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38 Beautiful Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas That Add Modern Flare

38 Beautiful Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas That Add Modern Flare

The bathroom is one destination in your home that is simply unavoidable, so why not style it as the picture perfect haven that it deserves to be? The good news is that there are tons of ways to add some contemporary style or quirky humor to your walls that are easy and time efficient. Changing up your bathroom to meet your design goals doesn’t always mean expensive changes or labor intensive renovations (but don’t worry, we’ve included a few DIY tile reno ideas for you diehards!). Sometimes it really is as simple as a new piece of wall decor. When it comes to your bathroom, your walls are one thing that shouldn’t be naked!

Bathroom Rules Wall Plaque: This bathroom rules wall plaque is not only stylish, but great for kid’s learning about bathroom etiquette. And let’s be honest, I’m sure there are a few husbands that could use the reminder too.

Rustic Bathroom Rules Wall Plaque: Rustic and quirky, this bathroom rules wall art would look ultra cute in a farmhouse styled bathroom. Available in 11″ x 14″ or 13″ x 20″.

Bathroom Rules Vinyl Wall Decal: Don’t want to deal with a hammer and nails? No problem! Vinyl wall decals are a simple way to add a bit of flare to a space. They are especially wonderful for renters that are worried about damaging the walls.

Funny Bathroom Quote: If you’re aiming to add a bit of humor to your bathroom decor, then this is a great piece. Anyone with a house full of boys can fully relate.

Bathroom Wall Art Set of 3: This rustic wall art trio is injected with both humor and a country chic vibe. The 3D vine decal make this set extra eye-catching.

Wooden Frame Bathroom Wall Signs: Bathroom humor presented in a wonderfully chic, modern manner. The wooden frame contrasting against the simple black and white designs are minimalist perfection.

Toilet Utility Patents: Who would of thought that a toilet design patent would make great decor!? These black and white beauties are available as a set of four.

Purple Floral Wall Art: If you are looking for unique, purple wall decor for your bathroom, these may be for you. Aesthetically stunning with their transparent layers, this floral wall art is extra special since it is based on actual x-rays of flowers before being embellished with additional detail. You can see more from the artist behind these magnificent florals here.

Sensual 3-Piece Waterproof Canvas Art Prints: Simple and playful, this 3-piece canvas art set is full of femininity and raw sensuality. Bonus, they are also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about any moisture damage.

Soak Relax Unwind Bathroom Wall Art: “Soak. Relax. Unwind.” Possibly some of the best advice we have heard all week. This rustic and modern wall art trio would be a welcome addition to any bathroom looking for a bit more serenity.

Abstract Wooden Wall Art: This geometric, wooden wall art is both artistic and earthy with it’s rustic charm. Made from reclaimed wood, these handmade beauties are neutral enough to match almost any decor and are sure to help infuse your bathroom with envious, minimalist style.

Vintage Style Bathroom Wall Art: Old meets new with these vintage style bathroom prints. This black and white wall art is an affordable way to add a bit of old-style glam to your decor.

They See Me Rolling Bathroom Wall Art: If you get antsy waiting for mail to arrive like we do, then try some instant download bathroom art. A great example is this hilarious print. All you have to do is purchase and then from there the file will be sent to your email and you can either print it at home or your local print shop.

Funny Bathroom Box Sign: This primitive and funny bathroom sign is a small gem that would look great sitting on the counter or a shelf. We love the distressed finish that makes this simple sign subtly more intricate.

Funny Dog & Cat Reading Newspaper Wall Art: Reading a newspaper on the toilet is familiar to many, but this bathroom activity is apparently not just for humans anymore. This funny dog or cat wall art comes in a brown, rustic frame and arrives ready to hang.

Superheroes On The Toilet Posters: Because even superheroes need a bathroom break. The perfect wall art for a superhero themed kid’s bathroom. Be sure to check out our article,
Superhero Home Decor For Themed Rooms & Parties for more superhero ideas and inspiration.

Skeleton Bathroom Prints: Skeletons aren’t just for Halloween decor! I’m pretty sure we can all relate to these comical and quirky skeleton bathroom prints.

Funny Bathroom Sign: A funny and relatable bathroom sign because let’s face it, we’ve all been there. If you are looking for something humorous, without being over the top, this black and white sign is a no-brainer.

Cloudy Shaped Toilet Paper Holder: This is a piece of wall art that will look stylish either rain or shine. A bathroom essential is taken to the next level with this ingenious cloud shaped toilet paper holder.

Dragon Toilet Paper Holder: Some dragons are destined to guard gold, this one is the almighty keeper of the toilet paper. If you love
dragon home decor, then this medieval masterpiece is a must. After all, wall art doesn’t have to be limited to just paintings and prints.

Medieval Knight Toilet Paper Holder: If you don’t trust the Dragon with your toilet paper, what about a noble knight? If you want more toilet paper fun, be sure to check out our post on cool toilet paper holders.

Toilet Monster Decal: Alright, so we realize that this isn’t technically wall decor, but we couldn’t resist throwing him in. A quirky decal with quite the impact.

Mason Jar Wall Sconces: If spa-like ambiance is what you are after, then we highly recommend these mason jar
wall sconces. Their soft illumination is perfect to pair with a warm, relaxing bath. A great alternative to candles for those who prefer to go flameless.

Flip Flop Shaped Wall Hooks: Beach themed wall art that makes us crave that summer sunshine. These ornate flip-flops are the perfect tie in for a beachy bathroom. They are pretty useless when it comes to you feet, but are great for hanging up towels and robes.

Beach Wall Decor For Bathroom: Be the captain of your bathroom with these fun, ship steering wheels. A piece of
nautical home decor that is both affordable and unexpected.

Mountain Shaped Decorative Wall Hooks: Modern, simple, and purposeful. These mountain shaped wall hooks are an exciting find that will take your bathroom decor to new heights. Their color combo is completely customizable, so there is no worrying if they will match your color palette.

Decorative Jumbo Clothespin Hook: These may look like clothespins for giants, but they are actually rustic showpieces just waiting to be introduced to your home. These jumbo clothespin hooks are a unique and unexpected way to add a few more hanging options to your bathroom.

Industrial Style Bathroom Wall Hooks: These rustic, industrial hooks are wonderfully customizable. You can choose how many hooks you need and one of eight wood stain colors. Want more ideas and inspiration? Check out our article dedicated to decorative wall hooks.

Modern Style Bathroom Wall Clock: If you or your kids are always running late, it might be time to put a clock in the bathroom. This turquoise and white design is particularly fun with it being in the shape of a bubble bath.

Antique Style Bathtub Shaped Clock: Another bathtub shaped clock, but this time in a more elegant, antique finish. Detailed in gold and a durable polyresin.

Modern Style Bathroom Glass Shelf With Towel Bar and Rail: Don’t underestimate the power of a simple shelf to liven up a blank wall with just the right accessories. With so many possibilities, this is a fantastically versatile option.

Industrial Style Shelving: If you are one to get bored with decor fast, consider shelving. You can theme the shelves with the seasons or change out the decor whenever you please. These industrial style shelves are especially chic with their unique pipe and wood design.

Mason Jar Organizer Set: Mason jar organizers are an asset to any bathroom. Mounted directly on the wall they are a fab solution to keep your counters clutter free. Or if you’re looking to set the mood, they also make amazing candle holders.

Backlit Bathroom Mirrors: A simple accent piece that is brimming with contemporary elegance. This backlit bathroom mirror makes a big impact with it’s LED lighting system. It is available in multiple sizes.

Decorative Bathroom Mirrors: Changing out your vanity mirror can take your bathroom from plain to radiant with minimal time and effort. This geometric beauty is a great example with its bold shape and design.

Interlocking Vinyl Bathroom Wall Tiles: These DIY friendly tiles are easy to install and come with a satisfaction guaranteed. If you are looking to take on your first tile project, these gray interlocking tiles are a brilliant option.

3D Patterned Floor & Wall Stickers: If a full-tilt tiling project seems daunting, then switch things up with these super simple floor and wall stickers. These hexagon peel and stick tiles are eco-friendly and a superb option for renters.

Decorative Hexagonal Bathroom Tiles: Tiling can be quite the task, but these awe-inspiring results are well worth it. Hexagonal bathroom tiles are simple, yet slightly more ornate than your usual square or rectangular designs, making them a versatile and playful motif for a modern bathroom.

50 Unique U-Shaped Kitchens And Tips You Can Use From Them

50 Unique U-Shaped Kitchens And Tips You Can Use From Them

A u-shaped kitchen is a highly coveted layout for a househunter since they offer so much space for cabinetry. The u-shaped layout places units around the cook on three sides with the top of the ‘u’ left open for a doorway or an open plan living room. U-shaped kitchens can be combined with dining areas or even a kitchen island if the width of the room allows. An open plan room often presents the opportunity to make one arm of the ‘u’ into a peninsula that can be accessed from both sides, such as for use as a breakfast bar or as a dual sided storage volume. Find all this and more in this inspirational gallery.

Generally speaking, there are six types of kitchen layouts: The One Wall, Galley, L-shaped, U-shaped, Island and Peninsula. There are no strict positions in which to order the stove, fridge or sink, and a kitchen can be combinations of one or more of the typical layouts. For example, you could have an L-shaped kitchen with an island or a peninsula, or a galley kitchen that is linked at one end. In designing a functional kitchen, the kitchen work triangle should be considered, which means that the distance between the sink, stove and fridge should be no more than 1200mm apart. Though, the concept of the kitchen working triangle is now evolving further to take into account multiple cooks, as well as new gadgets and appliances. In comparison to when the concept originated in the 1940s, where kitchens were a utilitarian place typically home to the housewife, our kitchens and equality have come a long way. Microwaves, separate cook tops to ovens, prep stations with an additional mini sink and teamwork all interrupt the traditional triangle. As modern kitchens present an increase in dedicated task zones, secondary triangles become commonplace.

Designer: Mamm Design

Play with floor levels. This unique u-shaped kitchen is sunken below the floor level of the open plan living room, allowing onlookers a birds-eye view.

Visualizer: Bo/Sko

Colour coordinate upper units with the wall colour. The wall cabinets in this blue kitchen have been used as reference for the room’s paint colour. Colour coordinating the paint with the units in this way helps the space appear more open.

Source: The Burke Company

A different tack has been taken in this blue kitchen, with wall cabinets placed around the full u-shape. However, one side of the arrangement is open to the dining room, and windows run around the rest of the countertop level bringing plenty of airiness to the scheme. Cleaning the backsplash after cooking dinner in this kitchen becomes an exercise in window washing!

Visualizer: Anastasiia Kharuk

Forget the plinths. With the abundance of cabinets typical to a u-shaped kitchen you may be looking for new ways to help your design look more open and spacious. Leaving off the base plinths can help expand the look of your floor space – though do be prepared to get down low to clean out the recess regularly if you’re dropsy with your vegetable choppings.

Visualizer: Nika Vorotyntseva

Create a wrap around storage volume to an adjacent area. The tall height of the oven housing unit and fridge freezer housing has been continued around the corner into the lounge in this open plan home. The extension is used as a media unit surrounding the tv facing the lounge.

Visualizer: Korry Chan

Define edges with lighting. LED strips placed just beneath the lip of a kitchen countertop and wall units create an ambient glow.

Visualizer: MaSQ Architecture

Make a feature of a niche shelf by picking it out in a different colour. A dark wood tone adds sophisticated flair to an all white kitchen.

Visualizer: Design Squared

Match the baseboard to the backsplash. This grey and white kitchen brings in grey not only through a tiled backsplash but with a coordinated kickboard.

Designer: Poggenpohl

In a long open home, a mid-way u-shaped kitchen can be used to effectively divide the floor plan.

Designer: Harvey Jones

Bring in colour with countertop appliances and accessories. This red kitchen set looks great with warm rustic brick walls.

Visualizer: Tomasz Muszynski

Black appliances in a white kitchen look punchy and modern. This design has black pieces situated on each of the three straights of the u-shaped kitchen to maintain balance.

Designer: Scenario Architecture

Shortening the returns of a u-shaped kitchen can leave room for a fully-fledged dining set.

Visualizer: Benbrahim Jaafar

Combine cabinet finishes, like this wood grain and white gloss modern kitchen.

Designer: Libby Winberg Interiors

Let your budget inspire you rather than restrict. Choosing Scandinavian kitchen style can be a cost effective exercise, since the magic of the Scandi aesthetic is simplicity.

Visualizer: Black & Milk

Use every nook and cranny for storage in a tiny u-shaped kitchen. Shape shelves into the eaves.

Visualizer: Julian Malik & Magdalena Tutak-Malik

Tailor the design to suit your own lifestyle. One side of this setup has cabinets facing out to the living room where a wine rack on hand. A raised bench is in place where you can easily pop the cork.

Visualizer: Skereck Design

Build a lighting soffit. A wood effect soffit has been installed around the ceiling perimeter of this white kitchen, complete with recessed spotlights.

Designer: Athena Calderone
Photographer: Sarah Elliott

Where there is plenty of natural light, don’t be afraid to go dark with the cabinetry.

Designer: Davis Architects

Add hints of green with indoor plants, or add colour with kitchen stools.

Source: Fastighetsbyran

Take tiling to the top. This white kitchen has metro tiles stacked almost to the rafters. Dark grout accentuates the tile design.

Visualizer: Reform

Get wired – without any hassle. If you don’t want to punch holes in the ceiling for spotlights or install a lighting soffit, how about positioning some exposed bulb kitchen pendant lights. With exposed electrical wiring being on trend you can feel free to string wires from a single power point. If you fancy a bit of colour then go for lengths of brightly bound electrical wire; there’s the pick of the rainbow available out there.

Designer: Ande Bunbury Architects

Just can’t decide on a kitchen cabinet colour? No problem. Go multicoloured with Mondrian inspired interior design.

Visualizer: Recent Spaces

The golden touch. Take your kitchen scheme upmarket with a flurry of gold finishing touches. Try a gold faucet, cabinet handles, tile trims or planters. Leave out your best cooking oils too, they will decorate the countertop with their own golden essence.

Visualizer: Stanislav Kaminskyi

Forget making do with a tiny kitchen tv – go big using a projector.

Break with stereotypes. The positioning of the fridge with an adjacent oven at the neck of the ‘u’ in this layout is quite unconventional. The tall units at the back make the plan feel almost like a galley kitchen. The fridge and oven are often situated in tandem in modern kitchens, though some manufacturers warn that the proximity is detrimental to your fridge by making it work harder to achieve the desired internal temperature.

Visualizer: Alexander Shabalin

Select an extractor unit to be the main feature.

If you tire of colour schemes quickly, use easily replaceable items to colour the room. Keep bold colours confined to mugs, trays and tea towels to make a decor change gentle in effort and low on price.

Use similar tones but different materials. These coffee coloured wall cabinets match with the walnut wood grain below – yet the change in texture brings interest and makes the space appear less crowded.

Source: deVOL

Leave a wall free of upper cabinets to make a space appear larger.

Visualizer: Juliya Butova

Take an indoor kitchen to the great outdoors with a living wall. This one brings a lovely quirk to a tv wall.

Photographer: Przemysław Kuciński

Open shelving dipped within a bank of wall cabinetry gives the scheme added depth.

Visualizer: Martin Dittmann

Draw inspiration from a raw concrete kitchen floor, and install an industrial kitchen design.

Visualizer: Michael Nowak

Kitchen flooring can zone the cooking area from the rest of an open living room.

Designer: Malcorboy

Create a colour stripe, like in this red and white u shaped kitchen with peninsula.

Designer: Orsi Panos Interiors

Colour the opposite side of a peninsular to fit with dining room or lounge decor.

Source: Kitchen Connections

In a large layout, a peninsular can be dedicated entirely to dining, with prep taking place only along an L-shape.

Visualizer: Aleksandr Svyryd

Similarly, if space allows, situate seating on the inside of the peninsular to look outward over the rest of an open plan room.

Visualizer: Due Pi

Think on another level. This u-shaped kitchen is a collection of optical illusions and undulating bench heights.

Visualizer: Artem Evstigneev

Mark out a dining area using a contrasting countertop.

Source: Pedini

For a true ‘u’, how about this curvaceous little number?…

Source: Pedini

… Or this sleek u-shaped kitchen island.

Designer: Who Cares?! Design

Create interesting angles where there are none. This geometric peninsula is matched by a diagonal cut baseline across the wall units.

Designer: Beau Interieur

Camouflage a kitchen extractor unit against wall decor, or distract the eye with colourful accessories on adjacent shelving.

Designer: Northland Woodwork Inc

This u-shaped kitchen installation allows footfall to move straight past without anyone disturbing the cook.

Source: Maunfeld

Use bold wall tiles to add wow factor to a white kitchen…

Photographer: Paula G Furio

… Feature floor tiles work well too.

Designer: Atelier Daaa

Fashion a glass divide across the length a peninsular to contain cooking splashes or prep mess.

Visualizer: Mustafa Öner

Revamp a tired rustic u-shaped kitchen with some cheerfully painted cabinets and contrasting accessories.

Designer: Copper Design Studio

Add personality with unexpected touches. These copper pendant lights and kitchen backsplash give this white kitchen a unique energy.

Visualizer: Marina Selivanova

Don’t think you have the space to complete a u-shaped design? Half depth units can be used along one of the walls to create the effect.

1. Kitchen canisters
2. Fruit kitchen clock
3. Evercut Furtif Knives
4. Touch kitchen faucet
5. Comfort kitchen mat
6. Kitchen trash can with step lid
7. Counter edge cutting board with collapsible bin
8. Green foldable cutting board
9. Green and white sink strainer
10. Nesting bowl set
11. Modway kitchen stool
12. Swan ladle

2 Cool Home Interiors With Art That Pops On Concrete

2 Cool Home Interiors With Art That Pops On Concrete

If you’d like to showcase some art around your home but are not quite sure what pieces will work, or how best to display them, then you’ve come to the right place. These two modern home interiors use cool concrete decor as a backdrop for vibrant wall art. We’re not sure whether the art has inspired the colour palette for the rooms, or if decor influenced art choice, but either way works. Colours in the art and the room work hand in hand to create rich and vibrant spaces that are a joy to be in. The art is eye-catching, but so is the contemporary furniture, unique lighting and modern feature walls.

Visualizer: Daria Alieva

Green and red are the key colours in this living room’s soft furnishings, and in the striking contemporary wall art hung on columns of concrete.

A contrasting purple wall opposite the sofa makes the room look young and fresh. A couple of black ornaments and accessories around the room tie in with dark notes in the art pieces. A black Atollo lamp stands out on a white side table by the sofa. Cheaper replicas are available on Ebay.

Copper dining room pendant lights are suspended in a line of three along the dining table behind the sofa. The copper tones complement the red accents in the art. Two red dining chairs bring the hue to the head and foot of the table. A plant stand grows some greenery in the corner by the window.

A trio of bright red kitchen bar stools line up along a blue island in the open plan. They are the Hay Hee bar chair.

Heavy grey window drapes tone with the raw concrete walls.

The clear perspex dining table allows natural light from the dual aspect windows to pass straight through it.

We find more colourful modern art inside the master bedroom, positioned in pride of place over the headboard. A red stemmed bedside table lamp illuminates one side of the bed, whilst a matching bedroom hanging light serves the other.

There is also a matching floor lamp in the set, which has been teamed with a blue accent chair here.

The bed throw is a tan shade to match the coloured concrete feature wall. The warm neutral hue works to calm the clash of red and blue accent pieces.

A red side table joins the blue bedroom chair and modern floor lamp to fashion a chic little resting spot.

The bed is upholstered in a youthful monochrome fabric, which whilst bold does not fight for attention with the colourful wall art.

Designer: Studio e
Visualizer: Peter Janov

Our other living room showcases art with a retro look, though the furniture choices are very much up to date. A swing arm wall lamp is poised to illuminate the art on the concrete wall at nightfall, and to shed light over a modern sofa. Panoramic windows bathe the entire open plan lounge/kitchen/diner in natural light during daytime hours. A large grey rug softly defines the lounge area from the rest of the multi-use layout.

An Oda style lamp stands at a black slatted feature wall. Originals are available here. A two tone media unit matches with the grey concrete wall, and with a white marble hearth that runs beneath it.

The heavy black walls and block style coffee table are balanced out with a sweet light pink accent colour, which appears in a section of the sofa and on some of the dining chairs.

A small black side table serves the sofa.

Above the dining table hangs a sprawling black modern chandelier, which is the Ingo spider chandelier. A wood dining table is surrounded by beige and pink examples of the Kartell Masters chair.

The open plan room is completed by a black one wall kitchen with a metallic island. The black kitchen walls can be used as a chalkboard for notes or personal art. A mirror finish integrated appliance shines at the centre of the matt black kitchen larder units.

In the master bedroom, a black slatted door is installed at either side of a soft grey modern bed. The pocket doors slide away inside the headboard wall to reveal a closet to the right and an ensuite bathroom on the left. Multicoloured wall art injects brave personality into the monochrome scheme.

Pink bedside units with black tray tops peep out from either side of the bed; unusual bedroom pendant lights shed light over each one. The walk-in closet behind the bed is decked out with a number of wooden shelving cubbies, on the wall for lesser used garments, and on the floor for a collection of shoes. Black chests of drawers line up beneath a generous run of garment rails.

The ensuite bathroom on the other side has concrete wall decor behind a wooden vanity with a concrete basin. The toilet is wall hung and accompanied by a wall mounted toilet brush, which keep the small room feeling open and spacious. Light marble tiles clad a shower enclosure with a clerestory window.

Pink accents make a comeback in the kid’s room, on bedcovers and a cute kid’s chair. The wall mounted tv and a house shaped chalkboard brings the black base notes into the kids decor. A small grey stool stands by the kid’s novelty chalkboard to provide a comfy place to sit whilst doodling away.

Bright art sings solo in a concrete hallway..

Using the 5 senses in decoration

Using the 5 senses in decoration

When we think of decoration at the same time comes to mind beautiful environments of see yourself. But if you use your imagination a little more and put in this beautiful environment a unpleasant smell or one noise deafening traffic or a floor too cold, hot or rough when stepping on or something in it reminds you of a food with a taste you hate? Yeah! The beauty eyesight only works nicely if the smell, a hearing, The tact it’s the taste are not bothered!

(photo: decordemon lauren nelson design)

So let’s talk here about how can we take care and positively explore the 5 senses in the best way in decorating from our house.


The most obvious sense, which is used in decoration in various ways: color combinations furniture, coverings and objects lighting efficient and beautiful, ensuring perfect light for the various functions required and Desired climates, in choosing frames, photos and decoration objects that bring the personality of the homeowner and complete the harmony of the decor…

(Photo: ArchitecturalImovel)

… at color and light combination to highlight a strong point, “hide” a weak, “Increase”, “decrease”, “narrow or” widen “visual perception of the environment, etc. And we must not forget the power of rejoicing that has the vision of things that bring us happy memories or feelings (photos of pleasant moments or places we travel to, objects, colors, prints and images with sentimental value or that remind us of positive things, phrases that stimulate us, etc.).

The smell

Smells bring us sensationsas the “cleaning smell”A home should always have. But also bring us memories – the cbasil heiroFor example, it reminds me of a house where I lived for a while and where I was very happy. It’s natural for an environment to become more pleasant to me if the smell of basil is in the air – or even if I see a picture of him it works!

(photo: casa claudia magazine)

So it has great effect research smells that bring you good sensations and somehow include them in the decoration (whether through plants, flowers, flavorings, perfumes and even images, objects and colors that have a connection with these smells).


In addition to worrying about annoying noises that can “wipe out” our decor, research sounds that are pleasing to us – like the subtle noise of a water fountain (which I love!), The crackling of the photo in the fireplace, a wind bell on the porch or even the installation of a sound system – and inserting them into the decor – carefully and always with the possibility to silence them when necessary – it works! And again, as vision is a very strong sense and imagination has no limits, you can have images or objects that stimulate memory recall – For example, for me, the image of the sea waves makes me think of their sound and soothe me.

(photo: Casatreschic)

The Tato

This is the second most commonly perceived meaning in decoration: textures of fabrics and coverings Think of velvet, leather, wool, cotton, silk, synthetic fabrics, each with its own unique feel. from rough rugs to downy rugs, glass, steel, wood, etc. and the material temperatures in touch with our body (ceramics, stones, wooden floors, heated floors, cold fabrics, etc.), as well as the warm water of the fountain, the warmth of the fireplace, the roughness of the cacti, the velvety delicacy of the leaves of the plants and flowers. People feel the richness of decorating work in the diversity of sensations that groping in the environment can give (but exaggerations can be unpleasant, ok?).

(Photo: ArchitecturalImovel)

The Palate

Most people, if they think of taste in a decoration, think of the kitchen, the dining area, or the commercial environment that sells food. And it is easier and more logical to explore this sense in these environments.

Chocolatras salivate – even without tasting or smelling chocolate from this Godiva store. It is important to note 2 things: a) You can stimulate one sense through another (s) and the stronger the different stimuli, the more they work. But: 2) Excessive stimuli may cause nausea or irritation. I, for example, who don’t like chocolate that much, feel a little uncomfortable with this picture. Imagine if you could smell it! (photo: yatzer – Wonderwall by Kozo Takayam)

But before using elements that might, someway more permanent, encourage or discourage the appetite in the decoration of our home is I need to think about whether we want or need this incentive permanently at home.

So I believe the best is have or do at home elements that can be used when needed: A dinner, a party, to help a person who needs some control or encouragement in the area of ​​food (objects, cutlery, tablecloths and colorful dishes in interesting shapes for children at the time of food are used a lot, right?)

(image: schoolchildren)

Another issue that influences taste is that the environment where meals are should be thought of as being conducive to attention to food and family life. Especially healthy eating, on those days of lack of time and fast foods… Pleasant sounds, quiet colors, comfortable seating for everyone, muted cell phones – to encourage conversation and approach, control of annoying noises, efficient yet cozy lighting, seasonal fruits available and visible in beautiful fruit, etc… All of this can help a lot, not only to eat better but also to a harmonious family life.

(photo: Mildicasdemae 123RF)

Another story is when we want, not to encourage people to eat or stop eating, but provoke good sensations or taste-related memoriesthrough the insertion of elements that refer to this memory. For example: The “mood” of a family dinner can be positively influenced if the smell of that dish that marked our childhood escapes subtly from the kitchen to the whole house (or perhaps, at dessert time, an essence of food used by the family).

+50 Room Niches that Decorate and Organize the Room!

+50 Room Niches that Decorate and Organize the Room!

Check out room niches that make the room more modern and add more space for better organization and decoration. The niches for TV roomLiving and dining are an excellent choice for both home decor and the organization of objects, books and utensils themselves. Versatile, they go well in any room! Here are 53 niches for the living room that are a sight!

In varying shapes, the niches are modular furniture that can be fitted to mount up to a kind of shelf.

Design: decorating with class

Sleek and modern, the niches are that! Light up the LED niches of the glow to the objects you place inside them.

Project: ideas for decoration

Simple and suitable for those who have a small room but love decoration.

Project: ma.helenasilva

Some people choose not to put anything in the niches and just use them as decorative, see this way of creating niches using the room wall itself.

Project: manah.architecture

One of the ways to match niche colors in the room is by creating patterns between the walls and making contrasts.

Project: monumental architecture

Using niches to place plants in the room is always a good option, leaving the environment more airy and beautiful.

Project: housing

Niches can make the environment more archaic too, for those who like. In addition the wood offers incredible durability.

Project: newarchitecture_architecture

Once again the niche gaining ground when it comes to setting up bookshelves, for those who like to do their own thing this is a good idea.

Project: primoarchitecture

Merging niches with shelves is a great combination.

Project: lsselection

Demolition wood can also be used to make niches, which combine well with plants.

Project: lorrine.architect

If you want to make a simple decoration without losing the beauty, the niches can help you with that!

Project: duplex401

With LED

Having such a wall in the living room is a dream come true, because in addition to giving a more modern look to the environment, the niches are decorative elements that can give rise to more decorative pieces, it is worth noting how this LED color combined with the wood tone of the niches. The wood, in addition to everything, brings incredible durability, certainly a piece that is worth having at home.

Project: a_ainteriordesign

The niches are also a good choice for those who don’t want to lose a wall that was empty in the room. With niches you can make the most of anywhere, plus see how when we put the LEDs niches become beyond functional, more creative.

Project: ana_cunhaparreiras 

If you love a specific color and want to find a way to fit it into your decor, the niches can help you with that look at this blue in the room how beautiful it is. Lighting will always come to bring more color and environment to life.

Project: hlmovelaria

Sophisticated and full of personality, see how niche can be functional for storing a variety of things.

Project: inusittabrooklin

Getting out of conventional symmetry works nicely with the niches, a wall can no longer be just a wall in your living room, and become an amazing part of the decor. The LED gave more life to the niches.

Project: julianoburali

Wood is once again a protagonist in the niche subject, in addition to its beauty and durability, brings with it an incredible neutrality, matches any LED color you choose for your decoration.

Project: martial architecture

Who works, or studies at home, is extremely important to have a corner like this in your room, see how the niches brought a luxuriousness and yet became extremely important in the organization of materials.

Project: nathalie.architect

One of the ways to bring your room to life is by decorating with niches, just see how this room came alive with LED niches.

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For those who like more simplicity and delicacy take a look at this room, the LED is present in a simpler way, but still making a difference. In addition, these niches together formed a beautiful living room bookcase.

Project: interiorinsights

If you like to keep more of your personality in the decoration, a good choice is the niches, just see how you can use them to put things that suit you.

Project: hlmovelaria


Now let’s talk about the most used by those who like to gain space without losing what they already have, and a good tool for that are the corner niches. Putting color on them is always a good option to make them more decorative.

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If you love plants but don’t like to leave them in the middle of the house, the corner niches can help you with that, and even squash your space.

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To put picture frames, books, plants, and decorative objects, use the corner niches they give space to all, without taking up any space.

Project: bisarchitecture

There are many different formats for you to leave your home the way you prefer.

Design: decoriumstore

There are many shapes of decorative corner niches too, you can use them to store keys and other such objects.

Project: decoriumstore

They can leave any stylish environment, and you can enjoy its many functions without wasting a little space.

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The niches offer many facilities, you can paint them the color you think best to decorate your room.

Project: inspirartdesign

Making a niche shelf on the wall is great for those who need extra space to organize some objects or decorative items. What’s more, it makes your room look bigger.

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Corner ones can also have LED lights, giving more life to your walls.

Project: ourapgarden

Using airspace is also a good option in order to gain space.

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Niches can be made of various materials, this photo brings an air of modernity to the environment.

Project: 2inspireyourhome

Bringing together many round niches is a good option for setting up a bookcase more casually for your living room.

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Niches are a good choice to decorate your room, single or in sets always look very beautiful and modern.

Design: tieppointeriores

Beehive niches are used a lot lately, besides being versatile, they are beautiful!

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You can use the wall of your living room to make planned niches, looks elegant and unconventional.

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To add to your furniture you can use the round niches as well, see this niche that has become a modern and unexpected resting space.

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Merging shelves with round niches is an option that besides being beautiful becomes extremely functional.

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You can use various materials to create your niches, as well as being modern and useful, are sustainable.

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Another set of honeycomb niche, however, with a hollow shape, brings lightness and modernity to the environment.

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With a super creative idea I bring you this extra tip. Niches as entirely decorative elements look very beautiful, look at these attached to the ceiling, and with plants.

Via: valeriamedina_interiores
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