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13 ideas to paint and decorate walls with gotelé 13 ideas to paint and decorate walls with gotelé
As much as they want to romanticize it, the gotelé is a hindrance to our walls, because it limits us when it comes to... 13 ideas to paint and decorate walls with gotelé

As much as they want to romanticize it, the gotelé is a hindrance to our walls, because it limits us when it comes to decorating them, since we cannot put wallpaper, among other coatings so fashionable, and how well they would be in our house.

Even so, there are many ways to paint and decorate a wall with gotelé. Even forms that completely cover it, and that we will know in this article that we have prepared with 13 ideas to paint and decorate walls with gotelé. Do not let the gotelé stop the decoration of your home. We start

Paint stripes and geometric drawings on walls with gotelé

Stripes and geometric drawings for walls with gotelé

Photography of Mutatis Decoration

Have you seen those walls that have geometric shapes made with different colors so decorative? Well, you have no problem painting over the gotelé. An example of the many that there is, is the bedroom that we see above these lines of Mutatis Decoration, where they have painted the wall of their headboard with thick stripes that are intertwined in white with the blue background in a wall with gotelé.

In the same way that this drawing has been made, on a wall with gotelé you can make: Vertical, horizontal stripes, patterns, circles, and any other drawing in which bodybuilder tape is needed to delimit the lines, since the tape of bodybuilder defines and sticks almost as well in the gotelé as in smooth walls.

So, whatever drawing you have in mind, you can do it on a wall with gotelé, and hide it a lot.

Let’s keep going.

Sockets with paint

Paint base for walls with gotelé

Photography @heljenkinson

Another way to paint and decorate a wall with gotelé in an easy, simple and with great decorative power is to create a base with paint in the lower part of the wall, at the height you want, here you can see walls with sockets to inspire you , and decorate that wall with style.

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Although it has gotelé, a wall can be painted in any color and making the drawing we want without problem. It is not a limitation.

That said, you can imagine the drawings and decorations you can do, right?

Let’s see more ideas.

Washi tape

A wall with gotelé decorated with washi tape

Photography and project Every Thing Emily

This type of decorative adhesive tape also serves to decorate a wall with gotelé. Make stripes, crosses, or decorate it whole, since it is usually a tape that sticks very well on the walls painted with plastic paint, even if it is gotelé.

Decorative moldings

Decorative molding for walls with gotelé

Photograph of Orac Decor

Decorative moldings are another resource to decorate walls that we can use in our walls with gotelé. It is true that in smooth walls they are better, but there is no problem in using them in walls with gotelé and providing the wall with some decorative good taste, and concealing the gotelé.

In addition, we no longer have to resort to heavy plaster moldings. Today we have polystyrene (cork) moldings that, using an adhesive, stick to the wall easily, and we can decorate it by creating the drawing, design or pattern we want.

One of the firms with the largest and most recognized catalog in the world is Orac Decor, specialists in this type of decoration.

Imitation brick panels seen

Quilted brick imitation wall stickers with gotelé

Buy imitation brick panels>

These panels that stick easily on the walls since they are self-adhesive, also glue on walls with gotelé, and we can completely cover the walls, not hiding it, but covering it completely.

In addition, these panels can also be painted, such as moldings, so they are very versatile when decorating with them.

In fact, I include this option because in the comments and opinions of the people who buy these panels, there is a lady who says they have served to cover her gotelé.

3D decorative panels

3D decorative panels for walls with gotelé

3D decorative panel found on Amazon

If you have been interested in the previous option to cover the gotelé without work and in an easy way, you have to know that there is a whole world outside of 3D decorative panels that stick to the wall using a simple mounting adhesive, and that can be done by any person without prior knowledge of the subject.

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In addition, they can also be painted, as if painting a wall, once laid, and provide the wall with color, in addition to volume.

These panels can be found in many DIY and decoration stores, and here at Amazon you also have many models to choose from.

Polyurethane panels imitation brick, wood, stone, etc.

Imitation brick polyurethane panels for walls with gotelé

Imitation brick panel by Panel Piedra

Another more realistic option is to use imitation polyurethane panels to different finishes and materials, such as the brick wall that we see above these lines, made with one of the Panel Stone panels.

In this sense, we have panels of many designs: concrete, cement, brick, wood, etc., to decorate our walls with gotelé and cover it so that it is never seen again, without the need for work.

Also, these panels are also simple to place, and do not require large skills of DIY or heavy tools.

Padded vinyl

Quilted wall vinyl with gotelé

Quilted fabric mural by Lola Paris

The vinyls of the firm Lola Paris, which are quilted and woven, also serve to glue them on the gotelé, since being padded, the surface adapts to the irregularities of the gotelé perfectly.

They are thick vinyl, not like sticker ones, with which to decorate walls with gotelé easily.

Traditional vinyls, depending on how the gotelé is, can also be used on these walls, but these quilts adhere better.

Wooden friezes

Wooden frieze for walls with gotelé

Photography by Leroy Merlin

We can also create a wooden frieze or plinth and completely cover the gotelé of that area. This option already requires some more skill and some specific wood tools, but it is a definitive solution to hide the gotelé and give the walls a warmer and cozy touch.

Wood sheets

Wood to cover the walls with gotelé

Living With Lady Photography

Whether recovered wood, or new wood, we can line a complete wall with it and cover the gotelé forever, adding wood to the walls.

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Pictures on the walls to cover the gotelé

Herzundblut Photography

This beautiful apartment that has the walls with gotelé, does not have a painted wall, and look at the style and good taste it has.

The walls are decorated with paintings, prints and photographs, something that we can use all of us at any time to decorate the walls and hide the gotelé.


Macramé tapestry to cover the gotelé

Etsy macramé tapestry

Another resource that we can use to hide or cover the gotelé, at least on a wall, is a macramé tapestry, so popular today to decorate any space.

We can do it ourselves, if we like this craft, or buy them already made, that there are many designs available that we can see here.

Painted murals

Wall painted mural with gotelé

Decopared gotelé painted mural

Just as we can paint stripes, circles or any other geometric figure on the wall above the gotelé, with paint, we can also make a decorative mural.

Naturally, for this option, we already have to have talent or know how to draw them, or, turn to a company like Decopared, so that they draw one of them. But it is a great way to hide the gotelé and create a personalized decoration on the wall.

From children’s bedrooms, to living rooms, through any other space, we can recreate on the walls that drawing we want.

Matte paint

Black walls with gotelé

Swoon Worthy Photography

It is not an option that will disguise the gotelé a lot, but I do include it since many homes have gotelé satin or gloss paint on their walls that makes it stand out even more.

So, if you want to hide it only with paint and you have the walls painted with a gloss finish, apply a matte paint and you will see what a difference.

In addition, the darker the color, the more disguise the gotelé, since it will reflect less percentage of light.

Although the article ends here, every new way to decorate a wall with gotelé that I find, I will update it, to achieve a good compendium of ideas that serve everyone. Do you have any ideas to contribute? I will be happy to read it in the comments.

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