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+65 Wallpaper for Room that Fits all Styles +65 Wallpaper for Room that Fits all Styles
Check out bedroom wallpaper inspirations that will revamp the decor! Can use for everything: the wallpaper for bedroom is right in the baby’s room,... +65 Wallpaper for Room that Fits all Styles

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Check out bedroom wallpaper inspirations that will revamp the decor! Can use for everything: the wallpaper for bedroom is right in the baby’s room, in the children’s room, double, female or male. The prints are versatile and revitalize the space of the way you want without the need of painting. And the options are so many that it is very difficult to choose just one. Floral, geometric, little animals … There are models for all styles of decoration and we separate the best ones for you!


From Mooui, the wallpaper brings a super-clear look to the baby room, very different! The model comes out about R $ 2,000.

Authors: Mooui

Parents travelers, adventurous children! This is the proposal of this room where the wallpaper brings the map mundi, is a cute, is not it? The model leaves R $ 59,90, in the Grudado.


Dream of a children’s room designed by architect Gabi Work. Bed linen is from Mooui and costs R $ 114, 70.

Authors: Gabi Work

Berta Gonçalez’s design, the baby room has a geometric wallpaper that leaves the modern space as the mother wanted. A similar model comes out $ 25 a roll, on Paper on the Wall.

Authors: Berta Gonçalez

Pink gives the tone to this baby room design with tree print wallpaper. To match, the dresser with exchanger also complements the palette and is burnt pink.

Authors: Juliana Matalon

The wallpaper is essential to corrupt the classic style of baby room and combines superb with the different natural textures that complement the climate inspired by the panel of animals.

Authors: House Stories

Quit the Same: Bet on a baby room in shades of gray, white and pink! The wallpaper makes wallpaper for animal posters, in a very different and modern version. You can find models like this for R $ 40, in Elo7.

Authors: Amanda Uyanne Macedo Rocha

From Eliana Sposito, the sea bottom theme is present in this baby room that escapes the obvious. Well away from the style (already beaten) Navy, has the blue, white and wood pinus as the protagonist.

Authors: Eliana Sposito

Elephant, giraffe, lion … The whole zoo is present in this superfood wallpaper! The niches in the shape of a small house are perfect to dispose of decorative items and are well taken care of, at Eliana Sposito it leaves R $ 125.

Authors: Eliana Sposito

Daddies in love with the stars will fall in love with this constellation-pattern wallpaper used in the maternity ward.

Authors: Eliana Sposito


The architect Cristiane Schiavoni bet on the geometric wallpaper for the study corner in this room for a 10 year old boy. The green joinery brings a playful touch to the environment. A roll of wallpaper like this comes out $ 110, on Paper on the Wall.

Authors: Cristiane Schiavoni Architecture and Interiors

Striped wallpaper is wildcard for rooms. Here was the choice of the architect Cristiane Schiavoni for the girl’s room. In Paper Decor a similar model comes out $ 35 a roll.

Authors: Cristiane Schiavoni Architecture and Interiors

Pink and gray were the colors chosen for this room, perfect for receiving little friends after school.

Authors: Cristiane Schiavoni Architecture and Interiors

The superheroes have given grace to this child’s bedroom, the good thing is that due to the neutral background guaranteed by the wallpaper, the decor can accompany the child’s growth.

Authors: Cristiane Schiavoni Architecture and Interiors

From Cora Baby, the bedroom brings a playful look guaranteed by the wallpaper with a cloud print. The Eames model rocking chair comes out at $ 303 on Mobly.

Authors: Cora Baby

The custom wallpaper in this room is actually a sticker from the First Room Studio leaves $ 129.

Authors: First Quarter Atelier

From Bezamat Architecture, the child’s bedroom brings a fun look, the wallpaper brings the bird print, which has everything to do with the bed cushions. A model similar to this cushion comes out $ 72, in Panólatas.

Authors: Bezamat Architecture

Impossible not to fall in love with the child’s room in which gray is the main color. A sheet like this leaves $ 165, on Mooui.

Authors: Studio One Mini

The children’s floral wallpaper is featured in the girl’s bedroom. The roll leaves R $ 59,90, in the Grudado.


A wallpaper like that is worthy of a princess, is not it? The Stick Decor leaves $ 80.

Authors: Stick Decor

The owner of this room is passionate about dinosaurs and bringing them close to them was the task of the architect Gabi Work. The wallpaper on the headboard of the bed is featured in the composition.

Authors: Gabi Work

Alicia’s Room would convey the family style, which was very cheerful and up-to-date, with many colors and modern elements, such as the little bed. You will find a similar model for $ 800.

Authors: Vanessa Sant'Anna

Impossible not to fall in love with this child’s room with Maxi Flor panel, Design Nanda Corrêa, the value is $ 149.90.

Authors: Duetto Arquitetura


From the architect Cristiane Schiavoni, the double room gained prominence with the grayscale wallpaper on the headboard wall.

Authors: Cristiane Schiavoni

In this room, the blue of the wallpaper guarantees a relaxing look to the rest environment. Since the geometry leaves the look more modern, the best thing is that if the resident tires, it is easy to replace, without great works.

Authors: Cristiane Schiavoni Architecture and Interiors

The wallpaper that imitates brick makes a great background for the paintings. Highlight for the fun pictures with the song She is my girl, I am her boy, from R $ 17.90, in Elo7.

Authors: In my corner

To mark the space, the option was to use the wallpaper with leaf print, element that is high in the decor. An armchair like that comes out $ 500 on Mobly.

Authors: Claudia Pimenta and Patricia Franco

For anyone who wants to bring highlight to the room, a good exit is to use wallpaper on the headboard wall. The arabesque model can be found for R $ 76, in North Tile.

Authors: Marcela Matos Architect

The wallpaper of the Bobinex brings the floral texture and color of lilac tones, to give the feeling of amplitude in the double room were used two mirrors. The average price of the m² is R $ 65.

Authors: Gustavo Curcio

From the architect Marina Carvalho, the wallpaper makes duo with the headboard ripped. A bedside table similar to the one in Etna is $ 400.

Authors: Marina Carvalho

The architect bet on a wallpaper of arabesques on the side wall of the bed, which combined superb with the base proposed in neutral tones and the headboard upholstered. At Tok & Stok, the head starts at $ 400.

Authors: Andrea Buratto Architecture

The architect Cristiane Schiavoni bet on the blue wallpaper with branches for the design of this double room. One trick used by the architect was to gamble on a floor lamp to leave the bedside table free for the residents’ belongings. In the Chandeliers Yamamura a model of floor leaves from R $ 340.

Authors: Cristiane Schiavoni Architecture and Interiors

The idea of ​​Liliana Zenaro was to invest in wallpaper applied to two walls, bringing visual continuity to space, a device that increases visual amplitude.

Author: Liliana Zenaro Interiors

Architect Barbara Dundes bet on a striped wallpaper model. Just like clothes, stripes can bring visual sensations.

Authors: Barbara Dundes

Look what a good idea of ​​the architect Daniel Kroth for the double room, the wallpaper was applied just above the headboard, on the sides the professional proposes mirrors.

Authors: Daniel Kroth

Workaround to lower the cost of the wallpaper: Use only one liner strip on the vertical wall. Here, head and tear on the wall delimit the area of ​​application.

Authors: Cristina Barbara 

The charm of the country décor is due to the natural elements, from the head of the bed, with demolition wood, to the buffet used as a closet in the double room. The model is the Tango, from Desmobilia and leaves R $ 3,990.

Authors: Decorate more for less


Pink, gray and copper make this room a perfect environment for a single girl. The stamped wallpaper was used on the side wall and stole the scene in the environment.

Authors: Bia Bueno

Dormitory in shades of gray with chevron wallpaper, super on high. Good idea, instead of a nightstand the architect bet on a dressing table!

Authors: Arq Una

Danyela Correa’s widow suite features wallpaper in the corner of the dressing table, wooden floor, white panel, white baseboard.

Authors: Danyela Correa

The architect Leticia Santana presented this feminine room full of charm. Practical space with desk and dressing table. The wallpaper template determined the modern tone to the room.

Authors: Leticia Santana

If you have a combination that is high in decor is the pink-millenial and mint-green pair, see how well they fit in this feminine room. The wallpaper is retro and costs $ 80, the roll on the Paper Decor.

Authors: Paper Decor

Is it more timeless than hearts? The theme is among the favorites of romantic girls. This brings three colors in perfect harmony: Gray, pink and green!

Authors: Etsy

Girl room need to have pink? Of course not! The mint green was the basis for this supermodern project that brings items every girl wants: dream catcher, letters and posters!


Steal the look

Another room where the mint green shows that it is part of the feminine palette. In this environment, the light pink and the prints with motifs of nature are highlights. A similar picture in Urban Arts costs from $ 79.90.

Authors: Paola Cury Architecture and Eng.

Cont-act paper, insulation tape, wallpaper … There is no shortage of ideas to create this print of the pooh on the wall of the room, thanks to the printed wallpaper, the inhabitant did not need a bedside.

Authors: My House

The Provencal style was made present with wallpaper and capitonê headboard. The prints of the cushions guarantee the modern touch to the environment, making counterpoint to the chandelier, that leaves R $ 500, in Tok & Stok.



The architect Carmem Ávila bet on a neutral composition for this room where the wallpaper brings the urban theme. A similar model comes out at R $ 59.90, at Grudado.

Authors: Carmem Avila Architecture

In the room proposed by the architect Cristiane Schiavoni, the chosen wallpaper brings the New York print, referring to the years that the resident lived there. A photographic wallpaper like this comes out from $ 250 on Americanas.com.

Authors: Cristiane Schiavoni Architecture and Interiors

Masculine room with sober colors in contrast to yellow and red, which warm the environment. The wallpaper imitates light brick, it is possible to find from R $ 15, in QCola.

Authors: Patty Oliveira

The architect Fernanda Marques is responsible for this very modern male room. The wallpaper that imitates brick is all about the posters and channel shelves. The shelf model comes out at $ 25.99 at C & C.

Authors: Fernanda Marques

From VC Decora, room with wallpaper that brings the apparent brick as background for other elements of the industrial style, such as the oil barrel, apparent tubing and posters.

Authors: VC Decora

Renowned architect Fernanda Marques rained in this male room. See that the resident’s guitar came on the scene as a decorative item. It’s worth copying: Floor-standing frames avoid unnecessary holes and guarantee a super-look!

Authors: Fernanda Marques

The wallpaper brings a combination of gray to the male bedroom. To delimit the bedside area, the output was to use a channel style shelf, which takes up little space in the room and is great ally for arranging the decorative objects.

Authors: My House

On one wall, Edu Mendes’ bet was to use a geometric painting with gray gradient, on the other, bet on the head of pine and the white brick wall to compose the modern style of the room.

Authors: Do.Edu

The love of motorsport has been portrayed in this room, and you can see from the wallpaper with the racing car in action to the Ferrari stools. In order not to overload the decor of the environment, the architects bet on a transparent Eames chair, which leaves $ 250, on Americanas.com

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