15 ideas to make a childrens desk

15 ideas to make a childrens desk

The DIY’s and ideas for making a children’s desk They are the order of the day, and if instead of running to buy a desk, you prefer the option, for whatever reason, make yourself a children’s desk For your little genius, these ideas that I have collected will be very inspiring.

Some are simple, others more elaborate, some are small variations of the previous one, but all of them are apt and very ingenious.

Let’s see these DIY ideas to make a children’s desk for imminent return to school.

DIY to make a children's desk

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With drawers. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make a desk, whether childish or not. Chests of drawers or standing shelves are needed to put on top of them a table that serves as an envelope. Then the holes in the drawers or shelves can be filled with original boxes or baskets, depending on our taste or possibilities.

Idea to make a children's desk with a perforated panel

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Two easels from IKEA, an envelope and you have a fantastic desk. If you add to that a perforated panel with shelves you have a most practical children’s desk.

Maisons du Monde desk

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With paint. It is true that furniture is needed, but it seems like a fantastic way to personalize your study area and decorate your room. You just need a little paint to create a block of color that frames your desk.

DIY to make a children's desk

A somewhat more elaborate variation. We simply need to put a suspended board on the squares that we install on the wall that acts as an envelope, and on the top a system of shelves, closed on the sides with a grid. Although if you don’t want to do it, you can always buy the classic Nordic String bookcase and mount it on the wall directly.

DIY to make a children's desk

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With IKEA drawers. Actually and obviously, any chest of drawers is worth it, but it must be recognized that IKEA has a great variety at an affordable price. The drawers that we see in the image belong to the Alex collection. A large, firm and robust wooden board has been placed on them and a practical shared children’s desk has been created.

DIY to make a children's desk

This other desk that we see above these lines is also made with another series of IKEA furniture, on which an additional table has been placed on the drawers that serves as a desk.

DIY to make a children's desk

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Actually making a children’s desk is very simple. If we have space, simply place a small table with your chair and go. Of course you also have to add storage space, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be on the desktop.

DIY to make a children's desk

With two easels and a table that makes envelope. This is a very simple and economical way to make a personalized desk.

Idea to make a children's desk for two children

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Simple, minimalist and practical. A wooden board, in this natural case, supported by three drawers that offer a large storage space, and we already have a practical children’s desk for two. No more is needed.

Idea to make a children's desk with a table and a chest of drawers

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If in addition to installing a table suspended or blown on the wall we add a chest of drawers, we will obtain a most practical desk. The advantage of making such a desk is that we can adapt the table just to the hole we have, being able to insert a desk in virtually any place we have available.

Idea to make a children's desk with wooden boxes

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Naturally, the option of wooden boxes to create a children’s desk could not be lacking.

Idea to make a children's desk with wooden pallets

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Of course, I could not forget the fantastic and versatile wooden pallets to make a children’s desk. You don’t have to cut them, or do anything else. Simply put them on top of a chest of drawers and an easel and voila, you have a desk.

Idea to make a children's desk suspended on the wall

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A drawer with the front in slate so that when closed it can be written on it and when it opens it serves as an envelope to support and write. A nice and simple “secretary” for children that you can do yourself, so all the disorder remains hidden, just as they have done in Reality Day Dream.

DIY to make a children's desk

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With a wooden board as an envelope, as we have seen throughout the article, but instead of using brackets as supports to hold the board, metal pipes to create a beautiful industrial-style desk.

DIY to make a children's desk

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Do you have an antique piece of furniture? Does any relative have an old piece of furniture that he is going to throw away? Give him a coat of paint and give him a second chance, it will be a charming desk.

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