17 enveloping rooms in different pastel shades

17 enveloping rooms in different pastel shades

The pastel colored rooms well decorated, like the ones we are going to see next, create an enveloping atmosphere, intoxicating, and all this, thanks to the pastel tones, whether applied to the walls, textiles, furniture or other elements.

If this is your intention, be prepared to take note of colors, combinations and so on, because these pastel-colored rooms have what you need.

Let’s see them.


A room decorated in pastel gray and pink tones

Interior Decor Aid

If I say that well-designed pastel-colored rooms are enveloping, it’s because they are.

We only have to look at the bedroom above painted in a very, very soft gray, combined with the white bedspread of the bed and the pillows in pink tones, plus the bed itself, in pastel tones, to verify that my premise is totally successful .

An accurate pastel color palette. Aim: Light gray + Stick pink + Golden accents = Beautiful bedroom.

Pastel blue

A room painted in pastel blue tones

Bright Bazaar Photography

Blues just like roses in their pastel version They are a great resource to paint and decorate the rooms, since they are relaxing and fresh colors.

Being blue and being in a pastel hue, we can apply it on all the walls that will not saturate the space.

Then, it depends on what elements or colors we combine, we will achieve an aesthetic or another. It is a very versatile color.

Painted paper

A bedroom with pastel lilac wallpaper

On wallpaper: Not only paint the walls of a room are nourished. Wallpaper is another of the most used resources, before and now, if you like it, you can find many wallpapers in pastel colors.

Neutral tones

A room painted in earth pastel tones

Photography @Vanessa Valderrama

If you are looking for warmth, stay away from the blues and get ready for pastel earth tones.

To complete the scene and create an enveloping and intoxicating room, like the one we see above these lines, or that of these earth-colored bedrooms, accompanies earth tones with neutrals, in textiles and other decoration. Sure hit.

pastel pink

A room painted in pastel pink

Interior Design Deleite Design

The pink in its pastel versions has a lot to say, especially in the bedrooms.

Well combined with white, we will get a very current aesthetic. To finish off the scene, you can add plants and natural materials such as wood.

Pastel earth tones

A room painted in pastel earth tones

If you are looking for something more … serious, so to speak, the pastel earth tones, and, better still, the gray earth tones in their softer version, in their pastel hue, is what you need.

Naturally it is not enough to apply these colors on the walls. Must accompany them properly to achieve this aesthetic.

Wooden furniture, leather, natural fibers and brown tones will help you achieve it.

Pastel green

A bedroom painted in pastel green

Dulux Photography

Warm tones like the earth we go to a cold pastel tone, like this green we see.

One of the best ways to accompany a pastel green is through wood, as we see in the room above with the large windows. Why? Because green is a representative color of nature, like blue, and therefore combines as well with natural materials as wood.

Pastel yellow

A room painted in pastel colors: Vanilla

To gain lighting in a room, in addition to white, you can bet on pastel yellow tones.

Almost all pastel colors are bright, but the yellow ones curl the curl, since reflect higher percentage of light, making the spaces are brighter.

A room painted in pastel red

Photography Styled by Sabine Instagram @styledbysabine

Pastel red: You might wonder if a pastel red is not a pink. Well yes, and no. The pink tones are pink. Although they are born from red, they also carry another pigmentation, while a pastel red, it is a red color that has simply been lowered without adding more pigmentation than their own.

Pastel Coral

A room painted in pastel coral

Design and photography Sue At Home

The color trend this year, but in its pastel version.

Despite being lowered, the coral color on walls, still has a lot of energy.

Combined with white or other stronger coral tones, you have a winning color palette for a bedroom full of energy.

Mint green

A room painted in pastel mint green

Photograph of Handmade in the Heartland

If you are going to apply it in a small room, paint all its walls and combine it with white. If it is in a large bedroom, it may be better as an accent, since all walls painted with this pastel color, despite being soft, they can saturate the space.

Here you can see more colors that combine with mint green.

A room painted in mint

Bigger Than The Three of Us Photography

Mint cake: Mint green is almost a pastel shade in its standard version, as we saw right now, but we can also find it in its pastel version, like the one we see on the headboard wall of this pastel mint and gray mint green room.

Fresh, bright and relaxing, perfect to combine with other neutral tones and achieve an enveloping space but with sparkle.

With this tone we have more room to paint more walls than with its standard version.


A room painted in pastel lilac

Anita Yokota Photography

They usually work very well in dormitories of feminine character, as in youth bedrooms, but it is not an exclusive color for them.

If you like this color and want it to create a double bedroom in pastel colors, more elegant and adult, you have no problem, you can see here 17 ideas to paint a lilac bedroom.

Bone color

A room in pastel bone

Interior design Nice Home Barcelona

Not all cakes are so energetic and colorful. We can choose almost neutral tones such as broken whites, among which is the bone color, for a more adult decoration, free of colors and too many flourishes, to create more serious pastel-colored rooms.


A white painted bedroom

Nicest Things Photography

White: We can even bet on white to achieve a pastel room. Simply add to the blank canvas that we have created on the brush strokes walls of pastel colors in textiles and others, and we will obtain a wrap-around room.


A room painted in pastel vanilla

Elvira Rubio Interior Design by Fit Your House

One of the most used pastel colors for its luminosity, versatility and warmth, to achieve warm and cozy pastel-colored rooms.

The good thing about this tone is that it does not recharge, it makes the spaces brighter and is combined with many other colors. It practically acts as neutral, so if you decide on it, you will have no problem when combining it with others.

Turquoise cake

Vintage American Home Photography

Very similar to mint green, turquoise is another color that even in its pastel version, is powerful.

It admits many combinations, as we can see in this article with the colors that match the turquoise.

Depending on which space is going to be applied, we can take it towards a more adult sense, or give it joviality, as we see in the room above these paragraphs, combined with coral tones.

These pastel-colored rooms have given us a good lesson on how to apply and combine pastel tones, whether in youth rooms, children’s rooms or in more adult spaces, such as double bedrooms.

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