Accessories enhancing the decoration of your home

Accessories enhancing the decoration of your home

Decorating without well-chosen accessories is like a birthday party without the cake…

(photos: coco + kelley and casatreschic)

But too many accessories in the decoration are like a party with more than a birthday cake. Both are equally strange…

(photos: deardesigner)

And since accessories aren’t as easy to organize as the party cake, we’ve talked about accessories in general (and more than once!)

(photos: fromtherightbank and emilyhenderson)

And on specific issues: Accessories on side tables, on the sideboard, we also talk about the power of the pillows in the decoration.

(photos: tresstudio)

I even showed some accessories at my house and gave a touch on what to avoid, comparing the accessories with the fashion, the clothes we wear.

(photos: interior design decor rsvalente)

And you know I even made a free ebook about home furnishings? (I owe the continuation, but let’s skip this part for now, okay?)

(photo: trestudio / amber)

Yeah. Accessories can make a big impact on the decoration. For good and ill, don’t forget: It’s very easy to spoil an interior design job with disastrous decor…

(A shambles !!!)

My biggest tip for getting better at this business of getting the accessories right is that we have to watch a lot, always test, move things from time to time,

(photo: trestudio / amber)

Use creativity, always choosing accessories that make sense to us

(photos: delikatessen and confettistyle)

That connect us with our life story, our feelings, our values

(photos: Mix and Chic)

Let them show the best we are, or at least who we are struggling to be.

(photo: casatreschic)

What doesn’t work, either in accessories or in life, is pretending to be who we are, living surrounded by things that say nothing about us or projecting into our home some imbalance that must be cared for and not fed – At least I realize: when My house becomes a mess of meaningless things because there is something I need to work on inside myself or in life.

The house, its decoration, including the accessories, and what we feel for it, mainly, are reflections of how we feel.

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