51 Bathroom Sinks That Are Overflowing With Stylistic Charm 51 Bathroom Sinks That Are Overflowing With Stylistic Charm
Picking the right sink for your bathroom can be an overwhelming choice with the flurry of options available. Which one is right for you?... 51 Bathroom Sinks That Are Overflowing With Stylistic Charm

Picking the right sink for your bathroom can be an overwhelming choice with the flurry of options available. Which one is right for you? A sleek undermount, a space saving pedestal, a colorful vessel? Whether you are looking for elegance, charm or a more artistic vibe, your sink can be an irreplaceable ally that enhances your bathroom and helps you reach your design goals. In our modern sink collection we have not only included an array of styles, but also a brief explanation of the different types of sinks to help you pick the perfect one for your bathroom with confidence and ease.

Vessel Sink: Sits on top of the countertop, like a bowl sits on a table. The bottom of the sink is often flush with the countertop, but it can sometimes be sunk an inch or two beneath the surface.

Drop-In Sink: Also called a self-rimming sink, this type of sink has an outer rim that sits atop the counter and holds the sink in place. This is a common type of sink due to how easy it is to change out without replacing the entire countertop.

Undermount Sink: Installed underneath the counter. A precise hole must be cut in the countertop to accommodate this sink. This means that they are harder to change out without replacing the countertop.

Vanity Top Sink: A single piece countertop that has the sink built-in. As a rule of thumb, go with one that is about an inch bigger than your vanity to create a slight overhang.

Wall-Mounted Sink: A type of sink that requires no vanity and can be installed directly on the wall. Great for bathrooms with minimal space.

Pedestal Sink: A free standing sink that is supported by a column. Another great option for small bathrooms.

Console Sink: A wall mounted sink that has the addition of 2 or 4 extra legs.

Cast Bronze Undermount Sink With Plant Motifs: Infuse your bathroom with a bit of old world charm with this cast bronze sink. Complete with embossed plant motifs, this sink will patina over time to create a luxuriously unique focal point for your vanity.

Kohler Imperial Blue Undercounter Bathroom Sink: You could express your love for fine art through bathroom wall decor, or you could go even bolder by thinking outside the frame. This porcelain sink has been designed with a fierce dragon pattern in a traditional cobalt blue.

Rectangular Vessel Bathroom Sink: Made of china, this affordable sink is triple glazed and triple fired for a superior high-gloss finish that resists chipping, staining and germs. The faucet comes in 3 finishes and is included with the sink, while the sink itself is available in Bisque or White.

Golden Bowl Shaped Vessel Sink:. High-style with a budget-friendly price tag! This golden sink made of high-quality materials not only comes with a contemporary motif, but it also boasts a lifetime warranty.

Unique Gold-Finish Vessel Sink: Nothing says glamour quite like a touch of gold. Due to the size of this stunner, it is well-suited for small spaces with sleek and narrow countertops or vanities. This unique vessel sink is also available in Black, White, Silver, and Platinum.

Copper Bathroom Sink: With the ability to mount over, under, or atop the counter, this circular beauty is as versatile as it it is eye-catching. The ornate design paired with the copper finish of this basin makes it the perfect piece to add a bit of old world charm to any bathroom.

Rustic Round Copper Bucket Sink: This rustic, hammered sink is made of copper and overflowing with antiquated charm. Equipped with a handle that is ideal for displaying your favorite hand towel, this sink would make a great addition to a farmhouse or cottage bathroom.

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Vanity Vessel Sink With Distinctive Persia Pattern: If you are looking for a sink that is elegant with an artistic quality, look no further! The distinct Persia patterning featured in metallics makes this vessel sink extra unique, but keeps it neutral enough to go with most styles of decor.

Contemporary Tempered Glass Patterned Round Bathroom Sink: The rich browns of this tempered glass bowl creates a brilliant warmth that is sure to elevate any bathroom’s decor. Also available in 4 additional patterns.

Golden Greek Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink: Feel like a Greek God or Goddess by fitting your countertop with this textured glass sink. Even though it features a raised design, it is non-porous, so you don’t have to worry about fading or stains.

Blue Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink: Make a wave with a vessel sink that perfectly captures the beauty and tranquility of the ocean. An amazing design choice for those looking to add a bit of color to a Coastal or Beach style bathroom.

Oval Shaped Wavy Edge Glass Sink With Artistic Glass: Elegant with an artistic flair. A sink that is sure to dazzle with its warm hues and glossy finish. Constructed of tempered glass, it is highly durable, stable, and affordable!

Clear Glass Vessel Sink with Waterfall Chrome Faucet: A sleek sink that will fit your bathroom and your budget. This glass bowl is both easy to install and keep clean. Bonus, the waterfall chrome faucet pictured is included.

Frosted Glass Bathroom Sink: Reminiscent of sea glass, this frosted sink is modern and chic. The perfect addition to a coastal bathroom on a budget. Bonus: the purchase of this sink also includes the unique chrome faucet.

Rectangular Ceramic Bathroom Sink: This rectangular vessel sink has a simple design that propels porcelain in to the modern design era. It pairs well with most countertops, but looks especially exceptional with wood, like shown above.

Modern Rustic Drop-In Sink: Scratch, crack, strain resistant, and ulta-stylish. What more could you want from a sink!? Even though this rustic beauty looks as though it is made of concrete, it is actually handcrafted from stone. Being 40% lighter than concrete, it is a great sink for floating vanities since it won’t over burden them with excess weight.

Granite Vessel Bathroom Sink: With its rough exterior transitioning to a smooth and polished finish, this sink is visually stunning. A must-have for nature-inspired or Industrial bathrooms that are looking to incorporate raw texture.

Omvivo Motif Vessel Sink: Let light paint your counter with gorgeous florals by incorporating this unique sink in to your bathroom. This functional art is created using a combination of solid surface and etched glass and is available in 3 patterns: Forest, Kaleidoscope, and Pebble.

Unique Flower Shaped Ceramic Bathroom Sink: Take a page from Mother Nature’s design book and embrace florals with this flower shaped sink. A playful design brimming with modern elegance.

Kohler Glass Bathroom Sink: The faceted shape of this glass sink was inspired by precious stones. Created using a spun glass process, it really embraces the feel of small studio artistry. Available in 7 colors.

Modern Minimalist White Bowl Bathroom Sink: Simple and refined, this minimalist bowl sink is extremely versatile. With a bright white finish that is easy to integrate in to most color palettes and a classic bowl shape, this is one sink that will never go out of style.

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Rounded Square White Minimalist Vessel Sink: A minimalist vessel sink takes on a new shape with a rounded square design. Built with stone, it is hand-polished to perfection to reveal a modern, matte finish. Matte stone is fantastic for the bathroom since it is a material that is both non-porous and highly hygienic.

Rounded Rectangular Black Porcelain Vessel Sink: Dark and dramatic, this black sink will inject a bit of flair in to your bathroom. Crafted from premium quality porcelain, it is available in a multitude of shapes and sizes.

Modern Style Circular Metal Vessel Sink: If you are looking to give your bathroom a unique edge, this circular vessel sink in copper might be just what it needs! It is sure to be focal point with its clean lines and minimalistic allure. Also available in other designer finishes, such as Brushed Gold, Brushed Platinum, and Brushed Dark Steel

White Minimalist Sloping Undermount Sink: An undermount sink with an asymmetric design. This high-end ceramic sink is a fabulous find for bathrooms that need a modern sink that is slightly understated.

Metal Bowl Bathroom Sink With Overflow: This metal bowl sink mixes it up in style with its sleek stainless steel build and captivating design. Available in either brushed stainless steel or polished stainless steel.

Modern Brown Natural Marble Sink: A natural marble sink that will infuse your bathroom with an earthy aura. Although this hue would look marvelous in the majority of bathrooms, this sink is also available in other natural finishes, such as granite and travertine.

Unique Black Rectangular Drop In Sink: A unique sink with a pleasingly offbeat appeal. This drop-in sink will add a punch of contrast to your bathroom with its sleek profile that peeks up over the vanity’s horizon.

Ceramic Rectangular Drop-In Bathroom Sink with Overflow: No countertop needed! This ceramic one-piece comes ready to be mounted to the wall. All you have to do is choose the perfect faucet.

Minimalist Style Integrated Vanity Top And Sink: Made of china, this vanity top with an integrated sink is clean and minimal. The raised outer edge of this design not only helps contain water, but also helps prevent items from rolling off the vanity top. Available in 6 colors.

White Marble Sloping Bathroom Sink: This design kicks the rectangular vessel sink up a notch by introducing a gentle slope to one side. An elegant choice that can help transform your bathroom in to an oasis of elegance, calm, and tranquility.

Modern Minimalist Above-Counter Ceramic Bathroom Sink: A versatile sink that can be incorporated in to most designs. However, the low profile makes it exceptionally well-suited for contemporary bathrooms

Floating Wall Mounted Marble Sink: If your bathroom is short on space but you don’t want it to be short on style, then this wall mounted marble sink is a must. It has a wonderfully luxurious feel, all while taking up zero floor space.

Milano Vessel Bathroom Sink: The artful curve of this sink instantly drew us in. The dark seductress pictured above is sporting a glimmering, black finish, but multiple other colors are also available.

Sink Cut From Single Galaga Stone: Nature collides with modern design to bring us this exotic stone sink. This vessel has been cut from a single block of stone to create a modern marvel that is sure to be the centerpiece on any vanity. Lifetime warranty included.

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Impala Granite Bathroom Sink: A sink with a very primitive vibe due to its stone construction. Sculpted from granite, each one is unique and highly resistant to chipping, staining and scratching.

Natural Stone Pillar Pedestal Sink: If just a sink isn’t enough stone for you, what about one complete with a pillar pedestal?

White Console Sink: This white console sink emanates a vintage charisma with its high-shine china and gold fittings. A luxurious find that is sure to turn a few heads.

Console Sink With Industrial Style Pipe Legs: Traditional and Industrial mingle to create a console sink with a striking aesthetic. The legs on this fixture are available in the choice of Brushed Nickel, Polished Nickel, Chrome, or Oil Rubbed Bronze (shown).

Antonio Lupi PIXEL Countertop Sink: A tidbit of modern art that will spice up any bathroom. This textural stunner is a must-have for those who love pieces that bring a bit of artistic flair in to their home.

Bamboo Vessel Bathroom Sink: This exotic looking sink is not only ultra stylish, but it is also eco-friendly! Made from bamboo, a highly renewable resource, this sink is easy on the environment and your wallet.

Circular Bamboo Vessel Sink: If you are looking for a sink with a natural feel and a durable finish, then you should definitely take this bamboo beauty under consideration. Not only does bamboo possess more strength than most hardwood trees, but it is also highly moisture resistant.

Sink In A Suitcase: The Hidden Console has an intriguing design inspired by a trunk suitcase. This hideaway sink includes a small countertop, a storage drawer, and a magnification mirror. An innovative choice for minimalists that like to keep things neat and tidy.

Autumn Leaf Shaped Glass Bathroom Vessel Sink: Experience the magic of autumn daily with this leaf shaped vessel sink. Created using an array of firey hues, it will infuse any bathroom with warmth.

Mermaid Sink: If your bathroom needs a bit of artistic inspiration, than look no further then this fun mermaid sink. Turns out mermaids aren’t just for under the sea anymore!

Curvy Floating Bathroom Sink: Another mermaid sink, but in a softer, abstract shape. Created with a cocktail of resins and advanced polymers, this luxury sink doesn’t just have alluring curves, it is also dense, non-porous, hygienic, and durable.

Bucket Shaped Wall-mounted Floating Bathroom Sink: A quirky sink that knows how to make a statement with its unique shape. It even has a towel rack conveniently integrated in to its design.

Unique Folded Design Pedestal Sink: A pedestal sink that deserves a spotlight. This showstopper features superior craftsmanship and a design that you just can’t miss.

Antonio Lupi Pixel Freestanding Sink: A luxury sink with a striking outer texture that cascades down the entirety of its pedestal. It looks divine on its own or in pairs, as pictured.

Modern Designer Pedestal Bathroom Sink: This minimalist pedestal sink is contemporary and chic. Its clean white coloring and cup design make it the perfect piece to make your bathroom shine above the rest.

Ultra Luxury Pedestal Sink: A luxuriously offbeat sink that is loaded with modern charm. This pedestal sink is will infuse your bathroom or salon with unmatched style. It even has a built-in towel holder!

Luxury Standing Bathroom Sink: With a dynamic design brimming with curvaceous allure, this is the sink you need if you are looking to create a bathroom filled with unmatched luxury.