70 Ways to Decorate a Girls Room

70 Ways to Decorate a Girls Room

Classic style guides this girl’s room design with the color palette composed of neutral and delicate shades of white, cream and rosé. In contrast, the mirrored wardrobe in sliding doors came into play. The furniture is easily found in stores from 1000 reais!

Project: Stained Glass Architecture

The planned carpentry ensured the playful mood of the room, with the cottage-shaped bed, a cottage-shaped bed is easily found from R $ 400.

Project: WVS Arquitetura

The unicorn theme is the highlight of this girl’s room, this environment has made use of pastel blue and pink tones, with nuances in white and ivory, the delicate and charming starry wallpaper tops off the composition.

Project: Angeli Ginateli

To compose the decoration of the environment, the responsible architect bet on a slatted wood panel as a background for the girl’s room. Pink gradient cabinet is featured and duo with cloud-print wallpaper.

Project: Studio Gaia

Designed for a young teen aged 10 to 14, the room features custom-designed Patina Pearl wood cabinets, leaving the most sober environment, perfect to keep up with the growth of the small resident. Highlighting the beautiful nightstand mirrored in white laminated wood!

Project: Claudiny

Tailor-made, the woodwork of this room features hollow niches that showcase the floral wallpaper. As a highlight, the light wire ensures a playful touch to the children’s space.

Project: Filippe Araújo

Perfect for a teenager the room features a neutral base and pink-turquoise and pink objects. The décor features the heart-shaped pink niche, polka dot wall print, and LED 3D light, easily found in stores starting at $ 10.

Project: Petite Interior

The burnt pink came into play in the planned cabinet making, the recessed niches in the wall provide space to organize toys without taking up space in circulation.

Project: Aline Dal’Pizzol

The shelf doubles as a desk in this girl’s room. The Provencal mirror allows you to use the space as a dressing table as well.

Project: Licia Cardoso and Rafaella Resende

The room was designed in Arena Saloni wood, the niches under the bed allow you to enjoy the underused space, while the wall panel helps to warm the environment. To break the monotony, the wallpaper features geometric designs and elements in pink and turquoise.

Project: Larissa Fabre

Modern girl’s room in shades of white and baby pink, the highlight is the beautiful resting and reading space on the side made by the overhanging wood with niches and a space to sit!

Project: Ana Lore

White served as a backdrop for the young woman’s room. The pink-pink chair stands out on the desk, which can later be used as a dressing table by the resident.

Project: Patrícia Azoni

Book shelves, cabana and low bed, these are some of the elements that make the girl’s room Montessorian – in this style of decoration everything is within the reach of the little ones to aid in the development and coordination of the motor.

Project: Asenne Architecture

The classic style is present in this girl’s room with elements such as the canopy and the dressing table, the highlight of this ambience is undoubtedly the beautiful classic white wooden dressing table, easily found for a value ranging from 250 to 300 reais!

Project: Heller Arquitetura

Young girl room with the hippie-chic theme in a colorful make-up on the orange and green palette with the white background! Beaded white wood coating makes the environment lighter and more elegant!

Project: Macedo Covolo


The use of sweet color tones such as baby pink and beige make up the color palette of this nursery. The highlight of this environment was this beautiful breastfeeding armchair, affordable the price is close to $ 300.

Project: TriArt Arquitetura

Girl’s room in a contemporary style in a composition in coral, white, pink and blue! The little resident’s love for butterflies is evident in the 3D wall stickers.

Project: +2 Architecture

Girl’s suite in a modern style in a simple composition in the palette of lilac, purple and white! The highlight was this dressing table that serves as a side table by the bed, easily found for $ 200.

Project: América Arquitetura

In the mirror you can see that the room has a crib and single bed, the headboard made in T-shirt is highlighted, leaving the most comfortable space for the little resident!

Project: Kris Bristot

Girl and baby room brings the Montessorian style in a delicate shades composition in the palette of pink and pastel blue, highlighting this beautiful white Montessorian cottage bed, with an average value of R $ 200 to R $ 300.

Project: Kids Architecture

The soft composition in the color palette of fennel, pastel green, white and wood is perfect for the forest theme. The highlight was this beautiful bed Montessoriana half wooden house, which is easily found from $ 300 reais.

Project: Bruna Lourenço and Paula Passini

Delicate girl’s room in classic composition in the pink and white palette, the highlight of this environment was the baby pink decorative niches, found in decoration stores from R $ 30.

Project: TCarvalho

The girl’s and baby’s room, designed in a delicate and simple pink and pastel blue composition, the highlight of this environment was the planned carpentry that allowed to make the most of the environment, reserving space for bunk and crib.

Project: Vivyan Modesto

Beautiful girl’s room with desk and play area! In a light and delicate composition with the use of shades of pink and white, this piece is ideal for children to stimulate this age!

Project: Pereira Reade

Dark green was the basis for the design of this room which featured the Provencal dresser in place of the nightstand, patterned curtains and neutral bedding, so as not to weigh in on the environment.

Project: Stanley Martin

Simple and delicate girl’s room in retro composition in soft tones like baby pink and white, highlighting this beautiful white wood children’s bed, easily found for a value of R $ 300.

Project: Decorate Idelli Environments

Unisex room in a composition under the palette of yellow, gray, white and light wood! The playful theme brings animals such as elephant, cow and bird. To finish off the composition, the room has a cloud print on the wall.

Project: Ex Arquitetura

Who says a girl’s room always needs to be pink? The highlight of this environment was the green wall, which comes out of the obvious and brings a sophisticated touch to the environment.

Project: L2 Architecture


The Montessorian bedroom features the geometric wall of shades of gray and pink, as well as the golden dust. The flush floor bed allows the little girl to get out of bed whenever she wants.

Project: Karine Battu

With the pair of Cilios Made in mdf LED luminaires and lighted handwriting, the ambience is even more charming! Roll of wallpaper Brick 1.5 x 0.5 m Brick comes out R $ 40.

Project: Ana Cano Milman

The Pied de Poule print never goes out of style and architect Nathalia Bilibio knows it. A roll of 3 x 0.50 m leaves $ 80 on Papel Decor.

Project: Nathalia Bilibio

The bunk is always a wildcard for those who have little space here, instead of a conventional nightstand the desk came into play. The highlight is the checkered wall in different shades, such as pink, blue and green.

Project: Studio Monfre

The bed went to the top while the space below was used to create a reading and study corner. To finish off the composition, the choice was a floral wallpaper, next to the upper bed.

Project: Aline Fleet

Beautiful and elegant girl’s room with ballet decoration in neutral tones the highlight of this environment was the beautiful ballerina wallpaper, which can be found from R $ 40.

Project: Cassia Sword

Beautiful delicate girl’s room in a flora and angels theme in a composition of coral tones, white and pink nuances, in addition to the floral wallpaper!

Project: Gleide Belfort

Beautiful girl’s room in shades of pink, beige and tiffany-green. The focus is on the cloud wall, a pattern that can be won with a beautiful wallpaper.

Project: Petite Interior

Floral is always welcome in girls’ rooms and guarantee a romantic touch to the environment. This is the case of the bedroom designed by Érica Terossi.

Project: Érica Terossi

The vertical stripes on the wallpaper give the feeling of a higher ceiling. Here, the choice was for shades of pink, yellow and turquoise.

Project: Vaz Vaz

Geometric wallpaper is the perfect setting to include the other decorative elements of the girl’s room, such as the wood panel and the roof-shaped cabinet making.

Project: Oka Arquitetura

To break the monotony of this room where white predominates, Triade Arquitetura has bet on a floral wallpaper for the headboard wall.

Project: Triade Architecture

The architects Claudia Pimenta and Patricia Franco were responsible for this superdifferent decoration with two different wallpaper, polka dot and striped.

Project: Claudia Pimenta and Patricia Franco

The chosen geometric wallpaper has a palette of shades of beige and brown. The patterned rug is also featured in this environment.

Project: Fabíola Escobar

Playful childlike ambience of a girl’s room that features woodwork as a highlight, the floral wallpaper tops off the stylish composition.

Project: BG Arquitetura


The Roman blind is responsible for blocking natural light and ensuring visual comfort to the environment.

Project: Andrea Pontes

Montessorian-style girl’s room in a classic composition in soft pink and white tones with turquoise nuances! The curtain has been recessed and the LED light brings a different look to the environment.

Project: Ana Crivellaro

Modern girl’s room in a combination of fendi and rose. Even the curtain was chosen within the rose palette, bringing more color to the composition.

Project: Amanda Barone and Talyta Tamy

The flowing fabric curtain allows light to invade the room. The benefit is that natural lighting brings the sensation of visual breadth.

Project: Amanda Miranda

Modern girl’s bedroom in a composition made from blue and white palette! The highlight was this beautiful blue-to-white degrade painting, so as not to break the perfect combination, Mira Studio bet on a flowing fabric curtain.

Project: Mira Studio

The architect Elianayra Costa bet on a different curtain in two colors, which combines beautifully with the striped wallpaper. To top it off, the channel shelf houses posters that reflect the personality of the resident.

Project: Elianayra Costa

Modern girl’s room in a sober composition in white with contrasting grape wall, with detail work in plaster, this environment was highlighted by the curtain embedded in the simple and practical roll lining, this model is easily found in stores from 200 real!

Project: Pricila Dalzochio

The highlight of the room was through the mini canopy in pink voile fabric hanging on the ceiling and a rod matching the curtain of the room, further highlighting the youthful room.

Project: Della Croce Design

Modern and clean girl’s room in a composition in neutral tones like sand, ivory and white! Finally the interior designer brings the curtain in two colors, the white part lets in the light and the rose blocks the lighting.

Project: Glim | Interior Design

The curtain was embedded in the plaster, hiding the curtain. The liner also houses the LED lights, which bring an intimate look to the composition!

Project: Gleide Belfort

The highlight of the room was the beautiful white matte MDF bookcase, practical and simple with shelf support and desk, to top it off, the choice of white curtain does not weigh in the look.

Project: Due Projects and Design

Modern girl’s bedroom with white, rose and bronze background composition, highlighting the beautiful furniture designed with steps and surrounded by frosted MDF, ideal for children! The white curtain allows natural light to enter the room just right.

Project: Thiago Mondini

The red curtain has been positioned only halfway down the wall so as not to disturb the furniture!

Project: Archinnovation


Montessorian girl’s bedroom with white and pink background, and delicate and soft decoration, the highlight of this environment was the beautiful delicate straw pendant, easily found in stores from R $ 150.

Project: Carol Zúniga and Fernanda Gramacho

The pendant creates a romantic mood for the room and blends perfectly with the buttonhole headboard and armchair.

Project: Eliana Zoppi

The lighting of this girl’s room is distinguished by the lighted tear in the plaster, inlaid spots and chandelier in the center of the bed.

Project: Camila Bernardes

The white pendant in the center of the room is featured in this girl’s room with Provencal-style décor.

Project: Heller Arquitetura

Beautiful and delicate the highlight of this environment was the beautiful painting of flowers and branches under the plaster, ideal for delicate and soft baby rooms. To top off the composition, the chandelier is highlighted in the environment.

Project: Lorena Sales

Girl’s bedroom in classic fendi, sand, cream, white and pale pink tones, floral wallpaper themes and long tufted headboard, the highlight undoubtedly was the beautiful, delicate and sophisticated baby pink pendant , easily found from $ 250.

Project: Kids Architecture

Delicate rose-colored girl’s bedroom featuring this beautiful pendant in fine fabric, white metal and crystals! Beautiful and elegant, ideal for children’s environments!

Project: Heller Arquitetura

Girl’s room in classic style in a fendi and rosé composition. The highlight of this environment was the beautiful chandelier hanging on fabric domes, flowers and crystals ideal for rooms decorated in romantic style.

Project: Amanda Barone and Talyta Tamy

Girl’s room in classic style with the theme of princess, with shades of pink and white, the highlight of this environment was the beautiful bookcase with castle-shaped niches, delicate and charming! The crystal chandelier completes the fairytale mood.

Project: Adriana Piva

Modern girl’s bedroom with white background and pink decor, highlighted by the beautiful butterfly and branch themed wallpaper, easily found in stores from £ 10. The romantic pendant is perfect for finishing off the room decor .

Project: Ginateli De Angeli

Beautiful delicate and soft girl’s bedroom in classic style with Montessorian nuances! In a composition with a baby pink and white background, this environment was highlighted by the beautiful frame of the house built into the bed and serving as support for bedside, bookshelf and table, easily found in stores!

Project: Oka Arquitetura

Baby girl’s bedroom in classic style and pink and white composition, highlighting the beautiful English style pendant with fabric domes and crystals!

Project: Carolina Kist

Classic-style girl’s room in soft pink and white tones with flower and teddy bear themes, the pendant lamp is the highlight of the room and brings a classic mood to the room.

Project: Bee Arquitetura

Beautiful classic-style baby room with soft tones and delicate pink and white décor highlighting the beautiful English-painted delicate white domed aluminum chandelier!

Project: Lana Rocha


Girl’s room in shades of pink and white, in a modern style with a retro touch, highlighting the beautiful vertical pink linear niche bookcase, ideal for storing your child’s objects and making the space even more charming, easily found from from $ 300.

Project: Nathalia Bilibio

Pets never fall out of style, so it is possible to use children’s teddy bears along with decorative items.

Project: Lezsy | Interior Design

Modern girl’s bedroom with a vintage touch in shades of pink and white focusing on the study area! The highlight of the room is undoubtedly this beautiful Panton chair in pink, matching the niches above filled with toys used as decorative items.

Project: Andrea Pontes

Beautiful girl’s room in shades of sand and cream, highlighting the beautiful bookcase with shelves where the frames draw attention!

Project: Kids Architecture

The highlight of this environment is undoubtedly the beautiful composition of overlapping niches in the corner wall, leaving the space modern and organized! This element is easily found together or per unit for an approximate value of $ 80!

Project: Leds Architecture

Girl’s room details make all the difference! In pastel tones the theme of the environment was due to unicorns and clouds! Elements easily found in stores: Pillows from 59 reais, comics from R $ 79.

Project: BG Arquitetura

The highlight of this environment was that beautiful shelf modulated in technique of tree branches! Ideal to decorate the environment and make it even more charming!

Project: Lezsy | Interior Design

Decorative niches are great decoration allies and can easily keep up with children’s growth. Another valuable tip is to use decorative trays to aid in organization.

Project: Kids Architecture

Delicate girl’s room in shades of lilac, pink and white! Focusing on the study area, the highlight of the environment was the beautiful Eames Drk Office Tander white swivel chair, bringing more charm and elegance, easily found from R $ 240.

Project: Amanda Miranda

The pillows in this position turn the bed into a sofa, ensuring comfort for children. Mix prints and shapes to create a cool atmosphere.

Project: Larissa Lieders

Beautiful space for girls with a bright green zigzag wallpaper on a white background! The dolls are used as decorative items in the environment.

Project: Aline Fleet

Beautiful girl’s room in pink and white! Delicate and simple the detail were the beautiful compositions of niches and cabinets designed leaving the harmonious and practical environment! Shelves with trimmed edges add extra charm to the environment.

Project: Illus Arquitetura

Beautiful girl’s bedroom in a classic style with modern touches, highlighting the beautiful retro floral wallpaper on yellow background and pink branches, beautiful and easily found from $ 10 along with the beautiful, delicate and delicate imperial tufted headboard !

Project: Heller Arquitetura

Young girl’s room in a modern style, the highlight was the beautiful grayscale geometric wallpaper, easily found from R $ 35. The posters complete the composition and bring a cool look to the environment.

Project: ProgGtar Architecture and Engineering

Beautiful space with pink wall decoration, highlighting the beautiful hanging heart-shaped straw garland, making the space even more charming!

Project: Perfect Home Interiors

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