30 ideas to decorate stairs: Walls, rests, railings and steps

30 ideas to decorate stairs

If you are lucky (or the misfortune) to have a staircase in your home and you are reading this article, it is because you no longer know what to do with the blessed staircase to decorate it, right?

Well, whether I have been successful (yes, I know I have been successful) or not, what interests you is to decorate it, and that is why I have prepared this good batch of ideas and inspiration for the decoration of stairs.

Not only the steps or the railing, no, but ideas to decorate both the stairwell, as the rests, walls, steps and railings.

Whether you have a duplex, a villa or a house with two floors, take good note and inspiration and get ready to leave that passage area decorated as God commands. We start

Minimalist in white and wood

A staircase decorated in white and wood

Williams girl photography | Instagram @ninawilliams

Simple, minimalist and very, very beautiful.

If the stairs of your duplex, are in wood with the railing in white and the handrail in wood, or vice versa, since what matters in this case is that the combination is white and wood, you will need little more to decorate it , you just have to see the stairs above these lines.

A beautiful lamp, maybe a pot, a painting … You don’t need more.

Put a carpet

A staircase decorated with a carpet and a gallery of decorative elements

Design and photography RedHead can Decorate | Instagram @Redheadcandecorate

You can also make use of carpets for stairs, as they have done in Redhead can Decorate, both to add a decorative element that changes the style of the staircase, as well as to make it a more cozy space, if that is what you need.

In addition, on the first landing, as you climb, you can place a gallery of paintings, mirrors and other decorative pieces of your liking, as this staircase above has.

Warm with subtle details

A staircase decorated in white and wood with sheets on the walls

Design and photography by Garvin and Co | Instagram @jlgarvin

Very simple, but very pretty. As Jessica Garvin did on her staircase: Everything in white and wood, and a subtle gallery of sheets, paintings or whatever you want, may be enough to show off a scene as beautiful on your staircase as this one you are seeing.

Wooden frieze and picture gallery

A staircase decorated with a gallery of pictures and photographs

Photography The Handmade Home

A baseboard in the part of the wall, something lower than the railing, since it is better and has less corridor effect, and at the top, a large gallery of images that accompany you as you climb the ladder.

With paint

A staircase decorated and painted red

A powerful color, whether red, as we see above, or perhaps navy blue, very elegant, may be enough to decorate a modern staircase.

This type of colors has a lot of presence, and they are enough to give a space of personality, without resorting to other decorative elements for the decoration of stairs.

With wallpaper and warm elements

A staircase decorated with wallpaper and very cozy

Photography D Marie Interiors

A serene wallpaper with a soft pattern that does not recharge, but rather dresses the walls.

In addition, a carpet of natural fibers, which are very resistant and cover the floors that gives pleasure.

In addition, to see how to decorate the landing of a staircase, here we can see how they have done it: a small still life with some decorative elements according to the style, and you already have your staircase decorated.

Create an accent wall

A staircase decorated with an accent wall

Photograph by Coastall Iron Desings

Choose the main wall of your staircase, paint it in a color that stands out from the rest to create an accent wall, and then, if you want, add some decorative elements that complete the scene.

In black

A staircase with black painted walls

Photograph of Carpendaughter for Remodelaholic

Do you remember what I told you before the strong colors? Well, black is obviously enough and too much to fill in any space.

Some stairs are quite dark, since they do not have windows in the staircase shot, but if yours does have them and it is a relatively bright staircase and is not very narrow, it does not seem a bad idea to add a color as powerful as black.

Also, if you add white elements, such as on the steps, or the railing, much better.

In neutral tones

A staircase with the walls painted earth tones

Pinterest Photography

Do you want to be safe? Ok, aim: Soft earth tones.

Paint the whole staircase in a soft earth color and you will be sure.

Now, you have to like both the color and the warm atmosphere that will generate applying such paint to the walls of the stairs.

In navy blue

A staircase with the walls painted in navy blue

Photography and design by Earnest Home Co

What I said before. Dark blue or navy blue is one of the most elegant colors there is.

If we combine it with white, we curl the curl.

A very successful combination to paint and decorate a staircase.

Also, if the size allows it, you can put a kind of hall at the beginning of the stairs, with a nice chair and some pictures and finish off the scene, just as they have done in Earnest Home Co.

And if it’s not at the beginning, you can always use the staircase rests to decorate them in this way.

With wall murals on the steps

A staircase with a mural on the steps

Etsy wall mural

Yes, I didn’t know either, now there are murals for steps.

If you opt for this option, I advise you to put a soft, neutral tone on the walls, since all the prominence should go to the mural of the steps, in addition to that with the mural, there is already enough decoration, there is no need to reload the stairs, and less if it is narrow.

A family gallery

A staircase decorated with a family photo gallery

Photography and decoration Dear Lillie

There is no doubt that decorating with photographs of your loved ones is always a great option. Or so I want to think.

So what better place to use all you want than in the wide walls of your staircase?

With wallpaper

A staircase decorated with the Cole & Son wallpaper

Photography and decoration Make Home Easier

A beautiful wallpaper like this that we see, the paper Woods of the firm Cole & Son, which reviews all the stairs shot and you will not need anything else to add.

Of course you can always put more elements, such as paintings, lights and others, but the paper will have taken care of the large thickness of the staircase decoration.

Wallpaper on the front and the steps

A staircase decorated with wooden frieze, wallpaper on the steps and a plant

Etsy wallpaper

Look at this other narrow staircase above how simple it is and how well it is decorated. It is a beautiful staircase.

And all he has is a wallpaper in front of the steps, a wooden frieze on the walls and a beautiful floor decorating the stair landing.

Nothing recharged, since the decoration of narrow stairs should not be recharged at any time.

A narrow staircase decorated in white with the front of the steps with wallpaper

Etsy wallpaper

Another example, but with another different wallpaper that you can buy here. And it is still a beautiful staircase. Simple, no superfluous noise, pretty.

This is a good idea to decorate narrow stairs, where the walls are better left free to not “close” more.

Thus, we can use the steps to add the decoration, being able to paint in light tones that make it more spacious and bright.

With niches

A staircase with niches on the walls

Leroy Merlin Photography

Smooth in gray tones and with niches on the walls to put some ornament like a vase, a sculpture or whatever you like, without having to do it either on the floor or on the walls.

Thus, the walls of the stairs are clear and “clean.”

Naturally this idea requires a work and a wide staircase.

Creating a pattern on the steps

A staircase with wallpaper on the steps

Leroy Merlin Photography

To decorate a narrow staircase, paint the walls white and gain light and make it visually larger. To decorate it, use the steps, and add color accents.

Of course you can also touch the walls, but not in excess, with subtle elements, letting the main focus of attention be the steps.

With plants and vegetation

A staircase decorated with a plant mural

Leroy Merlin Photography

This is one of the ideas for the decoration of stairs that I like most, for its simplicity, since it is very simple to add plants to any space, for its tremendous decorative power, and for the economic results.

In addition to the visual impact that can be created, and that anyone who sees it will remain open-mouthed for a moment.

With geometric vinyl

A staircase decorated with modern geometric vinyl

Etsy Vinyl

Actually you can decorate the walls of the staircase with any type of decorative vinyl, but these hexagonal geometric cuts have enchanted me for modern stairs, and they are also available in a variety of colors.

As you can imagine, installing them is the simplest.

I found them on Etsy, and you can buy them by clicking here.

With imitation wallpaper …

A staircase with walls decorated with imitation stone wallpaper

Bimago wallpaper

Whether you like wood, stone or concrete walls, there are wallpapers with a great realistic finish that you can use for staircase walls.

This one we see mimics a stone wall, but you have many other wallpapers that mimic all kinds of materials and finishes.

A staircase decorated with walls with 3D wallpaper

Bimago wallpaper

Another wallpaper model that you can use for the walls of your modern staircase of your duplex, is some with 3D effect, like this one that we see above, creating a focal point of the most current.

You will not need anything else to decorate the stairs.

A staircase with the walls with turquoise abstract wallpaper

Bimago wallpaper

And another that I loved, because we can add a perfect decorative touch to a modern staircase, and I have not been able to resist putting it on this list of ideas. An abstract cutting paper in a powerful turquoise.

Well, as you can see, you have wallpapers to leave the stairs of your house, duplex or chalet, made a brush.

Socket and wallpaper

A staircase decorated with wallpaper and pictures

Photography and decoration Life On Virginia Street

If all wallpaper seems too much to you, you can install a wooden plinth at the bottom of the stairs walls, leaving the top free to install a wallpaper.

And in the landings, on the main walls, add other decorative ornaments, such as beautiful paintings, for example.

The lighting

A ladder with hanging lights

Photography ?

As I said before, there are many stairs that are dark. Naturally these passage areas have to be extremely well lit.

And since you have to add lighting, why not do it big? I do not mean putting giant size lamps, but to use luminaire with style and design that brings to the staircase that decorative touch that you are looking for.

A ladder with a metal lamp

Photography ?

Here we see another example.

The ladder has nothing practically. The landing is decorated with two decorative pieces in silver tones and a large picture on the wall, but it is the fantastic metal lamp that puts the decorative accent in a big way, creating a decoration for a modern staircase. Current.

A ladder with hanging lights

Deccoria Photography

Another example where lighting plays a great role in decorating the stairs.

In this case, in addition, a wall has been covered with a false white brick and a glass with a picture format.

Take advantage of the structural elements of the ladder

A staircase decorated with wallpaper

Photography ?

All stairs are different, and while some are free of beams or pillars, others do. Well, if yours has it, here you can see an idea where they have taken good advantage.

Instead of hiding it or camouflaging it in some way, they have taken advantage of it to create a decorative shelf of the most successful in the landing.

With stone

A staircase decorated with a stone wall

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