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+50 Bathroom Tub with Various Models and Materials to Choose! +50 Bathroom Tub with Various Models and Materials to Choose!
A washbasin is indispensable in the most modern designs. Check out inspirations of square and round, overlapped or inlaid bathroom sinks on the sink... +50 Bathroom Tub with Various Models and Materials to Choose!

A washbasin is indispensable in the most modern designs. Check out inspirations of square and round, overlapped or inlaid bathroom sinks on the sink counter that can be made of various materials such as glass, marble or granite. Come on?

Filled with cabinets, the bathroom gets a sophisticated yet rustic feel with the color match in white and wood. Even with the semi-fitted bowl, the environment is spacious, with approximate cost of $ 200.00.

Project: Doob Architecture

Although carved, the bowl has an air of modernity with the semi-dock, besides the position just above the counter. For this vat was chosen the marble, giving refinement, costing around R $ 1,200.00.

Project: Doob Architecture

Although it seems camouflaged among the surrounding items, the tub stands out, and makes a contrast to the gray floor. You can find this vat for $ 400.00.

Project: Doob Architecture

With the choice of the infinite mirror, the environment seems to gain more space, in addition to the white stand out from the wood. In addition, the supported tub also gives space impression, and can be found for $ 180.00.

Project: Doob Architecture

Even with the predominant white, it is possible to highlight the supported vat, since it receives direct light. Thus, the shading is a combination with the gray floor, and makes vat a decorative item, costing only $ 200.00.

Project: Doob Architecture

The color contrast between brown and gold creates a kind of tone over tone in this environment with a rustic feel. In addition, the carved bowl is modern, and exudes sophistication not exceeding R $ 1,500.00.

Project: Doob Architecture

In this double bowl design, space is even more valued by choosing the infinity mirror. Each vat costs around R $ 200,00.

Project: Doob Architecture

The various shades of white, including ice, give the environment more sophistication. It is worth mentioning the whimsy of the porcelain top, also using the tone on tone with the bowl that costs $ 200.00.

Project: Doob Architecture

The double bowl design looks grayish in color and brings a bright and versatile ambience. In this environment we see an appreciation of the bench, especially the overlapped tub, costing $ 180.00 each.

Project: Doob Architecture

The cut log finish gives a rustic touch to a totally modern and versatile design environment. Especially with regard to the bowl carved in marble, which stands out from the other elements, and costs $ 1,200.00.

Project: Doob Architecture


Washbasins for bathroom Squares are up. Therefore, for those who have a slightly smaller bathroom, it may be an option, besides being cheap, with a cost of R $ 120,00.

Project: Gaam Cabinets

Note how small the bathroom below looks, but it gets larger due to the small space used by the cabinet and mirror. This gives you more space with the square tub. Besides not spending nor R $ 150,00.

Project: Gaam Cabinets

For this environment were used contrasting colors, which could be used either for a ladies’ room, or even retro. It also has a very low cost of the tub, which does not exceed R $ 120,00.

Via: Magazine Luiza

For this space, the square supported vat is aligned with the mirror that goes to the ceiling, ensuring a more dynamic architecture. In addition to giving the impression that there is more space, the cost of the vat is no more than $ 200.00.

Via: Capsula

In this environment we have the highlight of the yellow tub, where the bathroom uses a tone over tone with black and gray. Despite all the sophistication of the architecture of this environment, for this tub you will not spend more than R $ 160,00.

Via: Magazine Luiza

Here the square tub It also excels in a tone-on-tone environment, but makes use of its own vat as a device. Thus we have a harmonious bathroom with shades of brown, and a tub for only $ 180.00.

Via: Free Market

In contrast to black and white, the environment gets a slimmer and more elegant look for those looking to impress. Thus, the tub eventually becomes a decorative object of the bathroom, costing only $ 165.00.

Via: Via Wholesaler

Here we have the inverse of the previous environment, where the white square tub stands out over the black marble, and infinite mirror. For a tub of this size, it will not be necessary to shell out more than R $ 150,00.

Via: Free Market


With a modern and elegant design, the ambience below uses natural stone and classic round dishwasher. Thus, it is possible to get a modern look even with a conventional bowl that costs an average of $ 80.00.

Project: Gaam Cabinets

With elegance and sophistication, see how the bathroom draws attention by making use of copper tones throughout the room. However, who wants to have a piece like this tub in your bathroom, will shell out $ 1,070.00.

Project: Gaam Cabinets

Preferred among couples, double basin bathrooms can come in handy on a daily basis. In addition, even with a traditional round bowl, the environment gets a subtle touch in bamboo tones, costing $ 160.00.

Project: Gaam Cabinets

In addition to the white interior and matte gray finish, this round bowl model has a unique design, bringing personality. For those who liked and want to rely on this unique piece, should pay around $ 580.00.

Project: Gaam Cabinets

Here’s another example of how copper gives a special touch to the environment without any extravagance. Thus, such a piece becomes a decorative item in your bathroom for a cost of $ 1,070.00.

Project: Gaam Cabinets

In total harmony with nature, this environment harmonizes the silver-covered cover with marble and moss. Thus stands out the white bowl for $ 1,070.00, without losing the tuning of the elements.

Project: Gaam Cabinets

Finished in harmony with the modern and vintage, this round bowl draws attention to the environment. Being an exclusive piece, this vat has a cost close to R $ 700,00.

Project: Gaam Cabinets

Even with little space, it is possible to have a bathroom with a modern and dynamic environment. In order to optimize the environment, a simple but quite versatile round bowl was used for a cost of R $ 286.00.

Project: Gaam Cabinets

Despite the small space, the environment in shades of brown with white round bowl gains charm and versatility. Also note that the environment was optimized for urban locations, at a cost of $ 286.00 per tub.

Project: Gaam Cabinets


Glass bathroom tubs These are interesting pieces to use as they are very versatile. For example, in the bathroom below, see how the neutrality of the tub captures the color of the room, costing only $ 100.

Via: Americanas.com

For this bathroom, glass was also used instead of marble, combining it with the tub. Thus, you get a distinct and exclusive environment, making it easy to choose the colors of the place, with a total cost of R $ 500,00.

Via: Home To Go

Sandblasted glass gives an opaque touch to the glass, making it sophisticated, giving you the option to decorate the tub if you wish. It is also worth noting that the vat gets identity, becoming a decorative element costing R $ 220,00.

Via: Ekasa

A good choice for natural glass without losing the neutral touch can be white. Thus, you make your bathroom more sophisticated, without losing the elegance of glass, costing approximately $ 300.00.

Project: Gaam Cabinets

Due to the great versatility of the material, it is possible to find a multitude of colors of glass vats. As for example this bathroom that gets a silver, which harmonizes with black marble, with cost of $ 250.00.

Via: Free Market

Although green glass is more popular because of its traditionalism, clear glass gives a more neutral touch, and is cheaper, for only $ 50.00.

Via: Astra

For the bathroom below, blue and white were harmonized, a classic combination with an approximate cost of R $ 2,000.00.

Via: Bend Glass

Instead of matching the glass vat to the environment, you can do the reverse. As in the project below, the basin was the central object, then choosing the decoration of the bathroom, with an approximate cost of R $ 2,200.00.

Via: Condec

Like the previous project, the vat is a central element of the environment, however, it gets more prominence. Since the back wall is more opaque in relation to the gold of the glass bowl, costing R $ 1,200.00.

Via: Free Market

The wall in tone of sand, harmonizes with the details of the tub that have the same palette, with the value of $ 700.00.

Via: Gaam Offices


Overlapping vats have emerged as a modern option for environments that want space under the top. Below is a very traditional model with an approximate cost of R $ 350,00.

Project: Gaam Cabinets

For environments with limited space available, overlapping vats may also be a good option. However, one should pay attention to the size of the countertop, as it is always larger than the bowl. For this model, the cost is $ 400.00.

Project: Gaam Cabinets

For those who like the traditional square but want to get away from the ordinary, there is a variety even in shape. Therefore, in the project below, the overlapping bowl is also square and can be found for R $ 600.00 with cabinet.

Via: Shoptime

At round tubs They are also not out of the overlapping trend, and they still exude sophistication. For example in the project below, which still uses a double bowl, in addition to the cabinet, with a cost of R $ 290.00 each bowl.

Project: Gaam Cabinets

Still talking about round vats, by choosing the format, you will see that there are a multitude of models. As in the project below, which although simple has a modern feel, and cost close to $ 255.00.

Via: Ponto Frio

The following bowl model works in copper with a round look and black exterior, leaving it slim and elegant. Although small, the tub is ideal for washrooms and environments with little space, and cost an average of R $ 270.00.

Via: City of Furniture

In the following project we see a greater valuation of copper, where the whole bowl is worked in the material, as well as the accessories. Even with a classic look, it guarantees modernity making a tone over tone, and costs $ 210.00.

Via: Open Market

With a different look, this round bowl has a different shape, and being white draws attention in a darker environment. In addition to gaining base space due to its size, and average cost of $ 285.00.

Via: Liven

Neither round nor square, every day new bowl designs emerge, like the one below in an oval style. In addition to the tub, note that even the contracted colors adorn and leave the contemporary ambience. The cost? $ 1000.

Project: Roca

Some designs feature a greater touch of sophistication, where the vats are true stars. Following is a project that can be said to be a true work of art, and the oval bowl costs no less than R $ 3,600.00.

Via: Guaporé Stores

Still talking about vats being the stars of the project, note the total color contrast between vat and environment. However, the red tub stands out, and does not lose elegance in a black and white environment, costing around R $ 480.00.

Via: Lenharo

For those who like space, the rectangular overlapping vats are a good option, besides giving the atmosphere an air of grandeur. In the design below double bowl was made in brown, with tone on tone. The vat costs $ 1,600.

Via: Youinc


Despite new trends, traditional built-in vats never go out of style and can be innovative. As for example in the modern project below where you gain space, for an affordable cost of $ 430.00 with the top.

Project: Gaam Cabinets

Already in this project, we have a harmonization between the modern and the natural, leaving the place with a rustic touch, but still contemporary. For a project like this, it will not shell out more than R $ 430,00 between vat and top.

Project: Gaam Cabinets

Embedded or overlapping? Another very interesting design option that exudes versatility. In addition, it has a very affordable cost and can be found for $ 100.00.

Project: Inhabited

Still talking about the carved vats, there is also the granite option, which usually brings black in an elegant look. Thus, it may be that the project has a high cost and may reach R $ 2,500.00.

Project: Stones Venice

Ensuring a classic touch to your bathroom, you can also have a built-in carved wooden tub. As for its cost will depend on the wood, which can vary from $ 2,000.00 up to $ 5,000.00.

Project: Boulle

Finally, it is possible to find glass inlaid vats, and even colored ones. To give you a good idea, see that in addition to glass, stainless steel is used in the details. In addition, it is more economical, costing around R $ 650,00.

Via: Casas Bahia
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