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+50 Kitchen Table with Various Models and Sizes +50 Kitchen Table with Various Models and Sizes
Choose a kitchen table model that fits the available space and your decorating style perfectly! Check out models of 4 chairs for small or... +50 Kitchen Table with Various Models and Sizes

Choose a kitchen table model that fits the available space and your decorating style perfectly! Check out models of 4 chairs for small or large kitchens, folding models for 6 chairs and more! There are several materials to choose from and their combination also makes some models even more modern and sophisticated. Do not miss our tips!


To ensure lightness, the bet was on a rectangular table that seats four people. Highlight the rope as a support for the surface. A desktop model like these can be found starting at $ 1,500.

Author: Melina Romano

The beautiful kitchen designed by Marise Kessel Architecture is open to the circulation of the apartment and developed around an island with a rectangular table for the family to use in everyday life. A similar model can be found for $ 1,200.

Author: Marise Kessel Architecture

Architect Cristiane Schiavoni is responsible for this dining space that has ensured color for the neutral-based kitchen. The choice was for a model with yellow metal feet and colored chairs to compose the environment.

Author: Cristiane Schiavoni Architecture and Interiors

For this kitchen full of striking elements, such as blue cabinets and patterned flooring, the architect Cristiane Schiavoni bet on a rectangular table with wood finish, not to weigh in the decoration.

Author: Cristiane Schiavoni Architecture and Interiors

Chairs and wall in yellow called for a lighter table with chrome feet and glass top. A model similar to this one, chosen by architect Cristiane Schiavoni, costs $ 650.

Author: Cristiane Schiavoni Architecture and Interiors

To optimize space, the choice was to use a rectangular table against the wall, saving circulation space. To break the light base, the architect bet on black chairs.

Author: Cristiane Schiavoni Architecture and Interiors

One trick to keeping furniture longer is to bet on a glass top over wood. The square meter of tempered glass costs from R $ 350.

Author: Andrade & Mello Architecture and Interiors

The rectangular table in this project by Andrade & Mello Arquitetura e Interiores has reserved space for six seats.

Author: Andrade & Mello Architecture and Interiors

A rectangular table with center foot was the professional choice for this small dining area. The highlight chosen by Daiane Antinolfi is the zigzag lining on the wall.

Author: Daiane Antinolfi Architecture and Interiors

Warm tones and natural elements set the tone of this farm-style kitchen. White came in to soften the mood. A model of rectangular demolition wood table like this comes out $ 1,200.

Author: Decorate MM


The wooden countertop brings certain warmth to this kitchen integrated with the social area of ​​the apartment. A model like these comes out on average $ 900.

Author: Bianchi & Lima Arquitetura

Minke Studio was sought to sign the design of this 100m² apartment in which industrial style prevails. The wheeled workbench makes everyday life easier and goes great with the aluminum stools.

Author: Minke Studio

The environment signed by the office of architect Felipe Hess in partnership with SCA Jardim Europa brought a central island that houses the cooking area, preparation and space for quick meals, were distributed storage and appliances.

Authorship: Felipe Hess Architect

The connection between the environments takes place through the linear concrete countertop, which starts in the lobby and ends in the kitchen, where it works as a dining table. A model like these does not come out less than $ 2000.

Author: Rua 141 and Rafael Zalc

With neutral and cold elements such as white and green, it was up to the wooden stools to warm the room. The countertop is connected to the rest of the kitchen furniture.

Author: Brief Architecture

For the day to day, the choice was for a fast food bench with high stools. Tailor-made, the countertop leaves no less than $ 2200.

Author: Roberta Maranhão

A wooden worktop has been set in the kitchen island. The Tolix chair brings industrial style to the environment. A wooden bench like these leaves $ 300.

Author: Simone Meirelles Architecture and Interiors


The kitchen is only 7 square meters, and needed depth to make it appear wider, so a wooden cover has been made for more visual comfort.

Author: Conrado Ceravolo

Black and white prevail in this project signed by architect Cristiane Schiavoni. Height-adjustable seats ensure comfort for users.

Author: Cristiane Schiavoni

Beautiful design of a kitchen in wood and white tones. The bench was designed in granilite, material that is super high.

Author: Lotus Studio


Coupled with the island of meal preparation, the square table reserves space for two seats in comfort. A model like these leaves $ 750.

Author: Roberta Devisate

Oppa’s square table helps delimit the kitchen area. The model is the Dinda and is on sale for $ 680.

Author: ACF Arquitetura

Remarkably small, the white table breaks the shades of gray that prevail in this industrial-style kitchen.

Author: VK

The space next to the window was used to have a square table for three people. Simple and efficient, the table can be found for $ 400.

Author: Lingoistica

With seating for six people, the table was set next to the peninsula of this gourmet kitchen. The central foot of the model accommodates more people around the table.

Author: Property Architecture

Black, pink and light wood set the tone of this kitchen. The wood appears on the square table, perfect for admiring the view from the window.

Author: Fesilveira_Crafts

The square table is in the center of the kitchen. Because it is made of wood, it helps to warm the environment.

Author: Westwing

Space is not lacking in this kitchen that has gained visual breadth with cabinets, floor and blank wall. The wooden table comes as a counterpoint to the environment. A similar model comes out for $ 850.

Author: Deborah Basso

The laundry-integrated kitchen has a dining space guaranteed by the white square table. The model leaves on average R $ 600.

Author: Decorate MM

The architect bet on a glass table to compose this kitchen. With aluminum feet and glass top, it costs on average $ 550.

Author: Cyntia Sabat


The wall-mounted folding table reserves space for cups and other household items. The value of the kit with two banks is $ 659.

Author: Casas Bahia

Folding tables are extremely versatile and functional as they quickly and easily optimize the kitchen space. This model leaves R $ 169,90.

Author: Primolar

Both stools and tables are folding, saving circulation space in the kitchen. The value is $ 1200.

Author: OpenUp!

When not being used as a desk, the Isabela wall-mounted folding desk cabinet is like a closed overhead cabinet. Cheap, leaves $ 229.99.

Author: RPM Furniture

Colorful and functional, this folding table model can hold up to two people. Ideal for families – and small spaces!

Author: Tok & Stok

A simple model reminiscent of the night bars was used in the kitchen. The trick to save space was to have hooks to place the chairs or table. The set is worth $ 300.

Author: Oliver Thi

The WER office was chosen to sign the project of this 87m² apartment. The light wood table blends beautifully with the Scandinavian climate of the room.

Author: WER

The folding table turns into a panel in the kitchen of this apartment signed by Hana Lerner Architecture.

Author: Hana Lerner Architecture

The folding French Hand is a cheap solution for the kitchen, folder to install two supports and a wooden board. It is on average $ 120.

Authorship: After Yes

Next to the kitchen counter, the joinery integrates dining table and niches that hold the stools.

Author: Consuelo Jorge


Tailor-made, the kitchen is made of woodwork. The dining table was flush with the wall under the overhead cabinets. Good tip for saving movement space in the kitchen hallway.

Author: Samira Jarouche Architecture & Interiors

The architect bet on visual unit for this kitchen, so bet on a green table embedded in the same color wall. A model like these comes out on average $ 1,200.

Author: Neo Arq

The pro bet on a wooden table that also fills the wall and ceiling. Good idea to bring visual breadth

Author: Radu Susanu

The wood panel served as the base for the table in this kitchen. In it was also installed the television and a shelf for accessories.

Author: Carmen Zaccaro Arquitetura

The table was built into the wood panel. The architect bet on a light wood to collaborate with the lightness of the environment. A model like these leaves $ 1500.

Author: Leila Dionizios

Note that the island has a built-in counter with a rail that hides the dining area when not in use.

Author: Monise Rosa Arquitetura

Good idea for kitchens, worth embedding the table in the wall panel. The architect bet on a slate wall and Eames chairs to complement the decoration.

Author: Carmen Zaccaro Arquitetura


Interior design trick proposed by interior designer Adriana Fontana: The built-in table can be hidden in the wall, saving circulation space.

Author: Adriana Fontana

The client wanted to increase the sink counter top to fit the cooktop and the cooker hood. The way out to expand the space for meal preparation and break having a dining corner was to bet on a table embedded in the wall.

Author: Studio MBS

Pull it! Good for small environments is to bet on a built-in retractable table that can be hidden when not in use.

Author: Bianchi & Lima Arquitetura
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