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17 tricks to make your room look bigger in a day 17 tricks to make your room look bigger in a day
Make a room look bigger It is a really simple task, and that everyone, including you too, will be able to do with this... 17 tricks to make your room look bigger in a day

Make a room look bigger It is a really simple task, and that everyone, including you too, will be able to do with this guide to make a room look bigger than I have prepared.

They are visual and physical resources, tricks and tips that always work. In any room

And you know best of all, that most are free or very cheap, like painting for example.

That said, let’s start with this guide to make your bedroom look more spacious. And bright. And many other things. You will see. In a weekend or less you will have made your bedroom look bigger.

We start!

By the way, although we are going to see several steps, it does not mean that you have to do all. Simply by making one, you will have already made the space look bigger.

Then there will be others that you may or may not want. It is up to you how far you want to go and how many tricks to use.

Cold colors

The guide you need to make your room look bigger: A cold-painted bedroom

Design and photography Juniper Home

We start with the cold tones. Did you know that cold colors when applied to the walls by painting create the effect that the walls “move away”?

This is because They are colors that provide depth, getting this visual effect so good for a small bedroom or a space that we want to make largerDon’t you think

What are the cold colors?

Cold colors are those found in the cold part of the color circle, obviously. Here are some colors:

  • Blue range
  • Green range
  • Lilacs and violets
  • Bluish or greenish gray

The guide you need to make your room look bigger: Chromatic circle

As you can see, you have a lot of colors to paint your bedroom with a cold color. But do you know what is best?

It is that cold tones are relaxing, serene and soothing colors.

So painting your room with cold tones will make it look more spacious and also more relaxing. Don’t you think it’s perfect?

Here you can see 22 relaxing (and cold) colors to paint a bedroom.

The right furniture

Well, this point is basically in case you are going to furnish your room. If you already have it furnished, little can be done.

Although later in the paint tricks to make the room look bigger than we’re going to see, we can still do something with the furniture you already have.

But if you are not going to furnish the room, you can skip this step. This is only for those who are going to furnish it.

I’m not going to roll up much, I’m just going to give you a list of things to consider and suggest some furniture. There it goes:

The guide you need to make your room look bigger: Fair furniture

HomebySoph Photography

  • Use light furniture with straight lines and the lighter the better.
  • Use multipurpose furniture that has more than one function, to save space.
  • Use furniture with legs to see the floor.
  • If you can use suspended furniture such as suspended bedside tables. To see the ground.
  • Convertible beds and sofas.
  • Folding beds that integrate into the closet.
  • High beds with space below to take advantage of the vertical space.

Let’s continue with the following trick:

Apply a monochromatic palette

This is a very interesting trick that can make your room look much bigger.

A monochromatic palette comes to say that all the color in a room is the same.

That is, if you apply a monochrome palette in your bedroom, for example, green, the walls, furniture, textiles and others have to be all green. Even in different tones. Look at the bedroom below:

A monochromatic palette to make your room bigger

Photography Thrifty Decor Chick

Why is this done?

When the eye does not perceive contrast between colors everything seems deeper and, therefore, larger. ← Tweet this.

And if everything is the same color, little contrast will perceive the eye, don’t you think?

This point may seem complicated, but it is simpler than it seems. Here you can see 10 monochrome rooms to see how easy it is and how you can do it in your own room.

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Let’s move on to another trick:

Change the perception of space with paint

Another very useful resource to make a room appear larger overall, or wider, or longer, or taller, is to paint certain walls.

See this example below:

Tricks with paint to make your room look bigger

By painting the ceiling and the wall at the bottom of the space with a cold color such as blue, a sense of continuity is created and these areas are made to appear deeper, which results in the space looking more elongated.

It’s just one of the many tricks to transform space with paint You have at your disposal.

Do you want to modify the perception of space? Use a trick of these and see how it changes.

Let’s see another trick.

Mimetiza the furniture with the walls

Do you remember that before I told you that if you had the room furnished then we were going to see a way to take advantage of that furniture to make the bedroom look bigger?

Well, it’s about the following: Paint the furniture the same color as the walls.

The guide you need to make your room look bigger: Painted furniture the same color as the walls

Interior Photography Twin Instagram @ilsevanelleswijk

Why is this done?

To mimic the furniture with the walls and make the space seem deeper.

As I said before, if the eye does not perceive contrast, it will seem that the bedroom is deeper.

And if the furniture is painted the same color as the walls, there will be no contrast.

But it is not the only way to paint the furniture so that they make the room bigger.

If you don’t like this idea we just saw, you can also paint them white.

White is the color that reflects the highest percentage of sunlight, so it will make your bedroom brighter and appear larger.

If you have dark wood furniture, or wood without more, when you paint them in white you will notice a radical change. Believe me, you’re going to say, But where did this space come from?

Once you get used to wooden furniture, when you paint them white, that first moment is surprising. Everything seems lighter, wider and is much brighter.

Let’s keep going.

Make it look taller with paint

We can also make the bedroom look taller, using only paint.


Very easy, paint the walls up to 10 cm or so below the ceiling.

The guide you need to make your room look bigger: Paint the walls until you reach the ceiling

In this way, we will make the ceiling look taller, that it is higher, and therefore, that the bedroom has a higher height as well.

It is not the only trick there, here you can see others 12 tricks to make the roof look taller.

Let’s see the following:

Paint stripes on the walls or ceiling

Do you know why a horizontal striped shirt makes us fatter? Because we guide the eye from one side to the other making us look wider.

The same principle can be applied to walls and ceiling.

The guide you need to make your room look bigger: Paint vertical or horizontal stripes on the walls

Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss Photography

And not only horizontally, but also vertically.

If we paint any horizontal striped wall, we will make the room look wider or deeper.

If we paint a wall with vertical stripes, we will make the room look taller.

Not only paint, striped wallpapers also create the same effect.

Let’s continue with another trick.

Purge the bedroom

The guide you need to make your bedroom look bigger: Keep the space clear and in order

How many things do you have in your bedroom that you don’t use? Think about it. Look at it carefully.

Now get them out of him.

You are wasting space and making the room seem smaller.

It is drawer, the more loaded a space is, the more crowded and small it will seem.

What do you gain by removing what you don’t use? You make the space look bigger, and also bright, because the light has fewer obstacles to reach every corner.

It is a simple step that in less than 20 minutes you can carry out.

Let’s see the following.

Leave the ground free

You know what One of the biggest effects to make a site look bigger is to leave the ground free? Yes it is. Both for the body and for the eyes. I explain:

If the eye perceives the free ground, it will seem like a clear and wide space.

If the feet can walk freely, without obstacles, the body will tell the brain that it sits in a wide and clear space.

The guide you need to make your room look bigger: Leave the floor clear

Vintage Revivals Photography

So that, Just try this: That you see as much of the skirting board as possible.

Look at your skirting board. Can you see a lot or is it covered by furniture and so on?

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Ok, now try to clear it.

On many occasions it is not possible, since precisely what is covering the baseboard and hiding the floor are the bed, the dresser, the closet and other furniture that we do need.

In this case, only one thing can be done: Lift the furniture.

If the furniture does not have legs and they are glued to the floor, the bedroom will seem more crowded, because smaller amount of floor is seen.

If the furniture has legs and the floor is seen, even the baseboard, the room will appear more spacious.

If your furniture is glued to the floor, you do not want to put them or you can not put legs, or you will change them, you can try another distribution if possible. If it isn’t, forget about this point, and move on to the next one.

Remember, although they all add up, do your best.


Use the heights. Think vertically

There are many ways to take advantage of the space in a small bedroom, but one of the most effective is to take advantage of the high.

The guide you need to make your room look bigger: Take advantage of the heights

Design and photography Lundagard

Usually, we have everything on bass, by hand. It is normal, it is the most comfortable for us.

But we can also use the high, to install shelves, shelves and other elements that will allow us to have the floor clear.

And you remember what happens when a floor is clearer, right? Exact.

So, think vertically, and look at these 25 ways to take advantage of space in a small room.

Let’s keep going.

Remove the curtains and change them for a blind. Or just don’t put anything

As you well know, your curtains, like mine and everyone else’s, have a great visual weight.

And depending on the type of curtain, also physical.

But you have no idea how much until you take them off. It’s amazing.

The guide you need to make your room look bigger: Remove the curtains

Are curtains a necessity for you? Or do you have them on just because you have to have them?

If you have only ornaments, you can remove them completely. And you will notice the difference. Trust me. Do the test.

Not only will you make your room look bigger, but also brighter.

Although the curtains are open at all, on the sides of the window, they are stealing light and space.

You will be surprised when you remove them from the change.

If you care about decoration, do not worry, there are many ways to decorate a window without curtains.

Did you know that Nordics in winter have about 5 hours of sunlight? Well, if you go around Pinterest, Instagram or any other social network of images and look at Nordic style rooms and Nordic bedrooms, you will see that most do not have curtains.

This tells us several things.: That the people who know most about optimizing the light do not use curtains, or, generally, do not use them. (There must be a reason). And that a room without curtains can be equally beautiful and modern. We just have to take a look at several of the Nordic bedrooms that we see around to see the style they have.

If you don’t have the idea of ​​removing the curtains, replace them with a blind.

You can continue to regulate the light and will have gained visual space, since smooth blinds have much less visual weight.

You will see it as soon as you change it.

Let’s move on to another point.

Add mirrors

When I was little, the school took us on an excursion to Zarzuela, the palace where the King of Spain lives or lived.

And among dozens of huge long corridors we saw, the woman who guided us stood in the smallest of all. It was a hall that did not even have 6 square meters.

In that hall, each of the two walls was completely covered by a mirror.

The woman explained to us, since we were children of 6 and 7 years old, that this was done to make that particular small hallway seem much larger, almost infinite. And he made us put each one in front of a mirror to see the effect.

Indeed, as you can imagine, the hall seemed really infinite.

The guide you need to make your room look bigger: Add mirrors

Interior Decor Aid

With this story I don’t want to tell you to line all your mirror walls. But if you use them well, you can make your bedroom look much bigger.

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Some places where you can use them:

  • You can line the doors of the mirrored cabinets.
  • On top of the dresser.
  • On the bed.
  • A mirror standing in a corner.
  • On the night tables.

Add beautiful mirrors that go with your decoration and multiply the light making the room brighter, and, of course, bigger.

Let’s keep going.

Built-in and custom cabinets

The guide you need to make your room look bigger: Built-in wardrobes

If the room is work or you are going to make renovation, there is nothing that optimizes and takes advantage of the space better than built-in and / or custom cabinets.

The carpenter can create the perfect piece of furniture that suits the architecture of your room, even if it is a dormer bedroom or has pillars or backpacks on the walls.

It is a more expensive solution, economically speaking, but it is certainly worth it.

Let’s say it’s the definitive solution.

Let’s move on to another trick.

Separate the furniture from the walls

It seems logical that the more we glue the furniture to the walls, the more space we use and free. And it really is.

But visually the thing changes.


What happened to furniture that has no legs and is attached to the floor? Indeed, they made the space look smaller, because less land was seen.

The same thing happens with the walls, if the furniture is fully glued, it will seem like a whole block, more compacted, tight and recharged.

The guide you need to make your room look bigger: Separate the wall furniture a few centimeters

Etsy Photography

Simply separate them one or two centimeters and so everything will seem lighter, lighter.

Let’s see the next point.

Keep the bedroom in order

The guide you need to make your room look bigger: Bedroom in order

Little must be added at this particular point.

A bedroom full of junk with shelves and shelves without picking up or with many objects, with bedside tables full of items, on top of the dresser plus tackles and thus adds and continues, is a crowded bedroom.

Keep a clear aesthetic and what you have on top of any furniture that is neat and that adds decoration.

How? Here you can see ideas to decorate shelves and here ideas to decorate a bedside table and see how to place all things so that they are neat and create a beautiful visual effect, besides making the room look bigger.

Let’s see more tricks and tips.

Light bedding

Do you remember the curtain trick to make the room look bigger and clearer? Well, this is the same.

The guide you need to make your room look bigger: Light bedding

I have seen beds in which there were up to 10 pillows with pillows. They are very beautiful and decorative, but it really does not work for anything other than when you leave every night you have to remove cushions to put them the next morning.

In addition to making everything seem more ornate.

Be careful, I’m not saying replace the Nordic with a light sheet. The bedding has to warm you up at night. Use everything you think is convenient.

But no more.

The more there is, the more visual space will be eating you.

A simple dressed bed is elegant, modern and makes the bedroom acquire a light hue that never hurts.

Let’s keep going.

Proper lighting

The guide you need to make your room look bigger: Adequate lighting

Design and photography Avenue LifeStyle

This point is for another complete article, and soon we will see it, but I will not extend much, I will simply give you some tips in the form of a list for you to apply the one or those that you think are convenient. Although as I tell you, everything is more extensive than these tips that we will see below:

  • That the furniture does not get in the way of natural light from the windows.
  • Orient your bedroom based on the window.
  • White-painted ceilings reflect a greater amount of natural and artificial light.
  • Use ceiling lamp and bedside tables.
  • If you don’t have space on the bedside table, use wall sconces.
  • If the bedroom is small, do not use a floor lamp
  • If you have closets, you can use lights on the closet.
  • Apply any of these colors to make the bedroom more bright.
  • Prevent artificial lighting from making shadows or will look like a gloomy space.

Now, here you can see 8 tricks to make a brighter bedroom at the moment.

As I said at the beginning All these tricks, tips and ideas to make a small room look bigger are effective and can be done in just under a majority weekend, and without spending money.

Apply as much as you can or as many as you can and you will see how your bedroom really looks bigger, bright and clear.