Utopicus in Prince of Vergara, a coworking with a quality design


Coworking Utopicus in Prince of Vergara

Coworking has spread in our country and continues to grow. What less than a decade ago sounded here in Spain as something almost strange, is now a reality and more and more firms and companies are deciding to set up their coworking spaces, where design and decoration are great protagonists and hallmarks .

Current places with all the comforts and the latest technologies where professionals, creatives, freelancers, managers, groups, companies and freelancers meet to work, learn and perform in an environment where empathy and collaboration reign, fundamental pillars of these spaces, where creativity and ideas arise in a framework of good contemporary design.

Coworking Utopicus in Prince of Vergara

An example of this is the coworking space of the Utopicus firm, located in Príncipe de Vergara, in a building designed by the architecture studio Ortiz y León, which has the interior design of the Madrid in Love studio, which have created a highly space modern and carefully decorated, with office furniture from Actiu.

Coworking Utopicus in Prince of Vergara

Entering its offices we see that the studio has chosen ergonomic chairs Stay of Actiu firm to furnish work spaces, since, in addition to its comfort and functionality, the Stay chair offers a closer, warm and comfortable aesthetic, away from contemporary chair models with that aesthetic so futuristic and cold that their designs look today.

Thus, the work spaces look warm, close and comfortable, all within a context of good contemporary design, where the Madrid in Love studio has used color as the main protagonist of the spaces, even on the ceiling , giving personality to this unique coworking space.

Coworking Utopicus in Prince of Vergara

The design of the space is based on the concept behind the comparative study between working at home and working in an office, so, as the Madrid in Love studio itself says, you can rent a single position (a bed), an office (a room), or an office (an apartment).

In addition to the Stay chairs, the workspaces are also equipped with the Vital Pro office tables, which we can see here, also from the Actiu group, which is very flexible, which can be configured on islands or bench of different sizes, to organize the space for each work team, regardless of what they are looking for or of the people who compose it.

Coworking Utopicus in Prince of Vergara

Naturally, in addition to the work areas and offices, the space also has other common areas such as auditorium, creative meeting rooms, canteen, or green areas to relax and rest or to exploit the creativity of the user, as well as places to rest or Be more productive

All this in a 4000 m² building spread over 3 floors with the LEED Oro sustainability certificate, with a capacity for about 580 professionals.

All these areas that I just named, communal, canteen, offices, auditorium and green areas are joined with a central staircase of black steel sheet that begins in the hall and folds in the upper part of the building with sculptural forms, contributing to grant character and personality to the whole space loaded with good design.

A space where work and style go hand in hand creating a unique coworking with personality.

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