylish bar stool. It is perfect for outdoor use with its water-resistant build and matching wicker furniture set.


Outdoor Patio Swivel Bar Stool With Back: A durable and comfortable stool constructed of lightweight wicker. This stool would be the perfect addition to an outdoor bar or patio.