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33 Beautiful Lift-Top Coffee Tables To Help You Declutter & Multi-Task 33 Beautiful Lift-Top Coffee Tables To Help You Declutter & Multi-Task
The coffee table is a fickle friend. Positioned smack bang in your lounge’s centre, it offers a place for small items – but as... 33 Beautiful Lift-Top Coffee Tables To Help You Declutter & Multi-Task

The coffee table is a fickle friend. Positioned smack bang in your lounge’s centre, it offers a place for small items – but as a place for small items, it also attracts clutter. Whether you’re hiding a magazine or a full-blown closet, we’ve picked out 33 coffee tables that can store your tidbits whilst offering a lifted surface. Store your gadgets away, as your table lifts to a desk. Gas-lift your table vertically, to reveal four faux-leather chairs for unexpected guests. Find more innovative ways to store items and avoid bending, with our top list for top-lift coffee tables.

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Modern Wooden Lift Top Coffee Table With Storage: Love working at home? This wooden coffee table with polished chrome legs lifts up and towards you, so you can edit spreadsheets on the couch. A handy hollow inner hides distracting magazines.

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Minimalist Coffee Table With Lift Top Unit: At first a compact table, this wood and white lacquer find can stretch its top 360 degrees. Lift up the smaller panel for coffee, the longer for detailed planning, as your everyday tidbits hide in its centre.

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Stylish White & Walnut Lift Top Coffee Table: Stylishly fronted with walnut, this white, lift-top coffee table doesn’t require setting up. Pair it with a white suite and fluffy rug, to watch TV during mealtime.

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Modern Scandinavian-Style Lift Top Coffee Table With Storage: Want a table that mixes and matches? This innovative, four-square beauty in chipboard lets you lift up a desk square, whilst hiding your accessories and charging plugs in storage cabinets underneath.

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Gas Lift Transforming Coffee Table: Want to seat more people, but don’t have the space? This hydraulic gas-lift table hides four faux-leather seats. Extend its cherry wood top from 20-30 inches, and pop open the stools for some extra storage.

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Square Lift Top Coffee Table With Tempered Glass Tray: This multi-dextrous find is perfect for serving breakfast. Inside its metal-legged frame, you can store your books and magazines, display precious items on glass, and get some extra work done with its liftable tray.

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Small Cute Lift Top Coffee Table: Only need something small? This rounded-edge cutie lifts up to a desktop, and down to cover up necessities you’d like to hide. A handy bottom shelf picks up books and magazines.

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Dual Tone Lift Top Coffee Table With Storage: The mid-century modern lounge would love this oval design. Made from mixed wood, its dual tones and hidden storage perfectly accompany a pastel-blue sofa and gold-tinted paintings.

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Contemporary White Lift Top Coffee Table With Metallic Legs: This wood, metal and white lacquered table is perfect for the city slicker. Pair it with subtle patterns and metallics to hide clutter.

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Modern Black Lift Top Coffee Table: Square chrome legs make this black gem a feature. Slide its lacquered finish to the side for spare books and drinks, its other side towards you for working out finer details. Two deep compartments inside secrete away mess.

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Minimalist White Lacquer Lift Top Coffee Table: White and minimalist are the words for this white-lacquered coffee table. Lift its ledge out for Excel, or shelve work manuals for easy access.

$1,600BUY IT

Expanding Coffee Table: Small spaces would appreciate this expanding coffee table. Small, white and compact in its original state, it can seat up to six when it’s fully extended.

$1,480BUY IT

Coffee To Dinner Table Transformer: Want another option? This higher-based, chrome-legged table unfolds its top to seat six people.

$222BUY IT

Expandable Transformer Coffee Table: Darker and cross-legged in a walnut wood finish, this expanding coffee table is less than a fifth of the price. A great partner for TV dinners, its surface folds over and legs fold up to a full-scale dinner table.

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Rectangular Wooden Lift Top Coffee Table: Another cost-effective option, this oak-stained table looks great holding vases or storing magazines. Lift up its top to avoid bending down.

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Brown Wood-Finish Lift Top Coffee Table: Black iron legs and MDF wood constructed this lift-top coffee table, a handy partner for quick meals. Stand it in an industrial-style living room, for a stylish way to hide basics.

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Mid-Century Modern Style Lift Top Coffee Table: Lift-top tables don’t have to forgo class. This stained mahogany find can house spare throws and pillows in your lounge or hallway.

$371BUY IT

Double Lift Top Coffee Table With Hidden Casters: Don’t like the lift-top mechanism? Splay out the sides of these Mozambique veneers, whose hidden casters and side drawers ensure no prying guests will notice.

$206BUY IT

Modern Grey & White Lift Top Coffee Table: Divert scratches, stains and burns with this melamine-finish coffee table. Grey grains and two handy shelves beneath offer storage with a lift-top perfect for working.

$480BUY IT

White & Gray High-Gloss Double Lift Top Coffee Table: Need lift tops for two? Featuring a one-year warranty, this white-lacquered cubic table stores books underneath and easy-reach coffee cups on top.

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Modern White Lift Top Coffee Table With Tempered Glass Insert: Only need a little lift? This similar design lifts one lid only, leaving room to display favourites under tempered glass.

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Lift Top Wood Top Coffee Table With Storage Underneath: Made of solid wood, chipboard and metal piece, this innovative lift-top table provides deep storage on its outer, shallow storage on its inner.

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Faux Marble Lift Top Coffee Table: Want to house something a little more elaborate? This faux-marble table makes a splash, with a mechanical hinge showing space for knick-knacks.

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Faux Marble Top Round Lift Top Table: Prefer it round? Hand-finished with veneers, this faux-marble top lifts to a handy ledge for drinks. A drawer to the side offers storage.

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$329BUY IT

Oval Cherry Veneer Lift Top Coffee Table With Concealed Caster Wheels: Go for an antique look, with a layered oval table. Its cherry veneers lift vertically, while its concealed wheels roll to your desired destination.

$430BUY IT

Unique Wedge-Shaped Double Lift Top Coffee Table: Find a lift-top coffee table that’s truly unique. This unusual tear-drop boasts concealed caster wheels, storage and two lifting surfaces in a medium ash finish.

$420BUY IT

Wooden Oak Finish Coffee Table With Drawer: Raise your table higher in traditional oak. Complete with drawers and under-shelving, it’s a lovely addition to a classic family home.

$144BUY IT

Craftsman Oak-Finish Lift Top Coffee Table: For something more rustic, this craftsman oak-finished table offers difference. Match its lifting top and storage to an eclectic interior.

$348BUY IT

Rustic-Style Lift Top Coffee Table: Go a little darker, with this rustic lift-top table. Aged-finish metal combines with distressed wood for a handy bench and shelving.

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Industrial-Style Wood Finish Lift Top Coffee Table: This lift-top design features retro hairpin legs, a mid century modern coffee table design with modern functionality. Solid mango wood and iron combine in a roughshod, industrial finish.

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Trunk Coffee Table With Lift Top: Travellers can’t go past this suitcase-style table. Store books underneath and tidbits in the luggage, for a handy piece of travel home décor.

$412BUY IT

Antique-Style Lift Top Coffee Table: Serpentine legs and scrolled metal accents make this antique a great addition. A lifting surface and inner storage are merely a bonus.

$419BUY IT

Oak Lift Top Coffee Table With Drawers & Casters: With hidden roller wheels and an oak veneer finish, this table has something for all the family. Watch this video to see its top lift over drawers.