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Living Room Chandelier – 50 Options for All Styles Living Room Chandelier – 50 Options for All Styles
Check out inspirations of living room chandeliers that will help you choose the ideal model for your type of decoration! The chandeliers can be... Living Room Chandelier – 50 Options for All Styles

Check out inspirations of living room chandeliers that will help you choose the ideal model for your type of decoration! The chandeliers can be used in the dining, living or TV rooms, in the integrated rooms and in the high ceilings, where you can install the functional and decorative object in the very modern pendant model! Check out the tips of chandelier types and pricing to plan and buy yours!

Dining room

Supermodern the lamp steals the scene under the dining table. The Atom model in gold comes out for R $ 516, at Tok & Stok.

Author: Peterson Brito Design

Integrated with the balcony, the dining room receives abundant natural light during the day. But at night, it needed reinforcement of a pendant.

Author: Verzato Architecture

A classic model was chosen to brighten the dining room. A good trick for propagating lighting is to add a mirror to the room. A model like these leaves $ 300.

Author: VC2H Architecture

Eight-arm chandelier ensures a classic look for the dining environment. For 700 in MadeiraMadeira.

Author: Iara Kílaris

In the center of the eight-person dining table, the architects bet on a metallic chandelier with crystals inside. Refinement just right.

Author: House 612

To bring movement to the decoration, the bet was to use four pendants at different heights. The look was stripped and brought a touch of modernity to the environment.

Author: Arq092 Architecture

Style is not lacking in this environment that brings the brick on the wall. As a highlight the bet was to use chandeliers with hollow domes. For $ 300 each.

Author: Solaris Decor

With white base, the highlight was the copper pendant. You can find a model from R $ 150.

Author: Paola Cury

Impossible not to notice this golden chandelier that is the center of attention in this dining room. A similar model is found for $ 700.

Author: Barbara Architecture

In this dining room full of current elements, such as the wall-mounted geometric frames, the multi-domed luminaire is a prominently priced comrade item. Out $ 300.

Author: Bibiana Menegaz


The crystal chandelier is the highlight of this living room. With dark elements such as the rack, it needed spot lighting to lighten the room.

Author: SC Arquitetura

The chandeliers were positioned side by side in this living room. The option has made the environment more intimate, perfect for chatting with friends.

Author: Dash Space Architecture

Here, the lighting was placed on the rack as a decorative effect. Diamond models are $ 150 each.

Author: Encuarte

Impossible not to fall in love with this chandelier in the center of the dining room. In copper and black, comes out about $ 800.

Author: Carolina Nogueira Studio

The hanging strands were positioned on the side table, bringing an industrial feel to composition. Each spinning leaves $ 20.

Author: Haifatto

No room for the side table with a lamp? The solution may be to place a pendant next to the sofa, leaving the perfect space for a good read. The model comes out $ 89.

Author: Atelier Luz

Color is not lacking in this environment! Therefore, it is necessary to invest in white dots that guarantee lightness in the living room.

Author: Westwing

Another example of how the wire pendant makes the look lighter and still ensures a super-current industrial climate for the composition. For R $ 93.

Author: Atelier Luz 

Elements such as natural fibers, green and plants have left the living room with a natural atmosphere. To break the style, the choice was to bet on a metallic chandelier.

Author: Oldbrandnew

Contemporary style is all about metal elements, as is the case of the pendant that fits in perfectly with the fendi palette.

Author: Pindario


The TV room featured prominent elements such as the black brick wall and the wooden slat panel. The chandelier brings apparent filament lamps, comes out on average $ 45.

Author: DD Interiors

The lighting in this industrial-style room was done with a ceiling-to-wall rail. So you didn’t have to spend on embedding the wiring.

Author: Chez Nadi

A black wire chandelier broke the all-white base in this TV room. To ensure warmth, the choice was to use a wooden rack.

Author: Svensk Fastighetsförmedling

The lighting track follows the entire length of the TV room, ensuring a directed lighting to the corner. A trail leaves from R $ 70.

Author: A’LENTIL Design

Supermodern chandelier with pine wood, exposed wiring and filament lamps.

Author: Stephen Coelho

A good way to create focal point lighting is with the light rail. Each spot can be directed to one side, illuminating the entire environment.

Author: Nossoape.101

The lighting in the TV room consists of lighting embedded in a tear of plaster and a chandelier in the center. The value of the luminaire is $ 400.

Author: Nossoape155

The light rail that can be found for R $ 150 is the light point of this Scandinavian style TV room.

Authorship; _Apto32

The pendant with two lamps was positioned beside the rack as a decorative piece, enhancing the 3D effect of the wall covering.

Author: Quality Decor Express

The chandelier in the center of the room gained extra reinforcement: a fan. The output is functional and did not impair the look of the environment. For $ 700.

Author: Apto806


The integrated living and dining rooms have a mirror that leaves the room wider and the lamp gives a distinctive touch!

Author: De Paula and Nóbrega

In the clean and modern environment, in gray and black tones, the freijó wood laminate gave more coziness. The luminaire is the protagonist of the environment, a similar model comes out $ 1,200.

Author: Camila Fleck

The lamp in the center of the dining table brings a super modern look to the integrated rooms.

Author: My Apartment

Tok & Stok’s Atomo chandelier makes it beautiful in this environment where blue reigns. Black comes in as a point of contrast on the geometric carpet.

Author: Larissa Ienerich Architecture

Three pendants were positioned under the dining table, creating a point of light between the integrated environments.

Author: Doob Architecture

The industrial style was completed with the pendant lamp in the center of the dining table. The model in black steals the scene in the environment.

Author: MNBR Architects

Living room, TV and dining room occupy the same space. A double lamp chandelier ensured an intimate mood for the dining room.

Author: Marcela Madureira

This project with integrated social area has a golden lamp in the dining room that brings a modern look to the colorful environment.

Author: Doob Architecture

With the neutral base, the mission of ensuring a stripped look was left to the wire chandelier. A model like these leaves $ 120.

Author: Semerene Architecture

The neutral base allowed a: m Studio architects to invest in a large luminaire that is featured in every social area. A similar model comes out for $ 650.

Author: a: m studio

High right foot

Nothing better to fill a double height than a breathtaking chandelier! The Victorian model ensured a classic look to the environment. A model like this leaves $ 1,500.

Author: Stockler and Posanske Studio

High ceilings in the living room allowed for a crystal pendant chandelier.

Author: Caio Pelisson

The architect Caio Pelisson bet on integrated environments for this project. The living room has a classic chandelier and white staircase with inverted garden.

Author: Caio Pelisson

The ground floor house has the living room with double height. Fully integrated and harmonious environments decorated in the classic style.

Author: Caio Pelisson

Modern, the house has received minimalist decor with neutral elements and a chandelier in the center of the dining table.

Author: Babi Teixeira

Lighting that values ​​the high ceiling and a delicate décor that brings warmth to the environment. The model leaves on average $ 850.

Author: Juliana Perine Architecture

The chandelier guarantees lightness to the environment that has concrete walls. A chandelier like this leaves $ 750.

Author: Delson or Sherman Architects

A large chandelier was used in the center of the living room and is the star of the room.

Author: Cristina and Laura Bezamat
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