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40 ideas to decorate the walls 40 ideas to decorate the walls
It is obvious that there are many Ideas to decorate the walls, but when we have to decorate our house, it seems that we... 40 ideas to decorate the walls

It is obvious that there are many Ideas to decorate the walls, but when we have to decorate our house, it seems that we always resort to the same. Paint, wallpaper and little else. Maybe it’s because they are two very effective resources for decorate a wall or because at that time, we forget that there are many more ideas to use.

If so, save this article to favorites for the next time you want to decorate a wall, because we have prepared a fantastic collection of 40 ideas to decorate the walls, so you can use them every time you want to decorate a wall. Let’s see them 🙂

With painted frames of the same color

A wall decorated with painted frames of the same color as the wall

A Beautiful Mess Photography

Empty picture frames and photographs can decorate a wall with a lot of personality, and in a truly original way. We can paint them in the same color to mimic them and create a very attractive decorative effect, or we can leave them as is, wearing a tone, material or texture in each frame.

In addition, with this idea we can also hide the gotelé, even a little.

With paper fans


Photograph of rubyju

Paper fans are not very difficult to make, and we can create a few, of different or the same color to decorate a wall in a very original way.

With a macramé tapestry

A pink gradient macrame tapestry decorating the wall. Textile art

Etsy Photography

It is fashionable, and can be seen decorating the most cutting-edge spaces. The best, that you can do it yourself, and if you do not feel like it, you can buy it already done, that you have at your disposal many beautiful models to decorate the wall, like the one we see above these lines, found on Etsy.

With paper chains

A wall decorated with garlands or colored paper chains

Photograph by Marissa Stratton

It is clear that this idea to decorate the wall seems too childish, but it is also true that it is because of the colors used, and that the idea can be taken to your land in a more adult and decorative way, don’t you think?

With flowers

A wall decorated with pink and red flowers

Green Wedding Shoes Photography

If the flowers are fresh, they will last a few days at least, but you can always use artificial flowers, if you like this idea, so that they last as long as you want. Buy artificial flowers at Amazon.

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With painted spoons

A wall decorated with painted spoons

Ajoyfulriot Photography

Sounds a bit crazy if I tell you that you can decorate a wall with painted or half-painted metal spoons, but you see, the result is good, at least.

With paper hearts

A wall decorated with a tapestry of hearts

Photography All Things Simple and Sweet Projects

Returning to paper, you can also make hearts, colored or monochromatic, to decorate a wall, a children’s bedroom, or adult cut. And who says hearts, says grinders or any other figure you can imagine.

With rolls of toilet paper

A wall decorated with rolls of toilet paper

With the cardboard, the curl that remains after spending the toilet paper, is what this mural has been made in the wall. Who was going to say it, right?

With birdhouses

A wall decorated with a painted tree and bird houses

Not only with birdhouses. The idea is complemented if a tree is painted, either freehand or using a template or vinyl.

With paper flowers

A wall decorated with paper flowers

Etsy Photography

Paper flowers are also not difficult to make, and if you’re not good at them, you can always buy them ready made, ready to stick them on the wall.

With shelves

A wall decorated with shelves

Etsy shelf

The shelves not only decorate, but offer a very valuable storage and organizational space in any house. In addition, with the large number of models and designs there are, we can find the perfect, safe model. And if not, we can always do it ourselves.

With boxes of decorated pizzas

A wall decorated with pizza boxes lined with decorative paper

If we line some pizza boxes, or the lid of any cardboard boxes that have the design we are looking for, we can decorate a wall as if it were decorative sheets or pictures.

With 3D plastic butterflies

A wall decorated with white butterflies

If you like these you see on the wall, you can buy them in Curiosite

With paint

A wall decorated with paint

IKEA Photography

What would the walls be without painting. With it we can decorate them in a thousand ways, in fact, here you can see 40 ideas for painting walls.

With a Boho tapestry

A multicolored boho tapestry to decorate the wall. Textile art

Tapestry found on Etsy

You can do it yourself, with wool, macramé or other fabric, or you can buy it already made. Textile art is a trend and is increasingly seen decorating walls.

With mirrors

A wall decorated with hexagonal mirrors

Etsy mirrors

Round, square, with large or thin, hexagonal, wooden, metal or gold frames. There are countless mirrors to decorate the walls and also make the house brighter.

With crystals

Walls decorated with broken glass

Photography Play Back Recording

They say it brings bad luck to break a mirror, but since it breaks, we can use it as an idea to decorate the walls, and at least, we will receive bad luck with style.

With old doors and shutters

A wall decorated with old wooden shutters

B Vintage Style Photography

It is a somewhat radical idea, beyond using these elements as headboards, but we must recognize that the result is surprising.

With pushpins

A wall decorated with pushpins

Jessica Hische Photography

If you like the idea to decorate the wall with pushpins, here you can see 15 more ideas to decorate with bedbugs.

With post it

A wall decorated with post it

Russellelbert Photography

It is a thorough and very elaborate work but it is an art that this artist has managed to bring to fruition.

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With recycled pallet wooden boards

A wall decorated with recycled pallet boards

Bowerpowerblog Photography

We can find pallets in many places, or buy them, although I think you already know where to get a few, right? Once you have them, you can disassemble them, carefully, and line a rustic wall with reclaimed wood.

With curtains

Amazon tapestry

Curtains, tapestries, carpets, large scarves … You know what I mean. Any large format fabric, or the size you want, can be used to decorate a wall, either in the living room, or as a headboard, among other options.

With letters

Idea to decorate a wall with letters

Tracy’s Trinkets Photography

As if it were the famous Apalabrados game, you can easily create some letters to form a chain of intersecting words, decorating a wall in a very original way.

With crockery and ceramic. Dishes, sources, etc.

A wall decorated with dishes and dishes

Do you remember your grandmother’s dishes decorating a kitchen wall? Well, there you have another good idea to decorate the walls.


A wall decorate with wires

Tin & Ed Photography for Apartment Therapy

If you can not beat them, join him. And at the moment, the cables are necessary, and we have to manage to hide them or, if we cannot, decorate with them, recreating some drawing like the skyline of a city, or some decorative pattern. Here you can see 10 ideas to decorate the walls with wires, or the technique called cabledrawing.

With maps

A wall decorated with a giant map

Map found on Amazon

We have them of different sizes, as well as designs, including fictional maps, or in wood, cork, scratch, tapestries, sheets and addition and follow, to be able to decorate the walls with them. Here on Amazon you can see hundreds of them.

With pictures and photographs

A wall decorated with photographs

Houseofroseblog Photography

If you like the idea of ​​decorating the walls with frames and photographs, look at these 10 photos and ideas to decorate the walls with pictures and photographs.

With neon letters or lights

Gummergal Photography

Undoubtedly one of the options of the moment, since the neons have resurfaced from their eighties but with a more sophisticated style to decorate the walls. You can make them yourself, or you can buy them already made.

With books


Photography Divaani blog it

On floating shelves, as we see above these lines, or filling a large bookcase that always offers a cozy and cultured look. The books are wonderful in every way.

With phrases

A wall decorated with phrases

Photography Numbered Street Designs

We can use some vinyl with phrases, or also wallpaper, since it is more simple and decorative, or we can write freehand phrases on the wall, if we have acceptable calligraphy and patience to cover the entire wall.

With wallpaper

Wallpaper found on Amazon

Speaking of wallpaper, I could not miss this option as an idea in this list of ideas to decorate the walls. One of the world’s most used resources for interiors.

With photomurals

A wall decorated with a wall mural

Wall mural found on Amazon

The murals can get us to add an extra dimension to a space in our home. Making it bigger, transporting us to dream places, and creating a pretty original decoration. Here on Amazon you can see hundreds of them.

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With baskets and baskets

Bre Purposed Photography

Baskets, baskets, bowls, bowls, wicker, rattan or other vegetable fibers are the order of the day and we can create a beautiful corner using them to decorate a wall with them.

With bright letters made by you

Brit + Co Photography

If you like this idea to decorate any of your walls, you can see how to make it here.

With screens

A wall decorated with a vintage screen

Screen found on Amazon

Another of the decorative resources for walls that are used a lot today even by the most renowned interior designers are the screens. And not to separate spaces precisely, if not to decorate with them as if it were a decorative element without more.

With plants

A wall decorated with pots and plants

Wall pots found on Amazon

Whether to create a vertical garden or to hang pots from the ceiling creating a floral screen on the wall, or also with wall pots, plants are another resource that we can use to decorate the walls and any other space. Here you can see the fashion plants.

With drawers

A wall decorated with drawers

As we are seeing, it is worth almost everything to decorate a wall, even some beautiful vintage drawers.

With stickers

A wall decorated with circles stickers

Stickers found on Amazon

With stickers of circles or any other geometric figure, creating a shower of figures that decorate the entire wall, with a single color, or using several.

With brick face view or with imitation brick panels

Imitation brick panels to decorate the wall

The brick seen is another option to create an accent wall, or, if we can’t, we also have at our disposal brick imitation panels like these from Amazon, which are simple to install, cover and stick on the gotelé and are highly decorative.

With real tree branches

A wall decorated with branches

Apartmenttherapy Photography

Branches, twigs, trunks, natural, artificial, painted or natural, decorating with branches can become another great solution for your walls.

With 3D modular panels

A wall decorated with 3D decorative panels

3D decorative panel found on Amazon

3D decorative panels are another resource of easy installation and low cost, or relative low cost, with which we can transform, not only the wall, but the room where we install them. We can find models and designs of all kinds today. Here on Amazon, you can see several models.


A striped painted wall

Photograph by Ann Kelle

It may seem that it was washi tape but in reality they are stripes painted on the wall. A technique that we can use, creating all kinds of stripes with all kinds of colors to decorate the wall. Here you can see ideas to paint the wall striped to inspire you.

With vinyl

A wall decorated with vinyl

Vinyl found on Amazon

You could not miss in this list the classic vinyl to decorate the walls. If we have the smooth walls, we can transform them efficiently, quickly and economically with a decorative vinyl. See vinyl on Amazon.

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