50 Room Colors That Please All Styles 50 Room Colors That Please All Styles
Check out room color suggestions and learn which paints to bet on to make the right combination! Our room paint color tips will fit... 50 Room Colors That Please All Styles

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Check out room color suggestions and learn which paints to bet on to make the right combination! Our room paint color tips will fit all types of environments – small and large rooms for you to paint without fear of making mistakes with the most varied shades and types of products. It is very important to take this step of renovation and decoration of the TV room or to be serious, since the wrong choice can put everything to lose, right? Check out the tips until the end and save your favorite inspirations!


Neutral color rooms have the most diverse options, various shades and even possibilities of combinations with the color Gray Stone with the wood, can not miss.

Via: The Design

Capuccino Brown and Pure White composing an elegant and modern decoration, with a tone of sophistication in addition to the detail in shades of violet that gave an essential detail to the composition of the room.

Via: Lopes Blog

The tones of the bricks combined with wood and earthy tones combined with benches in Canary Yellow, although simple were chosen warmer shades for the combination, this palette has this peculiarity of being able to approach colors more easily.

Via: PixBay

Following the pattern, more in the brown palette was the color Coffee With Milk, this time combined with the sofa in Lead Gray, a cooler tone, which harmonized the overall composition, leaving neither so hot nor so cold. .

Via: Dulux Color

One more decoration filled in the gradient palette of brown in Hot Chocolate, Park Walk and Cremée Brule added to a hint of black, gray and the classic white that can not miss, leaving the space elegant and clean.

Via: Dulux Color

The neutral can completely escape the brown by going to the gray palette in monochrome combinations of Metallic Wire, Medieval Gray colors along with a touch of Nanjing Gray, elegance and refinement abound in the composition of this room, perfect decoration.

Via: Pinterest

A completely neutral room with shades of sand, pure white and earthy tones going to the woody hue, a truly intelligent and harmonious composition.

Via: Donna Casa and CIA

Neutral tones work in any room, in a room brown tones give elegance and combine with the most diverse decoration styles, in this environment Brown Pantone dominated the space.

Project: Karina Kor Architecture

Ice White can be a great choice to decorate your room, and is completely different from the usual, if well combined, can be super stylish, refined and elegant.

Via: Pinterest

If your taste is more classic in the decoration you can not miss the Luis XV style using woody tones, floral wallpaper and a lot of fabric in the earth tone palette, which can be a great option and there you will find a super different inspiration for a Room in classic style.

Via: Design in Day

Minimalism is to be sophisticated with little and this decoration in pastel tones are ideal, few things in its composition has become elegant and essential. The Peach color along with the Sand color further harmonized the Pure White background with the wood bringing clarity to the ambience leaving the details on the black and gray sofa completely neutral.

Via: Pexels

The greyish brown combined with the white is also on high the Poised Taupe color is fantastic to make up your room decor.

Via: Target


Warm tones can pass the most diverse sensations and there if you like your room with a stronger color and like to draw attention to that wall you like best. In this environment the bet was the color Scarlet Red, being a great option, besides being easily combined with neutral tones such as wood and even white.

Via: Passing Group

The Coral color being chosen the color of the year 2019 together with black details but with a great deal of white bringing brightness and modernity to the space.

Project: Triart Architecture

Orange can also be easily combined with more neutral tones and even pastel tones. In this case the color used was Pumpkin mixed with shades of beige and white, being essential for harmonization of the environment.

Via: Patrícia Sá Fontes

But if you want even more color and joy in your environment, combining a warm tone with a cool tone can be a very smart choice for color balance and harmony, in this environment the Jamaican Ginger color has been adopted.

Via: Pinterest

Earthy tones, combined with brown without losing charm with black details, an elegant and sophisticated room, as well as modern and super different from the ordinary. In this environment was used the color Gray Granite with woody touches.

Via: Pinterest

This tone of Carmine Red can be a great choice to make your room look beautiful, and easily combined with neutral tones gives a certain aspect of formality and refinement in the environment, especially if combined with furniture in metallic tones.

Project: Ana Cristina Cunha

A very warm tone of was Carrot Orange combined with Canary Yellow in a super minimalist composition.

Via: Wow Decor

An ambience in the earthy color palette has made it the simple, elegant Marsala color that blends well with the wood.

Via: Pinterest


If the preference is for something more closed and serious, dark colors can be a great option to reach your goal with elegance, in this environment the highlight was the Purple Eggplant.

Via: Pinterest

Matte Black is an exquisite tone and it is possible to compose a very modern and elegant decoration with that industrial touch.

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The Burgundy color is also a dark color that can make up your environment and still give that vintage feel to the space.

Via: Dulux

When well chosen, the dark tones can form a beautiful composition for the decoration of your room. This room, for example, super modern and refined was highlighted in the beautiful walls in Aged Rose.

Via: Interior Leader

This completely different Black Blackout décor, exquisite and sophisticated as well as modern gives it a classic touch to the environment.

Via: Juliane Cardoso

Sangria Red combined with dark shades can give that formal and formal look you expect, knowing how to match and compose the decoration, the color you want to compose, in its darkest tone, will get you where you expect.

Via: Pinterest

Wood and burgundy make any environment super classic, formal yet vintage in appearance.

Via: Casa Andante

The blue can also beautifully compose the dark decoration of its corner, in this environment was adopted Prussian Blue leaving completely elegant and cozy.

Via: Joy Victor

Dark shades can also be the choice for your living room, if this is your preference, there is an inspiration from the Gray Slate gray palette that is perfectly matched to black, with the other shades of gray with a composition that looks just right. your choice but no need to doubt it.

Project: Florence Apart

Already a Royal Blue with a dark footprint gives a not so cheerful tone to the environment but can be very harmonious and incredible with a well-done decoration composition, blending perfectly with white.

Via: Pinterest


If it’s a bright room you want, nothing better than shades of sand combined with pure white to compose your ambience with the elegance of a completely classic space like the look that white brings to any room.

Via: DecorSalteado

The Canary Yellow with Ice White also brings color to the environment and joy as well as brightness and feeling of amplitude.

Via: Just Decor

For those who are a fan of bright colors, Sunflower Yellow can be very well combined with warm tones including wood and brown shades, making it easy to combine with more neutral tones.

Via: Paints Club

Another decoration in white, which has no mistake. Minimalist and with details of plants, a really cozy environment.

Via: Pinterest

The shades of cream in this environment was adopted Ivory color, being a great option if you want to escape the white wall but without leaving the light tones.

Project: Marília Veiga Interiors

This color in Pastel Green was also beautiful combined with the pastel pink of the sofa the plants and the luminosity of white, a bright but color room, completely cozy.

Photo: Pedro Napolitano Prata 

Another super vivid tone is the Turquoise Blue, giving life and joy to the environment, highlighting the Ice White, which was combined with it.

Via: My House

A sky blue lightening the environment and bring life and joy to the space.

Via: UnPlash

Brighter shades can be a great choice to bring joy to the environment and lighten your daily life. This Sapphire Blue color was really beautiful in the environment giving a singular life.

Via: Home It

Yellow and joy are two words that go hand in hand, in this environment the predominant color was Carambola Yellow, transmitting clarity of a yellow room is really unquestionable and gives energy that color transmits for its liveliness.

Via: Sarah 

The lime green color for the room combined with wood and white is a great option for those who want to put color in the room but keep it light.

Via: SimpliChique

The coral color combined with light tones will not darken your room, it will make it clear the way you expect it to.

Via: GauChazh
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