Planned Kitchen – 50 Models with Prices and Used Materials Planned Kitchen – 50 Models with Prices and Used Materials
Check out the planned kitchen projects we’ve selected and get inspired to invest in yours! Your planned kitchen can have everything: cabinets, counters, island,... Planned Kitchen – 50 Models with Prices and Used Materials

Check out the planned kitchen projects we’ve selected and get inspired to invest in yours! Your planned kitchen can have everything: cabinets, counters, island, and here you will also see planned corner kitchens that are projects that make even more of the small spaces. And of course, all very realistic with budgets that will fit in your pocket. Enjoy the tips!

Due to its customization it is possible to create various spaces in the kitchen, such as this mini bar. Projects like this are found in the market for approximately $ 4,000.

Project signed by: Natalia Salla

By using colored coatings, called Formica, you can choose the color that best suits your kitchen and abuse combinations.

Project signed by: Iná Arquitetura

The outdoor kitchen is also a space of the house that deserves attention. It is good to keep in mind that furniture with handle embedded in wood cost more in the final value, being this Project around R $ 4 thousand.

Project signed by: Iná Arquitetura

The versatility of the furniture allows a series of creations, as in this kitchen, where wood also served to create a room divider, hiding the side of the refrigerator, as well as a countertop for quick meals.

Project signed by: Fabiana Gimenez

Besides the formica options with colors, it is still possible to find in the market lacquered woods, that is, with paint finish. This kitchen, with great use of space and well colored comes out in the range of $ 15 thousand.

Project signed by: Duda Senna

In addition to wood cladding, there are other materials available on the market, such as glass. The choice brings differential details to the Projects, as in this kitchen, where only the upper part of the furniture has the white glass finish.

Project signed by: Cristina Rocha

This kitchen contains various appliances such as: side by side refrigerator, microwave, oven, dishwasher and cooktop. Projects like this are easily found on the market for about $ 10,000.

Project signed by: FMStudio Arquitetura

Typically designed furniture is found with predefined modulations, creating various fittings in the kitchen. Thus, there is room for several modules: drawers, counters, tilters, niches, among others.

Project signed by: Giovanna Gogosz Arquitetura

Amazingly, there are coatings that recreate even other coatings, such as: burnt cement (present in the gray cabinets of this Project), demolition wood, patina, crochet, graphics, fabric, stainless steel, among others. Because they have more noble coatings, kitchens in this model cost around $ 15,000.

Project signed by: Fernanda Guizi

Another beautiful detail of the furniture planned are the handles, these yes have a lot of diversity. One of the most functional models for the kitchen is the inlaid, as in this kitchen, where the entrance door is carved in the wood itself.

Project signed by: Duda Senna


In this project we have the bottom of the kitchen with built-in aluminum handles, ideal for the place, since it does not oxidize with time and contact with water. With plenty of mirror and aluminum, the project of this kitchen costs on average $ 8,000.

Project signed by: Our only 236

An amazing combination tip to add to your Project is the independence of furniture at the bottom and top, so if you don’t want them to be the same, well .. you don’t have to.

Project signed by: Iná Arquitetura

Lighting is another item that further enhances the design of the kitchen. It is good to keep in mind that projects with glass, as in this kitchen, cost more than just wood, costing an average of $ 10,000, depending on the size of the environment.

Project signed by: Ivory Environments

The built-in tower that receives microwave and oven needs space in the rear, although invisible to the eyes, space is needed. Thus, warm air comes out of the top and does not swell the wood over time.

Project signed by: Haus

White always has a more affordable price, but the more modulated your project is, the more value will be added to your budget. This project, for example, is in the range of $ 11,000.

Project signed by: Iná Arquitetura

Kitchen furniture design can not only provide for modulations but also other items such as tables, countertops and even TV panels. This makes it possible to create a pattern in the tones used in the environment.

Project signed by: Leila Dionizio Arquitetura

An important tip for saving on the project is to bet on fewer but larger modules. This same project would cost something around R $ 6 thousand.

Project signed by: Claudia Debax

Sharp objects are often handled in kitchens, even compromising furniture. Therefore, if you have a very active profile in the environment, choose clear and matte coatings for your project, thus ensuring the durability of your planned.

Project signed by: Apê 1204

If your home has an outdoor area, however small, you can add furniture and, of course, maintain an even more organized environment to receive that barbecue. Being relatively smaller, the project of this environment would be in the range of $ 2,000.

Project signed by: Adriana Fontana Interior Design

Wood materials are always cheaper than glass or lacquers. So one way to make your budget fit in your pocket without giving up what you like is by including the most expensive items in the details, like in this kitchen, which has some glass doors on top.

Project signed by: Nádia Takatama

For the kitchen, a very functional item is the spice door, usually installed next to the stove. It is important to keep in mind that modules have individual prices as well as accessories. This modulation, for example, costs on average $ 400.

Project signed by: Custom Furniture

Before making the project, consider the measurements of all appliances you will buy or get the dimensions from the designer. This will give you extremely custom items, with no surprise at the time of installation.

Project signed by: Cirlene Reco

Although with transparency, glasses also add value to the budget. This project, for example, costs on average $ 4,000.

Project signed by: Laura Signorini

Another show of spice door in the kitchen. This way you can cook with all the items right next to you, much more practical and of course extremely functional.

Project signed by: GL Móveis

The trash bin above the sink is also a thing of the past. Planned furniture brands also already have built-in dumpsters. The accessories, which are a plus in the budget, also vary in price, costing on average $ 150.00.

Project signed by: Dani Souza


In this project, the counters gained a better worked coating. The doors gained textures and different color to the top, including, drawing much more attention of the project. Beautiful, isn’t it ?!

Project signed by: Ivory Environments

This kitchen bet on furniture just at the bottom. The item in graphite matt lacquer has received recessed cavities in the doors and a space for a built-in stove, also with the same coating. This project can be budgeted with an average price of $ 4,500.

Project signed by: Iná Arquitetura

This Project thought of furniture just for the bottom and put together two amazing color combinations. The tones of light wood and blue. Detail for the protrusion of the niches in blue, advanced woody tone.

Project signed by: Nadia Takatama

An important tip of the modulated in this environment is that they are suspended, ie, installed on the wall and 20 cm away from the floor. The space is considered ideal for cleaning the kitchen without damaging the furniture. If you are looking for a cheap furniture, this model is the most suitable, costing on average $ 3,000.

Project signed by: Madrid Marmoraria

The furniture is also widely used to divide the kitchen and living room, and of course, add even more space for storing utensils. In this project the furniture still gained a black granite finish to the floor.

Project signed by: Apartamento 32

Counters can also occupy other spaces in the kitchen, creating even an environment for groceries, buffet, bar, crockery, dry bench for snacks, among others. Because it is a relatively smaller piece, its price is also low in the market, costing an average of $ 600.

Project signed by: Impacta Móveis

An important tip when choosing your furniture is to be aware of the sink space in the sink. The item usually eliminates some of the interior space of the furniture.

Project signed by: Planned Furniture

Another counter show dividing environments. In a furniture project it typically runs on top kitchen modules as they have a smaller depth and a higher height. The item, when not covered with much wood, can cost an average of $ 300.

Project signed by: Experiencing  

In this Project, besides dividing the environment, the furniture also serves as support for the installation of the table, also planned.

Project signed by: Apartamento 32

The counter can also serve as a counter for quick meals, earning beautiful drumsticks. There will be no room for anything in the kitchen! The workbench costs very little in planned furniture design, costing an average of $ 200, depending on the materials chosen.

Project signed by: Prosto W. Szarosci

This project also kept a smaller depth in the furniture, so the item does not compromise the space of the other environment, in this case, the room. In this kitchen, the furniture plays the role of dishwasher.

Project signed by: Our only 44

The kitchen counter also occupies the dry area of ​​the room. Where was included microwave space and even niches. In this project, just the bench would represent something around $ 600 with the color white.

Project signed by: Cincocinco Arquitetura

This project gained even more space with the installation of the island counter as a dry area. The space is ideal for quick meals, as well as creating a larger, integrative environment where more than one person can cook together.

Project signed by: Homify

With the function of dividing environments, this Project had the help of the counter to embed the electric oven, as well as serve as support for the living room table. The materials chosen for this workbench would cost an average of R $ 2,500.

Project signed by: Isabel Ferreira

Another counter show dividing and integrating environments. In this project wins drawers, precisely because it is attached to the table. After all, functionality is a very important item in a furniture design. This project, which contains a lot of wood, an average budget would be around R $ 12 thousand.

Project signed by: Our Apê 114

With island

Because they are independent and yet complementary spaces in a Project, furniture need not necessarily follow a pattern. In this kitchen, the wet area and wall receive formica gray, while island adds woody tones.

Project signed by: Joinery Hal Design

This incredible design has designed a compact island that will fit beyond the stove, a space for quick meals. The end result is amazing. As for the Project budget, its cost varies around R $ 20 thousand, due to the choice of materials in red formica and handles carved in wood.

Project signed by: Iná Arquitetura

We usually see island kitchen options in very spacious homes and apartments, but more compact environments can also get the item. This project is a good example of this.

Project signed by: Eliane Mesquita Arquitetura

One of the great charms of a Project is the bronze reflecting glass, which has color aspects, besides being mirrored. Its average price is around $ 1,000.

Project signed by: Leila Dionizio


When receiving the stove on the island, the utilization of the planned furniture is much greater, since it does not compromise the structure of the furniture. In this Project, the place was chosen to receive more prominence, winning finishing with milky white glass doors.

Project signed by: Castro and Mauricio Constructors

Projects with deep work on the doors guarantee a good aggregate in the final budget, an average cost of $ 30,000 in this kitchen, for example.

Project signed by: Arbor Architecture and Design

Simple and well packed, this island has added a quick dining space. Despite always having a greater depth, the modulation of the planned reach up to 60 cm deep, thus allowing excellent space for benches.

Project signed by: Ingrid Zarza Arquitetura

Island space can also gain top-up add-ons like this beautiful suspended niche. The furniture in question reflects little in the final budget of a Project, around R $ 500.

Project signed by: Priscila Bailoni

This project included all kitchen items on the island: dry area and wet area. The granite also gained a space for the trash, also embedded in the stone.

Project signed by: Madrey Móveis

This project integrated the kitchen and living room, allowing the rear of the island to also include a small counter for quick meals. The telescopic slide used in this Project (visible in the last drawer) is the most used in the planned projects and even has the option with damping, something around R $ 35 each pair.

Project signed by: Nathy Sahid Interiors

One more island show adding plenty of furniture space to the kitchen. In this project, the item gets counters and drawers, great modulations to concentrate cutlery and pans, all very close to the stove.

Project signed by: Legacy Interior Design

This project included extensive drawers on the island. These, with wood tones interspersed in the doors in order to bring an aesthetic concept to the environment. This kitchen, as well as the chosen coatings, would be around $ 20 to 30 thousand.

Project signed by: House Decor

Counters, counters and more counters. This project included a lot of furniture outside the kitchen, which can be used with a real buffet for the living room, next to a dining table, for example.

Project signed by: Galeazzo Design

Another amazing island show in the kitchen. In this project the granite basin extended and created a true table. This kitchen, in a more popular store like Italy would cost on average $ 10,000 to $ 15,000.

Project signed by: Damilanostudio

This island has gained several details, such as a built-in space for an air-conditioned wine cellar, as well as the quick dining bench. In addition, the furniture gets aluminum profile handles embedded in the door, keeping the aesthetics clean of the environment.

Project signed by: Juliana Pippi

Corner (L)

Ideal for taking advantage of all kitchen spaces, the L or U furniture is those that stand in the corner of the countertops and that usually, without the aid of a planned furniture, tend to lose internal storage space.

Project signed by: Decora Pow

In this project L concentrated the built-in stove. The idea is great because it ensures the use of wall-mounted modulations without any loss of space.

Project signed by: Decora Powop n

This Project concentrated dry area of ​​the workbench in L, adding the cooktop to the space. In addition, the item serves as a backrest for the dining table. This kitchen, on average, costs something like $ 5,000.

Project signed by: Mariana Vasconcellos

This project ensured full use of the furniture at the bottom and top of the kitchen. In these environments, the modulated has a single door that gives access to all lateral depth of the furniture.

Project signed by: Haus

For homes and apartments that have not yet gained gas plumbing, L-modulating can be a great option for hiding the gas cylinder. In this case, the module needs to gain a door of approximately 60 to 70 cm.

Project signed by: Mariane and Marilda Baptista

A lot of symmetry in this L-shaped kitchen design. The furniture however only accompanies the bottom of the countertop. Detail also for the composition of coatings, which on the top includes glass doors, while on the bottom includes only wooden doors.

Project signed by: ltalínea Móveis

Another important tip for the Project budget is to pay attention to the L modulations available in the market. Usually the most affordable module are those with a single revolving door. There are still other options available that we show below. The project with vast counters can be found in the market for approximately $ 6,000.

Project signed by: Lussietto Imóveis

Retractable drawers for L-countertops are an excellent option, albeit at their most expensive price. This is due to the hardware used to install the furniture.

Project signed by: Flavin Architects

This beautiful L-shaped worktop has gained space for the built-in stove, as well as some furniture at the bottom. This kitchen can be found at planned furniture stores for approximately $ 4,000.

Project signed by: Cristiane Schiavoni

This compact U-shaped kitchen has gained even more space with the aid of custom designed furniture. Modulations have even made room for the dishwasher.

Project signed by: Andrade & Mello Arquitetura

Another showcase of small spaces that can be much better utilized with the help of the planned furniture. Compact and functional, this project would cost around R $ 4 thousand.

Project signed by: Inoxlon

An important point of attention when choosing your furniture is to be aware of the opening of the doors. In this Project, for example, when opening the corner furniture, it will naturally knock on the oven door.

Project signed by: Taciane Martina

The entries in L also receive a break, as in this Project, in which the space of the stove does not gain continuity with the stone. Still, there are modulations that fit perfectly into the remaining spaces.

Project signed by: VS Arquitetura e Construção

Another important tip to watch out for is the choice of handle, which can also knock on other doors, damaging the furniture’s lining. In this case, prioritize embedded pulls.

Project signed by: Italínea Móveis

This U-shaped kitchen has gained even more space with the help of the planned ones, including space to embed the appliances. Detail for the handles, which brought even more elegance and sophistication to the Project, its average price costs around $ 20 per unit.

Project signed by: They decorate
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