The new and elegant Compakt bathroom countertops that adapt to all spaces and styles

The new and elegant Compakt bathroom countertops that adapt to all spaces and styles

The Salgar firm, specializing in bathroom products, has brought to the market a line of extremely versatile bathroom countertops with a styling that will soon make them become a trend.

Salgar countertop

And I don’t say it just because of his style. And, in addition to other features that we will explore later, the Compakt bathroom countertops from Salgar are custom made up to a maximum of 2.50 meters and available in two different widths of 46 and 51 centimeters.

That is, that means finding a bathroom countertop of any size up to 2.50 meters. A lot of versatility, don’t you think?

The other strong point of these new countertops is their design. Something that cannot be overlooked.

A superb minimalist but robust design, with straight lines, but with personality that, added to its five finishes that we are going to know now, make it very easy for it to become the focal point of the bathroom, as you will see right now .

Africa oak

Salgar countertop

Warm and robust. To give any bathroom of cold character a cozy touch loaded with good design.

White marble

Salgar countertop

You could not miss one of the most sought-after finishes in bathrooms such as white marble. One of the most elegant countertops and even more with that design.


Salgar countertop

Vast and raw finishes such as concrete, microcement and cement have been imposed in bathrooms without tiles. Now we will also be able to add the countertop in cement finish, but with all the advantages of a factory countertop. Let’s see the following model.

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Gray stone

Salgar countertop stone finish

One of the most sophisticated countertops in today’s market. In a pretty gray stone with white streaks.

Arctic oak

Salgar countertop Arctic Oak finish

This other finish achieves a countertop finished in a beautiful, very exotic ash wood color.

As you can see, the finishes are one of its strengths, as they will conquer all audiences, regardless of the style of the bathroom you are looking for.

Something that I would also like to highlight is the type of countertop, since, in addition to the measures and finishes we have just seen, the new Compakt Salgar countertops are available with integrated washbasin, like this beautiful model that we see here:

Salgar countertop with integrated sink or sink

Also in a semi-embedded sink, with more presence, as we see below:

Salgar countertop with semi-embedded washbasin

And also the model ready to put the sink on the counter, like this example from here:

Countertop Salgar with counter top washbasin

In addition, Compakt countertops, being manufactured with a compact high density laminate, have the ability to be antibacterial and flame retardant, with a non-porous surface that repels moisture and resists the passage of time, no matter how much we wash it with chemicals.

If you liked any model for your bathroom, you can also combine them with matching shelves, made of the same material and the same finishes, as we see below, or combine different.

Worktop Salgar with matching shelf

This option allows us to dispense with furniture under the sink, and use the countertop and shelf as a bathroom cabinet, achieving a more open and aesthetic aesthetic, if that is what we want, or install it on the furniture.

Salgar countertop

As you can see, the new Compakt Salgar countertops are an innovative, simple and extremely elegant product in design and good taste, which soon, and if not at the time, will become a trend for bathrooms.

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If you have been wanting more, here in Banium you can see more details of these bathroom countertops.

Photos and products of Salgar.

And if you have found them attractive, you can combine them with a matt black screen, and also with the new black or white matt taps.

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