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Modern rustic bathrooms in perfect balance
Although the rustic bathrooms have their charm and a lot of public, it is true that for many people this decorative style is perhaps a bit excessive. Luckily this style has been updated, resulting in the style rustic modern, softening its finishes, with more refined and less vast lines,... Read more
20 original and lovely bedside tables
It is curious that today to decorate a modern environment use (putting in the worst case) of things found directly in the garbage, or on the street. I’m not saying it’s mandatory, but the recycle all kinds of objects to transform them and give them another use has extended... Read more
17 ideas to paint a modern living room
In the same color, combining two, or several, with trend tones, with some decorative painting technique … There are many ways to paint a modern room and give it a special air thanks to the paint, like these 17 rooms that we have prepared, all they painted with different... Read more
30 ideas to decorate stairs: Walls, rests, railings and steps
If you are lucky (or the misfortune) to have a staircase in your home and you are reading this article, it is because you no longer know what to do with the blessed staircase to decorate it, right? Well, whether I have been successful (yes, I know I have... Read more
50 Modern Coffee Tables To Add Zing To Your Living
A coffee table is undoubtedly a classic staple that can make or break a room’s design, but they aren’t just for throwing your feet up anymore. Modern coffee tables can create extra storage, include a pop-up workspace, double as a terrarium, or even be a spot to stash your... Read more