15 economic ideas to decorate the walls of a childrens room

15 economic ideas to decorate the walls of a childrens room

There is no reason to give up a great decoration in a children’s room due to lack of resources, since, as we will see below with these 15 economic ideas to decorate the walls of a children’s room, the only thing we need, in addition to four basic things, such as masking tape or washi tape or paint, is a bit of imagination, like the one that emerges from these ideas. Let’s go there.

An original pattern painted on the wall

Economic idea to decorate children's room wall

Project and photography of Project Nursery

Choose a color that matches the overall decoration of the children’s bedroom, bodybuilder tape and get ready to leave one of the walls with a finish as original as the one we see above this paragraph. In Project Nursery we see how to do it.

Crosses and more crosses

Economic idea to decorate children's room wall

Photography and project Every Thing Emily

We can buy the stickers in the form of crosses already made or, simply with tape washi tape do them. Very, very simple and with great decorative power. If you want to see how to do it, you can see it on the EveryThingEmily blog. And if you are looking to buy these crosses, you can do it here.

Confetti for the walls

Tenvinilo Photography

Similar to the previous way of decorating the wall, but in this case, with more joy and color, something that always comes in children’s bedrooms. It’s about sticking these stickers all over the wall, creating a rain of very decorative confetti. We can buy these stickers in the Tenvinilo online store.

Multicolored stripes

Economic idea to decorate children's room wall

Ann Kelle Project

An option also very simple and economical to decorate a wall of a children’s bedroom, is to resort again to the washi tape, in several colors, as blogger Ann Kelle did on her wall, but instead of making crosses or confetti , we make colored lines, creating a horizontal, or vertical, striped wall, as we want, very colorful that cheers the whole bedroom. Here you can buy washi tape.

Add a delighted canopy

Economic idea to decorate children's room wall

Photography and project Home With Lo

An appropriate sheet or a canopy itself and a garland of lights is all they have needed from the Home With Lo blog, to create this

Eyes closed

A children's room with the wall decorated with sleeping vinyl eyes

One nice and simple closed eyes to put on the wall, to decorate the room. They do not have to be only this sticker, but if you are looking for a minimalist aesthetic to decorate the children’s room, they are a great alternative. You can buy them here on Etsy.

Rain of points

Economic idea to decorate children's room wall

Photography and project: Oh Oh Blog

An original rain of colored dots that we can do with dot stickers or, as they have done since the Oh Oh Blog, with a sponge, point by point, creating the drawing that we want, using our favorite colors, and decorating a wall fully customized You can see more details in his blog, on how to do it if you are interested in this idea.

Golden dots

Economic idea to decorate children's room wall

Project Shelley Designs for Project Nursery

Same as the previous one, but this time with stickers instead of painted with a sponge, and arranged in another way and with a single color: golden.

Buy gold dot or dot stickers on Amazon>

Patience and a marker

Economic idea to decorate children's room wall

Photo: Preparing for Peanut

From the Preparing for Peanut blog, they teach us a way to decorate a children’s wall as if it were a kind of wallpaper, but without paper. This requires a ribbon or bodybuilder tape to mark the straight lines that we will then label with the permanent marker on the paint. You can see how to do it step by step in his blog.

A wall of golden hearts

A children's room decorated with golden hearts on the wall

Photography and project of Life Simply Styled by Me

If the dots seem bland to you, a wall of golden hearts may seduce you more to economically decorate a wall in the children’s room. Also, if you add matching elements, you’ll have a themed room full of love, like Charlotte from the Life Simply Styled by Me blog.

A children's room with a wall painted with geometric figures

Project and photography @Eleashah

Whasi tape stickers and tape aside, another very economical and tremendously versatile way to decorate a children’s wall is with paint. We can make the drawing we imagine. At most, we will need bodybuilding tape and various colors, and we can decorate a wall with a lot of style.

A children's room with a vinyl of elephants on the wall

Vinyl of Aida Zamora

In addition to the stickers and the paintings, we have the decorative vinyl, that there are in a thousand and one different design, very appropriate for children’s rooms, like this one that we see from the artist Aida Zamora, and that we can buy in her Etsy store.

A children's room with a sky bed type teepee

Eminza signature bed sky

Another option that also helps us to give more presence to the bedroom and not only to the wall, is to use a beautiful bed sky, traditional, or as we see in the image above of the signature Eminza, shaped like a teepee, which We can buy here.

In this year’s Casa Decor edition, one of the spaces I liked the most was the Baby room “Slow Life Child” of the decorator Blanca Hevia, in which, among other magnificent details, there was a sweeping sky of bed that took all eyes.

They are economical and have a great decorative and practical power since the small or the small can play with them.

Tribal pattern

Economic idea to decorate children's room wall

Photography and styling: I Spy Diy

Arrows, tribal pattern or fishtail, everyone who calls it what they want, but the fact is that with a little paint and bodybuilder tape to mark the lines where to paint, we can leave a wall as spectacular as Jenni Radosevich did in this work.

With slate paint

A children's room with a slate wall

Jennifer Pebbles project and photography

Another of the economic resources and with a huge decorative potential is the slate painting that, in addition to decorating by itself, gives us the opportunity to draw on it, both the little one, and ourselves, just as Jennifer Pebbles does in the Your daughter’s room, and that we can see here.

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