The thousand ways to share environments without walls (part 2)

The thousand ways to share environments without walls (part 2)

Continuing the list of the various ways to divide walls without walls (click to see the 1st part), let’s go to more examples of very nice partitions for your integrated apartment:

6) Bookshelves: The shelf is a functional partition, which may or may not be leaked (increasing or not privacy and brightness) and or not to the ceiling (depending on your need). It uses vertical space, making it a good solution for environments.

As the subject is rich, this post also talks about room partitions.

7) Various furniture: Using furniture or adding functionality to visually divide space is also great in multifunctional environments like the one below:

Here a fireplace divides the room in the upper picture and in the lower one the furniture has a double function in the 2 separate rooms. And see more ideas below:

9) The so-called ripped panels are up, are durable and beautiful:

And in this link, another example of creativity in the division of environments.

10) Many more options! – That’s the truth: Options end when your creativity ends. So I will make another post showing other options that do not fit the divisions above. Wait!

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