50 modern rooms full of ideas for decorating your living room

50 modern rooms full of ideas for decorating your living room

50 modern, beautiful and many-style rooms is what I have prepared in this article so you can find the maximum inspiration to decorate your living room.

Each room is different, as you can imagine, but they are all current and collect very good ideas to decorate your room.

That has been my maxim in bringing them together. May they be inspiring for you.

So, take your time and look carefully at each one: its colors, the color of the furniture, the curtains, the floor, the walls … And it points. Of course, write down everything that serves you.

Keep what you like about one and the other.

If then you have doubts, you know that you can leave me a comment that I will be happy to answer and solve them.

Now, let’s get ideas and inspiration with these 50 modern rooms full of decorating ideas.

We start

A modern living room decorated in fresh tones and wood


Fresh, relaxing and bright. A room that inspires peace and harmony with the painted walls of a very soft and relaxing mint green, and wood and white tones to add warmth to the room.

A modern lounge

Photography and design @Fruspilde

Another room full of contrasts, but well applied: Pink tones combined with blacks and grays, more accents of wood and warm and thick carpets in raw tones. Estilazo

A modern living room decorated in neutral Nordic tones

In the current Nordic style, but, unlike usual, they are cold rooms, this is a warm room, thanks to the light beige with which the walls have been painted, the great source of natural light, and the sofa in a gray very clear.

The rest, all clear, without frills or superfluous noise that stains the scene, to achieve a room in harmony.

The sand-colored rooms are bright and welcoming. Almost a safe bet.

A modern living room decorated in gray and pastel colors


The decoration of this other room is based on pastel tones, from the soft gray that is applied to the walls, to the large blue-blue sofa. The rest, wooden floor in medium tones and the white and black carpet of IKEA Stockholm.

A modern living room decorated in neutral tones

Simple, serene and bright, decorated in white with gray furniture, and powerful curtains in mustard yellow to give warmth to the decoration of the room and add decoration.

This room has everything to be a perfect space, since it meets many of the rules of decoration for a room that, by following them, make everything work.

A modern lounge

Design and photography @frugulsrud

The large sofa with double chaise lounge dominates the space of this other modern living room, decorated in neutral relaxing tones, with vertical curtains that let in more light and are “thinner” and load less space than traditional curtains.

A modern lounge

Interior design Nook Architects | Photograph of Yago Partal

The decoration of this other warm room is based on neutral tones, both on the walls and on the furniture, accompanied by a lot of warm wood and the always successful Eames Chair Loungue armchair in wood and black upholstery.

The great source of natural light that enters is another great fact to keep in mind. No curtains

A modern lounge in green and gray tones

With the walls painted in a very soft green, almost pastel, and the rest in neutral tones, mostly gray, both the sofa and the carpet, and with a set of irregularly designed and Nordic design nesting coffee tables.

Luckily a gray sofa is very easy to combine, since it does it with everything, but if you want to go to the safe and be inspired, then you have to see this article where I show you how to combine a gray sofa both in colors for the wall, as with cushions, carpets and others.

A modern lounge with a warm and elegant decoration

Mauricio Fuertes Photography | Interior design The Room Studio

Elegant and cozy, so you could define the interiors of the interior designer Mertixell Ribé, such as this fantastic salon with an elegant and sophisticated cut, flooded with light and warm accents, such as package blinds and the large amount of wood that the living room looks like, from the floor, to the TV cabinet or the large coffee table in dark wood.

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A modern living room decorated in pink tones


With the walls painted in a dusty pink very elegant and intoxicating, it creates an enveloping atmosphere. The rest, furniture and upholstery in pastel tones and very soft creams to enhance that atmosphere, and some touches of color to create a beautiful decorative contrast.

A modern and white lounge

Photography Sílvia Caballero

Small but well decorated, this other modern lounge has a modern, warm and welcoming style.

Curtains have been dispensed with to enhance the natural light source it has, in addition to painting the walls in white, and the furniture in very light neutral tones.

Warm and cozy living room decoration

Mauricio Fuertes Photography | Interior design The Room Studio

Again it is the interior designer Meritxell Ribé that dazzles us with another modern lounge, very cozy, and extremely elegant, decorated in neutral tones, with powerful color accents, such as the mustard armchair that you can buy here, or the dark blue chaise lounge .

Cozy and fresh lounge decoration

Interior design Jeanette Trensig

Fresh and cozy, with the walls painted in a very elegant grayish green, and the rest a lot of carved wood and white sofas that give the living room a fresh touch when combined with the unrivaled green.

A modern lounge

This other modern living room has a decoration based on neutral and luminous tones, with some blue accents, such as the macramé of the round carpets, achieving a bright and balanced space.

A modern salmon lounge with orange sofa

Design Sarah Akwisombe | Photography Megan Taylor @instagram Megan Taylor Photo

The salmon walls of this other small living room make it a bold and provocative space, to which an orange sofa, golden accents and a geometric black and white floor feel great.

If you like colors, don’t be afraid to explore them. There is no ugly color but poorly combined.

A modern pink lounge

Eijerkamp Photography

Another warm and cozy modern lounge, in which we see a warm color like pink dominated the walls, in combination with light wood and white tones. A wonderful lounge, don’t you think?

If you like it, it is not difficult to imitate or be inspired by it. Look closely at everything he has and you will see that he has nothing from the other world.

Or if you don’t like this color, you can see here 17 other ideas to paint a modern living room.

A modern lounge


With the walls blank, leaving the protagonists of furniture and carpet of ethnic cut in the middle of the room, along with a gray sofa full of cushions of different colors.

A modern gray lounge

In gray tones and with more classic furniture, and instead of wood in light tones, in the decoration of this room, wood has been chosen in dark tones, creating a strong contrast with the walls and the upholstery of the sofas.

A modern lounge

This other modern lounge has a color palette based on turquoise, very light gray and white, which results in a fresh and powerful space, as well as well balanced.

If you are going turquoise for your living room, then you have to see these 17 rooms decorated in turquoise, where you will surely find the design for yours.

A modern lounge


Very current this other room in which the furniture is the absolute protagonists of the space, since the walls are painted in white and almost austere.

A modern gray lounge


This is the living room of the famous blogger Geraldine Tan, decorated in gray tones, with two carpets in different pastel tones on the light wooden floor, leaving the sofas in pink tones that are the dominant element of the living room decoration.

A modern lounge

Jonas Ingerstedt Photography | Instagram @jonasingerstedt

From magazine this other modern lounge, where the chaise lounge sofa and the pictures and frames behind it are what create the decoration.

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A modern lounge

Design and photography New Darlings

This other modern lounge has a beautiful contemporary Mid Century style, with some boho nuances that are quite successful.

Of course, the leather sofa is the big culprit of this room looks so beautiful.

A modern lounge

Photography @

More classic and chic, but also sports a leather sofa, which always looks good. Matching pink armchairs and coffee table with capitoné upholstery in dark blue, and windows with dark brown curtains.

It has many more details, look well if you like it.

A modern lounge

Modern, contemporary, with the timeless Egg Chair armchair by Arné Jacobsen adding a touch of style and good taste to a room that, on the other hand, is totally neutral.

A modern lounge

By Sincro Project

This other room has a decoration where wood is the protagonist. The dividing wall of the kitchen is a wooden lined partition, and the coffee table, a table made with wooden slats, which we can buy here at Kave Home.

A modern lounge

Photography Sílvia Caballero

Spacious and bright, decorated in gray tones, from wood to sofas, adding small orange brushstrokes in the chaise lounge.

A modern lounge

Painted in bone color, with a white suspended TV cabinet that occupies the entire wall, herringbone floor and an elegant navy blue sofa.

A modern lounge

Photography Maisons du Monde

Painted in a powerful almost turquoise blue, which contrasts perfectly with the yellow and brown tones of the furniture. Everything we see in this room is from Maisóns du Monde and we can buy it here.

A modern lounge

If you have a white sofa or you plan to buy one for the decoration of your living room, a color that goes great with white is turquoise.

In fact, all colors are well suited to white as you can imagine being a neutral color, but turquoise is one of the best combined with it, creating fresh and modern spaces.

If you then add some accents in black, earth or gray, you will complete the decoration of the room.

A modern living room in turquoise, gray and wood

Wood, turquoise and gray tones, what had he told you? It is a winning combination.

A modern lounge in wood and brown tones

The wall of the television has to be left naked on many occasions, nothing more than decorated by the furniture and television plus some pictures.

Since it is usually the protagonist of the room, why not cover it with some powerful coating so that it looks proper? Wood can be one of those coatings.

A modern lounge in tropical green and yellow

And the wallpaper, as we see in the modern living room above these lines another. An always decorative resource for any part of the room.

In this, a paper with tropical print of green leaves has been used that combines wonderfully with the yellow touches of the coffee tables and cushions, and the wood in dark tones of the living room floor.

A modern black and white living room with stone wall

Design and photography @Camila_Da_Costa | Nouw

Or with stone. We can also cover the wall of the television with stone, and be it natural, work, or imitation stone with the typical polyurethane panels so easy to install.

A small modern lounge in white

Slow & Chic interior design

Simple and beautiful, is this other room, decorated in gray and white tones, with a warm carpet of long Berber hair.

A modern lounge

Old Brand New Photography

The soft contrasts aside, we can also print a great contrast in the room, using, of course, the colors.

And not only on the walls, the furniture also has, as in this beautiful modern living room with a yellow sofa and a wall full of works of art in dark blue, with a multicolored carpet.

A modern lounge

More sophisticated and elegant, a decoration with a lot of personality, not suitable for everyone, but since everyone has their tastes, I am convinced that this room will be the favorite of someone on this list of modern rooms that we are seeing.

All in different shades of gray, except the large picture that decorates the wall behind the sofa. Trend movement, since decorating with large paintings right now is fashionable.

A modern lounge

Red is another color that people usually like to decorate their living room. It is a modern and aggressive color that, well combined, can create very modern spaces.

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Naturally, the style of the furniture and its design also has to go to match to achieve a modern aesthetic with red. Or with any other color, of course.

A modern lounge

Photography @Yessica | Crooshouse

Very dark black or gray tones are also beginning to be seen a lot lately decorating rooms, as we saw in this article of black rooms.

And if you look, another trend or another movement is that the sofas are beginning to look more and more in different colors, and not only in traditional gray, white or creams.

The one above, a beautiful rose makes the whole room gain personality when combined with colors and rough materials such as black or the vast wood and metal of the coffee tables.

A modern lounge

Photography At Home With Ashley

Although, as you can imagine, pink is also perfect for creating an immersive and intoxicating modern living room like that of blogger Ashley, which we see above these lines, and which you can see completely in this article where we see your entire house.

A modern lounge

Vintage Revivals Photography and Design

Spacious and bright, with blank walls, and the sofa and television area bounded by a carpet and a huge boho rug, with a nice pink sofa and wooden and rope armchairs.

A successful amalgam of materials, colors and styles to decorate a modern living room.

A modern lounge

Photography and design of Cupcakes and Cashmere

Berber rugs give a lot of play to a room. Look at the one above. It has a pink sofa that stands out quite well, two matching chairs, a transparent glass or methacrylate table, plus a neon on the wall. He has no more but it is enough and he has enough to be a modern room with a lot of personality.

A modern lounge

Design and photography @littlebrownfoxstyling by Little Brown Fox

Extremely warm, painted in a subtle bone color, full of cozy and charming details, such as the two round wicker coffee tables, on the Berber carpet, a chaise lounge sofa in light gray tones, cushions in raw tones and a wooden shelf Recycled with two large paintings decorating the wall behind the sofa.

A modern lounge

Design and photography @nyquist_home

More sophisticated and elegant this other room with a wall painted black and the rest in gray, where straight lines and smooth surfaces create a classy current room.

If you like to put two colors in your room, here you can see 45 ideas to paint a room in two colors.

A modern lounge

Design and photography @_kristinestien | Nouw

This other simple salon does not have much to say, but it overflows charm for all its pores. The little that has been used has been added with criteria, as well as materials and finishes, creating a modern living room full of good style.

A modern lounge

Design and photography @homeandeco

All in gray tones combined with natural accents such as vegetable fibers and furniture wood. Presiding over the living room, Ikea’s Sinnerlig lamp.

A modern lounge

Design and photography @xxdorienhome

This other room sports a color that many people like, a bluish gray, in combination with white. The rest, a dark gray chaise lounge sofa and simple wooden furniture.

A modern lounge

Modern and Nordic style reminiscent of Mid Century, is the design of this other room that belongs to La Redoute.

A modern lounge

Photography @Meandreod

Monochromatic, in gray tones, with white floor and wooden accents to add warmth to a cold room. Again, we see that the curtains have also been dispensed with.

A modern lounge

Design and photography @nesttwentyeight by Nest Twenty Eitght

With the sofa wall painted in a powerful, very elegant navy blue, which contrasts with the casual and almost bohemian style that distills the living room.

I imagine you have liked more than one, right? Since almost all are spectacular. Therefore, if you now have any questions about how to apply this or that or if you are going to combine one color or material with another, leave a comment that I will be happy to answer to help you decorate your living room.

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