How to prevent a reform project from going over budget?

How to prevent a reform project from going over budget

Preventing the reform from going over budget is the main difficulty of those who will change a property. Unnecessary spending, purchasing the wrong amount of materials and unforeseen events are the major villains in this process.

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But you can use simple techniques that help lower costs and not extrapolate your initial budget. project (Of course having a well planned project is essential BEFORE EVERYTHING!): Calculating materials, paying people, and even hiring a virtual professional are some tips. And don’t ignore the technology! Applications can be a useful tool to streamline your work. Check out:

1. In small renovations you can calculate the amount of materials yourself

How many pieces per square meter will be needed for renovation? How many gallons of paint will you need? This calculation is fundamental to avoid overburdening the work budget, avoiding unnecessary expenses and repurchasing materials (which may no longer be available). Here’s how to calculate how many blocks per square meter for your project.

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2. Quotation of materials

After choosing and listing the materials needed for the renovation, the next step is to quote them and the labor for installation. This quote can be done with the help of professionals, surveys in the building supply stores or over the internet and applications. There are several simulators that calculate prices according to the surface of the work, including prices, hydraulic renovations, paintings, etc. (Simple Reform, Construfácil, Construcalc, etc)

A makeover is a success when it gives you what you want, costs what you should, is delivered on time and stress free (Photos: Before and After SimpleDecoracao Customer Bathroom)

3 Avoid buying materials before renovation project

A common practice for reformers is to buy materials months in advance, even before the project is designed, thinking it will save money. But without knowing exactly what will be done and how, the possibility of making a mistake is huge.

Therefore, buy the materials after the reform project has been prepared.

Hold back the temptation to rush to the stores before you have a project in hand (photo: G1)

4 Choose the best payment methods

Analyzing well the possible forms of payment is indispensable and can make a big difference in the final total amount. The cash option can guarantee more discounts than the installment payment.

For payroll, you can split it into an initial percentage, and another when you finish retirement OR according to the progress of reform activities. A good project schedule is essential for this as I consider the most assured way to have your project reformed on time.

5 Hire a virtual professional

Finally, another way to cut back on spending and reform with less uncertainty is to when the type of reform allows (*), do the project or a consulting online with an architect, engineer or virtual interior designer.

This type of service is generally cheaper than the physical presence of the professional on site. The professional can advise on the best use of space, suitable and quality materials and solutions that bring comfort, economy, safety and beauty according to your taste.

(*) ATTENTION: For renovations involving wall changes (knock down, build, make openings, etc.) or increased load (installation of bathtubs, swimming pools etc.) require the presence of the professional in the work to be performed with safety. In addition, for legalization of works For a larger person, it is mandatory that there is a technical responsible person who issues documents and personally accompanies the work.

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Of course, unexpected situations can always occur, but with good design and planning and competent professionals You will have more security and economy! Share your experience with us!

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