13 good ideas to integrate an office in the room

13 good ideas to integrate an office in the room

More and more we work from home, and I am glad the truth.

Being your own boss and not being accountable to anyone is one of the biggest releases we can get.

But leaving this issue aside, it is true that, having to work from home, you have to take a hole from somewhere to put an office, where work as comfortably and effectively as possible. Don’t you think

And, although I already published 40 ideas to integrate an office at home, in this article I wanted to focus on a more specific place, in the bedroom.

So, let’s look at these ideas to integrate an office or work area in the bedroom.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom

Photography The Diy Playbook

As there are not many ideas that serve everyone in general since each bedroom is different, with its own space, furniture, distribution and others, yes I would like to advise you, regardless of how your space is, that you use, whenever you can, the brightest area of ​​the room to create the office.

Of course, this area is always in the window. Whether under it, or aside, if you can, create your office there to receive the most natural light.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom

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Of course, if you have an empty space between a pillar and the wall, as in many bedrooms that have structural elements in sight, you should use it to find a custom desk and install it there.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom

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I imagine that if you have an ordinary bedroom, you will not have much space, as happens to all of us. In this case, the wall desks are the most suitable, since they extend in a vertical plane, leaving the practically free space practically free.

Or if not, use the versatile and mythical String bookcase, with which you can compose your own vertical desk, with as many shelves as you want.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom

You can use a module, two, three, with shelves only, with drawers, with large or small desk top, in white, black, red, and many other colors.

Well, what am I going to tell you about the classic String that hasn’t already been said? If you are going to create a vertical desk furniture for your bedroom, one of the best solutions goes through the String bookcase.

At Ambiente Direct we can configure our own shelf with its configurator and have it sent to our home.

Let’s continue with other examples to put a wall desk.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom

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We can also use a shelf with wall drawers, like the one we see above these lines of the IKEA firm, the EKBY VALTER model.

It is a simple system to install that leaves the floor free and provides us with a space to work in addition to two large drawers.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom

Livingonabudget Photography

If we do not have space, we must not put a desk furniture with shoehorn.

We have to pull ingenuity and look for practical solutions, such as the one we see above these lines, for example, where a simple plank of wood from wall to wall serves as a desk.

Simple, without taking up much space and fully functional.

Then you add a nice chair and some chest of drawers and complete the office.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom

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Do you remember when you designed and chose the furniture for your child’s room? You needed a desk area, right?

Well this is the same premise but for an adult bedroom.

In the hollow that you have free, if you are going to work from home, use it to create a custom desk, well prepared, with cabinets, shelves and other storage space so as not to create a chaos in the office that dirties the aesthetics of the entire bedroom , and have a work area as God commands.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom inside the closet

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It is not usual to have a small closet that we can use. But if you have your clothes and other belongings in another place, you can turn the closet into the desk area.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom in a corner

Photography @tabitaaundal by Tabita Aundal

Keep it simple and stylish.

The office is inside your bedroom, so integrate it with the decoration, create a beautiful space, according to your tastes, and keep it simple and simple.

It is not necessary to recharge the space to show off a beautiful style.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom in a corner

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Another alternative to put an office in a room is to put it in a corner next to the bed, since these areas are usually free. Although it is true that there is usually not much space in them.

If you see that it is very ornate, use transparent polycarbonate furniture, which, in addition to being very fashionable, is decorative and does not visually recharge the space.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom at the foot of the bed

Project and photography Estudio Marcos Mela

At the foot of the bed, we can also put a nice desk that goes with the style of the bedroom and take advantage of the space, as interior designer Marcos Mela did in this small bedroom.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom next to the bed

Nice Home Barcelona project

On the side of the bed. If we have the necessary space, we can add a fine desk, which adds decoration and serves as an office, as did the Nice Home Barcelona studio.

Again, we see how a transparent polycarbonate chair makes the space not so loading when adding a desk attached to the bed.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom on the nightstand

Photo @interiorbysophia of Home Elements

You can also remove one of the bedside tables and replace it with a nice and fine desk, which will serve as a bedside table and desk.

It is one of the most common ideas and not only because of how practical it is, but because the table space is always available in almost any bedroom, and adding a stylized desk gives a different touch to the bedroom.

It is like a decorative plus.

If you have been wanting more, you can see these other ideas to integrate a home office.

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