Minnies Kids Party Decoration Minnies Kids Party Decoration
The topic of Minnie It pleases many mothers and also the girls, because it is sweet and full of details to choose. To escape... Minnies Kids Party Decoration

The topic of Minnie It pleases many mothers and also the girls, because it is sweet and full of details to choose. To escape the traditional, choose to decorate the party in pink instead of the classic red. The combination of colors is what will give personality at your daughter’s party, so you prefer bright card if you use the rose.

The option for pink can be combined with black and white, resulting in a beautiful and super feminine decoration. These tones along with many plush Minnie end up highlighting even more the main table. But there are still those people who love the traditional Minnie: red dress of white ball. For anyone who chooses this idea, it is legal to invest in poás, either in the chalkboard behind the main table, in balloons, in tablecloths and so on.

For those who prefer a daring party, you can invest in bespoke sweets, a sweet cake with character, birthday gift box, Minnie stamped drinks pack, flowers on the main table and a complete set of this famous character from Disney.

Now take a look at our ideas with this theme to create a nice party:

Picture 1 – Minnie decoration for snack stick

Image (1)

Picture 2 – Minnie’s decoration for popcorn package

Image (2)

Picture 3 – Decoration for guest table

Image (3)

Picture 4 – Minnie decoration for shelf with souvenir

Image (4)

Picture 5 – Minnie decoration for a table with sweets

Image (5)

Picture 6 – Decoration in black and red

Image (6)

Picture 7 – Minnie decoration in pink

Image (7)

Image 8 – Minnie decoration for centerpiece

figure 8)

Picture 9 – Decoration for the main table

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Image (9)

Pic 10 – Minnie decoration for personalized box with the name of the birthday child

Image (10)

Picture 11 – Minnie decoration with bar style

Image (11)

Picture 12 – Decoration for wafers in drawing format

Image (12)

Picture 13 – Minnie cake decoration with balloons on the wall

Image (13)

Picture 14 – Minnie’s invitation decoration

Image (14)

Picture 15 – Decoration for dessert spoon

Image (15)

Picture 16 – Minnie’s decoration with poo balloons

Image (16)

Picture 17 – Minnie’s decoration for personalized sweets

Image (17)

Picture 18 – Decoration for sweets plate

Image (18)

Picture 19 – Minnie decoration for souvenirs

Image (19)

Image 20 – Minnie’s decoration for sweets in glass pot

Image (20)

Picture 21 – Decoration for candy table

Image (21)

Picture 22 – Minnie decoration for drinking straw

Image (22)

Picture 23 – Minnie decoration for the ball support

Image (23)

Picture 24 – Decoration for simple main table

Image (24)

Picture 25 – Minnie decoration for drink table

Image (25)

Picture 26 – Minnie’s decoration in black and pink

Image (26)

Picture 27 – Decoration with flowers

Image (27)

Picture 28 – Minnie decoration for the support of the ball

Image (28)

Picture 29 – Decoration of the Minnie with balloons hanging on the ceiling

Image (29)

Picture 30 – Minnie’s decoration for colorful candies

Image (30)

Picture 31 – Decoration for souvenirs with delicate style

Image (31)

Image 32 – Minnie decoration for custom cakes

Image (32)

Figure 33 – Minnie decoration for ball table

Image (33)

Picture 34 – Decoration with headbows in character format

Image (34)

Picture 35 – Minnie decoration for main table with sophisticated style

Image (35)

Picture 36 – Minnie decoration for water bottles

Image (36)

Picture 37 – Decoration for a little party

Image (37)

Figure 38 – Minnie decoration for main table with plush character

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Image (38)

Picture 39 – Minnie decoration for metal buckets

Image (39)

Picture 40 – Decoration for sweets with character format

Image (40)

Picture 41 – Minnie decoration for main table

Image (41)

Picture 42 – Minnie decoration with red poa plate

Image (42)

Picture 43 – Decoration with princess style

Image (43)

Picture 44 – Minnies Decor for spoon sweets

Image (44)

Picture 45 – Minnie decoration with pink furniture

Image (45)

Picture 46 – Decoration for a simple souvenir

Image (46)

Picture 47 – Minnie decoration for full table

Image (47)

Picture 48 – Minnie decoration for drinking bottle

Image (48)

Picture 49 – Decoration for main table with cupcake

Image (49)

Picture 50 – Minnie table decoration with personalized sweets

Image (50)